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2020 Guide – How To Create Email Sequence in 60 Min

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List building tools such as Mailer Lite are the perfect fit for your email sequence. Not only they will automate the process but also free up your time significantly.

Imagine having to sit around and send emails one by one to each customer. Let’s say you have 1000 customers and you want to send them new product updates once weekly.

You can either spend hours and hours of your personal time to send these updates, or simply use Mailer Lite email automation tool.

Setting up Campaigns, A/B testing, Landing pages, Pop-up form and embedded forms are super easy.

Is it free and what do I get?

Yes, you can try the full version for trial period and then it reverts to free version. Being free it has its limitations. However, as a beginner this is far greater than some of the other providers out there.

You can have up to 1,000 unique subscribers, however they will only approve 500 subscribers. You will need to put through request to increase it up to 1,000 under free plan.

The reason being they don’t want you as user of their services to spam your customers account. You can send up to 12,000 email a month.

MailerLite email marketing for small business

What options or features does it offer?

You get access to their knowledge base that can guide you to utilize Mailer Lite to its full potential.

Who does not love video tutorials? They are best way to pause and practice every step of the way.

Further more they have got 24×7 email support. Please expect delay in response due to their turnaround times. However, the support team is quite efficient in resolving your concerns.

Live chat support is part of paid plan, if you are ready to upgrade you can do so at any time.

The following are part of their email campaigns under free plan:

  • Drag & Drop email sequence campaign builder
  • Text editor and general photo editing
  • File manager to browse your media files
  • Mobile responsive layouts that are visually pleasing

The next set of features refers to subscribers:

  • Professionally built landing pages
  • Embedded, pop-up forms
  • Manage your subscribers
  • Promotion pop-ups are not included in free plan

The delivery of emails includes following:

  • Automating your email sequence
  • Segmentation (i.e. Segment by country, age or gender)
  • Grouping by particular profession (i.e. doctors, lawyers or dentist)
  • A/B split testing (i.e. choose different subject lines of email campaigns to see which works better)

Tracking reports for your visitors:

Mailer Lite Tracking Report - New
  • Total number of emails sent
  • Track to see who engaged with your email
  • Conversion rate
  • Location of the visitor
  • Bounce rate
  • Number of visitors un-subscribed
  • Email client i.e. chrome, safari, internet explorer
  • Check the links that were clicked

Advance features:

  • Domain authentication
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Permission per user account
  • WordPress or plugin integrations
  • API Integrations
  • JavaScript code for pop-up or embedded forms
  • Double opt-in option for confirmation from user
  • Secure connection through SSL encryption
  • GDPR data compliance check box option
  • Unrestricted traffic

Sign up – free account

If you have never used the email automation tool before then Mailer Lite is for you.

Cost: Free – Sign up now

Features: 12K emails, 1k subscribers (Monthly)

Domain authentication:

Email Sequence - Domain Authentication

Let’s see the first step is to verify and authenticate your domain.

Why should you do it?

Simple! So that the email sequence campaign does not land into your visitor’s junk/spam folder.

You must be thinking so what if it goes to their junk folder.

The success rate of your campaign being opened is already reduced by 50-60%. Honestly speaking who checks their spam emails these days.

So, it’s absolutely crucial to get this right.

Once this step is out of the way you are already on your sweet way to better engagement rate. Not only your email will have credibility but also better conversion.

We all know better conversion means more traffic, sales or what ever it is that you are offering.

Don’t skip this step!

Create attractive campaigns

Email Sequence Campaign

Create attractive campaign that works for your visitors and in return generates profit for your business.

What is A/B testing?

Email Sequence - Split Option

Now that you know that your campaign is going into your visitor’s inbox, you can work on your campaign writing skills.

Having a great campaign setup is all about testing different methods and variations of those have better success rate.

To achieve a higher success rate, you should get the balance right. The balance if it not having to plain that will sound boring and not too cheesy either.

A/B testing is a special feature of Mailer Lite and fits the description perfectly. It allows users to setup two subject lines for one email sequence campaign. This option will help you test the option that works better.

For example: Your campaign is about new eBook that you have launched recently. The eBook is about SEO tips. You can then setup compelling A/B split campaign on the subject line of your email.

Subject Line 1: Best SEO eBook is out now, yours for free!

Subject Line 2: Best SEO eBook is available for FREE!

Email design for optimum campaign delivery

Designing your email can be time taking process. As a lot of things needs to be considered. i.e. title, image, body, call to action

Mailer Lite’s drag and drop feature makes it really easy to create professional email in no time.

