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11 Pros and cons of social media for personal growth

pros and cons of social media

Like everything else there are pros and cons of social media too!

Social media has the ability to connect people in ways like no other source. You can easily reconnect with long lost friends and relatives that you may have otherwise lost touch with!

This is perhaps the main advantage of social networking today.

Whether you are sharing a sad story, crisis or something joyful social media is present there, in one way or another.

Over the years, it has become home for many big brands like Apple, Microsoft, Nike and many more.

Why the big companies have turned to social media is quite simple to keep their engagement level and improve customer experience.

This gives them the ability to connect with their potential and existing customers at a personal level.

Here’s a list of our pros and cons of social media to improve your business growth

Pros of Social Media

#1 Express Yourself

pros and cons of social media - express yourself

If you are a kind of person who find it hard to express yourself, you can find and join community groups that can help you with your personal growth and confidence.

Whilst it’s a good thing to express yourself but at the same time be conscious of the fact that you might be dealing with a complete stranger.

#2 Connect with companies for jobs

connect with companies

There lots of companies and I mean hundreds if not thousands of them in almost every niche out there searching for new talent.

This can be a great way to reach out and build a relationship with a company of your dream job.

You will have endless opportunities to grow yourself professionally.

#3 Build rapport through useful information

pros and cons of social media - build rapport

If you own a website as startup this could be a game changer for you.

You can connect with many other businesses in the same niche and build backlinks to your website through community.

Not only you can build trust over the period of time with your potential customers, but also engage with them to resolve any concerns they might have.

This can prevent the problem before it becomes an issue.

Companies often provide useful information to their followers in order to maintain rapport.

This process makes it easier for them to pitch their sale or special offer easily online or in store.

#4 Meet and connect with individuals across the world with similar interests

Interests and hobbies

You can connect with people on the other end of the world with similar interests.

Isn’t that amazing?

For example: If you have interest in video games, you can easily find others in the same interest. They might be individuals or companies who share the similar taste as you do. Find out the 25 best video games to help you connect with your friends socially.

If it is a company, they might be looking for someone to test their game. Not only you can enjoy the first ride but sometimes get paid to do what you love doing anyways!

#5 Growth Opportunity

pros and cons of social media - Door to success

There are literally millions of growth opportunities for individuals and businesses.

For individuals: To grow professionally you can join intern programs under a business in your area of interest.

For Companies: To grow their business they can post job opportunities.

It’s a win-win situation really!

#6 Advertise and market in groups

Social media advertisement
source: Facebook

Whether you run a small home-based business or you are a medium to large size corporate business.

Social media marketing guide can help you achieve you individual or business goals.

For individuals it can save hundreds if not thousands on the advertisement costs being small business or start-up. You can join the relevant groups and advertise free of cost and if your ad, products or services are genuine you can lots of potential customers.

For companies it provides invaluable information to grow their business further by advertising marketing campaigns on a scale otherwise not possible or too expensive.

It has huge cost saving factor to it regardless of the scale of your business.

#7 Join community in the event of crisis

You would have already noticed by now that social media news spreads faster than anything during crisis.

This gives us the opportunity to be ready in advance to deal with the crisis personally, emotionally and together as a community.

Cons of social media

#8 Losing the personal touch or interaction

Personal Interaction - Personal Interaction

It almost feels like nobody wants to interact on the personal level anymore.

Have you ever felt since the social media has grown that you don’t have friends visit your house as often anymore?

For instance: If you remember in the old days you would have friends come over to play video games every weekend. How often do you see them now?

#9 Invasive – Collects a lot of personal information

Personal Information

Social media sites hold vital information about you including name, date of birth, place of birth, residential, marital status and much more. In wrong hands some crooks may take advantage over you.

You must have experienced a telemarketer calling you from no where and when you ask them how did they get your details, they will quickly hang up.

Most of the well-known social media websites have privacy features that can help prevent misuse of your information or accessibility by 3rd party companies.

Be cautious what information you share online in general.

#10 Privacy concerns and cyber criminals

pros and cons of social media - Privacy concerns

If you have any privacy concerns reach out to your local authorities and the contact the social media website support team.

Always good to read the privacy collection and guidelines before signing up to a social media website or any website for that fact.

I know the pages are generally huge in numbers and have thousands of words, however you can swift through find functionality of your browser for words like “3rd party”, “third party”, “sharing of information”.

You get the idea, right?

Watch out for fake websites and never follow or click on a link from an email received pretending to be i.e. Facebook.

Go through the official app on your phone or website though Google.

Don’t give the cyber criminals the satisfaction of taking what’s yours!

#11 Negative opinion and comments

negative comments

The social media is flooded with people who like to express their opinion in different ways with or without any personal experience.

Whilst it’s good to have comments but keep away from negative comments.

You must be thinking, how can you change people opinion?

Well, in order to change one’s opinion you need to understand that person’s perspective.

Whilst you can’t change their perspective, you can try to reach out to that person on a personal level and listen to them.

They may actually have a valid point to make about you or your brand.

This will allow you to work on the feedback and improve.

Perhaps after you have improved that person may say good things about your social media and that makes you credible.

There, you have it now 11 pros and cons of social media!

Final Words

Think about the possibilities that wait for you but at the same time being cautious about your surroundings can’t hurt.

Use the tool wisely and it can help you grow quicker than you can think.

Most importantly be genuine, kind and help others. Tell us in few words, if you have had any good or bad experience on social media?

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