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10 Reasons Why One Should Invest In Mobile App Development

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In today’s world, technology influences the way businesses operate in one way or another. The technology accessible on people’s mobile devices is often used more frequently than the technology available on their desktop computers or laptops. Therefore, having mobile applications through Mobile app development to interact with customers is imperative for a B2C business today. In fact, some of these companies almost entirely rely on mobile applications for their operations. 

While some brands such as Flipkart and Zomato are completely app-based businesses, organisations like Breakout Escape Rooms also saw the upper hand of having a mobile-optimised online presence, especially during the pandemic era. So, it wouldn’t be surprising to see different types of industries joining the trend of dedicated mobile apps soon.

But what makes mobile apps such an integral part of a company’s growth? How does this small digital component of a company’s business plan have so much power over factors such as customer acquisition, lead generation, and high-profit margins?

Let’s explore some of the irreplaceable benefits a mobile app can bring to your business, no matter big or small.

1. Your company is constantly accessible to the people that buy from you

Individuals spend a significant amount of their day on their mobile phones for a variety of reasons. With that fact in mind, now can you imagine what type of brand visibility a mobile app can bring to your company? 

If there is a dedicated app installed on your customer’s device that connects them quickly to your products/ services, it is a given that their probability of purchasing from you will increase in frequency.

Apart from this, a mobile app will also give you direct access to market your products to your already existing consumers in a streamlined manner. You can directly notify them of special offers, discounts, as well as personalised product suggestions. This can potentially increase your repeat customer rate like no other marketing channel.

2. Establish a Line of Direct-Response Marketing Communication

Using mobile apps as a marketing channel for your company may be the most effective option. It provides you with features that allow you to share informal and general information, pricing updates, and reminders with your consumer base.

Your mobile app can serve as a one-stop-shop for your consumers where you can also engage with and communicate with them. The clever use of push notifications will be required for this purpose. You also have the ability to automate the process of reminding customers about their purchases, services, and payments in whichever manner you see fit.

3.   Mobile Commerce

Since 2012, the industry of mobile commerce has had huge growth. Customers are more likely to purchase via mobile commerce applications than online shopping websites. 

Mobile applications provide fantastic capabilities. This includes mobile payments, digital wallets, such as Apple Pay or Amazon Pay, and in-app purchases.

Recent research found that 500 businesses that sold their goods or services using a mobile commerce strategy had an increase in sales that was 80% higher than average. These figures make it quite evident that developing a mobile commerce app for your company is the only viable option available.

4.   Make Space for Improvement 

In the twenty-first century, it is almost difficult to run a company without paying attention to your consumer’s needs. Listening to your clients can assist you in developing a successful approach. Your mobile app will be a dependable and helpful platform for people to contribute their ideas.

Clients are always prepared to provide crucial information with you if you provide them with something of value in exchange. You may get insights from some of your frequent mobile app users using certain dependable analytic tools. These insights will ultimately assist you in identifying your marketing flaws and making the required changes.

5.    Developing a Brand Name and Acquiring Recognition

When it comes to brand marketing, mobile app development may perform wonders. Your company will almost certainly appear in the Android and iOS app stores as a result of the investment. A large number of prospective clients searching for the goods or services you provide are likely to find it and download it. 

If your mobile app is fantastic, user-friendly, and well-designed, it will create a lasting impact on your clients and aid in brand awareness. With a mobile app, your customers will be able to see your brand every time they open their phones. This is an efficient way to increase your consumer base while also enhancing your brand’s exposure.

6.  Build customer trust through optimised efficiency

Gaining the trust of your consumer base and retaining it for a long time is a challenge that very few companies can tackle well consistently. One of the basic requirements to build this trust is through providing easy access to customer support. And an app makes it really easy to do that.

With a mobile app, your customers can readily contact you with their questions, demo requests, or inquiries about the product or service that you are delivering. 

Any good business app comes with features such as a real-time chat, a support desk, and quick buttons to register typical grievances. This kind of communication also does away with the need to make unscheduled phone calls or attend meetings.

7.  Real-Time Data Capture

Whether it pertains to sales, consumers, suppliers, or even finances, data plays an essential part in any and all businesses. You will have an easier time gaining valuable insights with the mobile app.

You can see what clients usually do inside the app, which product or service they visit the most, and the time of day during which the most sales occur.

This information not only assists you in arriving at the best option for your company, but it also assists you in providing the most appropriate material to your clients at the most appropriate time and in the most suitable location.

8.  Enhance the Loyalty of Your Customers

Every company strives to develop and keep customers who are dedicated to their brand and who provide ongoing, lucrative business relationships. You may demonstrate to your clients that you understand their requirements and that you care about them by connecting with them via their mobile apps.

You are able to provide customer incentives and loyalty programs via the use of the mobile business app. These programs may include free vouchers, gift coupons, free membership upgrades, and more. Not only will this help you raise the pleasure of your customers, but it will also help you grow your sales.

9.  Advertising is made easier 

Mobile apps enable customers to access a customer-friendly location for your company at their leisure. You may send real-time alerts to your clients using your mobile business app whenever you release a new brand to the market. This will make customers more inclined to opt for your brand during purchases.

Unlike online surfing, mobile applications make doing commercial transactions more efficient and comfortable. They are rapid to load, taking just a few seconds. Customers may also utilise it offline since the majority of the data is saved in the app. 

10.  A Host of Preinstalled Apps and Features for Your Smartphone

You may make use of the functions that are already embedded into smartphones by designing a mobile application. For instance, app users may use the camera function of their smartphone to snap images of your product and share them with the community. These pictures can then be seen by other app users. Your company will get more publicity as a result of this.

If you own a transportation company, your drivers and passengers may use the GPS function to find their way. This will determine when they will arrive at their destination and schedule their journeys.

If you own a grocery shop, you may provide your consumers with in-store proximity marketing by using a Bluetooth Enabled (BLE) device such as a Beacon. This will allow you to get closer to your customers.


Mobile devices are now driving the majority of web traffic. You’ll be well to capitalise on this trend if you obtain an excellent mobile app for your company. 

There are many advantages that developing mobile applications for your company may provide. You can tailor the apps you create to meet your particular company’s requirements. Increasing revenue while simultaneously marketing your brand may be accomplished with the help of a mobile application.

You may increase brand exposure and loyalty among a large number of current and future consumers by developing mobile applications. You can develop it for Apple, Android, and other mobile operating systems.

Many buyers nowadays demand a company or brand to have its own mobile app. This implies that not only is it becoming necessary to get a competitive advantage over other organisations, but it is also becoming necessary to prevent falling behind. 

Having a dedicated mobile app adds to the brand’s legitimacy. Given the significance of mobile apps in today’s society, it is only prudent to develop one for your company.