We have highlighted a few areas in the image below to demonstrate what is possible.

Email Sequence - Design Email

Each component has its own settings that will appear on your right. You can customise the layout as you wish.

The visitors can be directed to specific pages through external links from email. i.e. they can be directed to custom success page for service up sells.

Select the group of recipients

After you have designed you email, it is now time to select the recipient.

Recipient is a visitor or number of visitor to whom your email will be delivered.

Make sure to select the right group of recipient. i.e. if you have more than 1 group type for different visitors, please ensure that you don’t end up delivering the campaign to wrong group.

This can create negative experience as campaigns generally are made of sequence of emails.

You subscriber could end up unsubscribing from your services.

Double check your delivery group, naming them appropriately can help immensely.

A/B split test campaign setting

A/B Split Test Settings

To perform the test you can select, from the following available options.

Option 1) By opens determines the number of visitors opened the email

Option 2) By clicks checks the number of visitors clicked on link inside email

After the test has completed the option will send the remaining emails to best performing campaign.

Review and confirm the campaign details

Now is your chance to confirm the campaign details before delivery is set.

You can customise the email design again. Even send a test email to yourself to see the final email design.

A/B split setting options can be changed. i.e. if you want to select by clicks instead of by open. You change the frequency to 24 hrs instead of 1 hr.

After you have reviewed your campaign options carefully, you can now schedule to run the campaign at later stage or straight away.

If no action is taken, the campaign will be saved as draft under campaigns option.

Email sequence automation workflow

Mailer Lite - Workflow automation

Now that we have learnt how to create email sequence campaign, let’s take a look at email automation workflow.

Email automation works similarly to a campaign automation. However you can set many more conditions.

For example purposes, we will be focusing on “when a subscriber joins a group” automation workflow.

Select a subscriber group

After you have selected the workflow trigger, you will need to select a subscriber group.

You can simply create a new group or select one from the drop down list.

You can name the subscriber group anything. However, we recommend to name it appropriately so that you don’t get mixed up.

The next step would be to create your first email. This is the email a visitor will receive automatically after they join your subscriber group.

Simply click on the (+) icon as selected in image above.

Once you do it will give you the following options:

Mailer Lite - Trigger Options

Please select the email option, as you do it will take you to the next screen. This is where you can put your designing skills to practice.

Save the email series template

We recommend to save a template of first email. This will allow you to save time on creating the email again and again.

You can use the same email template to amend a few things to suit next sequenced email.

There is no limit on how many email you can have in a workflow. However, you have to opt the subscriber out, if the subscriber is not opening emails.

The best way to handle those subscribers would be through automation. You can create another condition in same workflow.

The condition will trigger the action to move the non-responsive subscribers to closed group.

Closed group is just another group that you should create and name is whatever you like!

email sequence template

Send a test email sequence

Now that you have created your first email, let’s do a test run.

send a test email options

To test the email you have created, simply select the option “send a test email”. The option is available on your right as shown in image above.

Email sequence - Send test email

Once you see this pop up screen, just type in your email address. Once you hit send, check you email junk/spam folder first.

Avoid email chain marked as spam

In most cases the email sent to your visitors or yourself will be marked spam, by your email provider. i.e. Gmail, Hotmail

You must follow Domain Authentication steps listed above, so that you can avoid it being marked spam.

The spam emails have very little chance of it being opened.

Don’t waste you time and efforts!

Set a condition after first email sequence

The next step of email sequence is to select condition after you have created your first email.

Email sequence - Conditions explained

Green and red thumbs up or down icons denominates the Conditions.

It’s quite straight forward, green means an action was taken by visitor.

Red means no action taken.

The condition we have selected “was opened“.

It could be that the visitor clicked on any link or specific link.

Email sequence - Conditional email

We have selected one day delay in the image above for example purposes only.

Simply put, you would want to allow some time to your visitor to take action.

Why would you want to do it?

Let’s say, people are usually very busy. They are not waiting to receive your email and open it.

The recommended time frame after each email sequence is 3 days, based on our own experience.

There you go, this is how you can create multiple conditions in your email sequence automation workflow.


Now that you have learnt about setting campaign and email sequence from start to end, you should put it to practice. We have covered all the possibilities to equip you with basic to advance level knowledge. This will help you create a campaign successfully.

Your feedback and comments are welcome! Tell us in a few words, if you were able to create email sequence or campaign successfully?

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