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2020 guide – A brand new approach to guest post

Guest Post

Guest post has revolutionised the way we build relationships with other businesses. Now looking years back, building backlinks were much easier.

It took a lot less effort and search engines perhaps did not care as much. However, over the time guest posting has set the bar really high to achieve quality backlinks.

Search engines like Google now have got sophisticated algorithms to analyse your website contents in fraction of seconds. You can forget about those dodgy link building tactics that prevailed donkey years ago.

What the search engines are now looking at is; matching the visitors intent closely and as accurately as possible to search results.

You might say, what visitors are searching for…

They are looking for quality products and valuable information that is worth their time.

Wouldn’t you agree???

In this article, we will be discussing visitor intent, quality content, new approach to guest post and so on..

Visitor intent and guest post

Whether it is your website or guest posting site, if the information being presented to a visitor is not relevant they won’t stick around.

A visitor intent essentially means a person is looking for something specific on the internet. i.e. New pair of shoes, for men and black and under $100

What do you think happens next…

Google will show a list of products that match the visitor intent within close proximity unless the visitor defined a specific location.

Let’s put this to a test.

Visitor intent - guest post

The first set of results you will see are called rich snippets. You can learn more about structured data or rich snippets through; you guessed it right “Google” itself.

Well, for this article the rich snippets are not the focus anyway!

However, after first set of rich results, you will see organic results as following:

Now that we know Google focuses on matching the user intent, it means relevancy is super important.

If the visitor intent is met and you offer the product or service in the same niche, the chances are that it will drive the visitor to your website as well.

The higher the traffic on guest posting site means your get more link juice. It simply means your website authority increases with the shift in website traffic.

So, the lesson is focus on relevancy and look for guest post websites in your niche.

The new approach…..

Be unique, be authentic, share a story

Unique - guest Post

The new approach can be as simple as being unique in style, layout, tone of text or sentence structure.

If you are authentic in your approach, it’s hard for visitors to ignore your content.

How can you be authentic?

Well, that’s a question for you to ask yourself!

Why not share a story behind your content, brand, article or whatever it is that you selling pitching to your audience. It’s easy to fall into the story if the content of your story is great. Not only they will remember it but will make sure to share it across social media and internet.

And you know, what it means….

Share a stat or case study

Stat - guest Post

This style is reflected through certain individuals, who are good with stats or numbers. Not only they love talking about numbers but they like to delve in most of their time digging into case studies.

Visuals and infographics for guest post

Graphics Creative
source: unsplash

Got a creative hand?

Graphics are a great way to share your ideas across the whole wide world.

As we know not everybody likes text, stats and case studies.

Why not test your skills with some online tools like Canva. This tool is great for creating visual content including images and infographics.

Canva has grown significantly with its online presence over the years that it’s online templates gallery is quite remarkable.

Try and experiment different layouts, image and graphics to see your audience response. Then you can adjust accordingly.

The next bit is quality…

Why quality matters, when i can just submit guest post?

Good question…

These days there are 1000’s of websites that will accept guest posts for almost any niche.

How can you select the quality guest posting websites.

To do so you will need to define quality for yourself first!

Things to look out for in quality guest post sites

Quality websites have medium to high end traffic

You might say “how can you determine medium traffic website”. Although there are no specific guidelines, you can see it as a website with 10K plus visitors monthly can be considered as medium traffic website and the websites with over 100K plus monthly visitors can be categorised as high end websites.

Look out for their domain authority

Sometimes referred as DA or DR. You must be thinking; why this is important. A website with high DA requires less backlinks and presumably have engaged audience and quality traffic. It takes less effort to gain exposure to your products through right audience in less time. It also helps with better search visibility in search engines.

Social Media Presence

source: unsplash

Social media presence for businesses as well as individuals are undeniable fact. You can check the social media engagement through shares, likes and comments etc. This gives you the opportunity for your post to be widely available for shares. The more it gets shared the more traffic it will attract.

Focused on visitor feedback

Feedback is almost inseparable part of a business growth strategy. A quality website will have a strong focus on answering and resolving any concerns for its customers and visitors. That’s how they learn about their potential customers and then refine their strategies to sell their products and services.

Better engagement with audience

It will be almost impossible to see no engagement with the published articles. One simple reason why their engagement rate would be higher because visitors are learning from the quality content published.

Well structured layout

The site from top to bottom including each post and page would be well structured. Having a structured website helps the visitor navigate easily from one page to another. This means visitors can continue to browse your website for longer. The longer a visitor stays on your website means, better the chances for sale.

Less advertisement or quality ads

relevant ads

You will hardly see any irrelevant ads. If there are any pop-ups they will be more like encouraging you to participate in better learning, analysis or quiz.

We have gathered some data to make it easier for you, to pick and choose the sites that you may want to work with for guest posting.

Here’s a list of 2500 sites accepting guest post. To be honest the list is work in progress as it takes time to gather website details that accept guest posts.


Just posting your article on a website that accept guest post won’t do the trick anymore. You need to be able to relate to the visitor intent and make it relevant.

This should drive more traffic and backlinks to your website.

Tell us in a few words, which approach is working for you in 2020?

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  1. I have tried submitting to guest posting sites randomly in the past and it’s true what’s mentioned in this article. It does not do any good. Relevancy is super important.

  2. I have got bit of creative side to me, that’s how I write my articles. Thanks for rehashing the quality work is appreciated.

  3. Thank you for sharing beautiful article. I’m story kind of guy and love visuals. This post has delivered both for me. Keep up the great work.

  4. Hеllо! If you want to get ahead of your competition, have a higher Domain Authority score. Its just simple as that!

    1. Agree with you Mike! To achieve higher domain authority a lot of work is required including quality content, competitor analysis, careful selection of keywords and much more.

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