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2500+ Guest Posting Sites For Digital Marketing

  • Jatin 
Guest Blogging Sites

Have you ever though about having a list of guest posting sites by category?

Well, I have!

Here’s the solution for your long-waited problems.

But, before we get into the list, let’s take a look guest blogging in general.

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging refers to providing your content to other similar niche website owners for the purposes of backlink and traffic. One key component to bear in mind here is “quality matters”.

Providing quality content not only you will drive quality visitors but also build long term relationship with other businesses.

To be honest, who does not love to read a quality article!

Why should you do guest blogging?

Simple! To acquire more visitors

Assuming the other website has tons of visitors that read and prefer quality content.

Why Not! Add yours as well to the list.

If the visitors like your content they may click on the website link, share your content across social media and community places and you will get boost in authority of your website through backlink.

This will allow you to expose yourself to others in similar niche and they may also like to offer you backlink on their website.

Quality matters….

How often should you do it?

There are no set of rules or guidelines.

Do it as often as you wish! You will be able to achieve great results over time.

Which guest posting sites are good for your niche?

  • Check for their monthly visitors
  • Check domain authority and page authority

The higher the website authority generally refers to a credible website or business. It means harder to get your post on those websites unless your quality of content is good.

Things to lookout for:

  • Higher authority guest posting sites but not much monthly visits
  • The quality of articles or existing content is very poor
  • The length of content is minimal
  • The business or website is new
  • Extremely promotional – too many ads on each page (Nothing Is wrong with having promotions or ads on each page, however excessive promotion usually leads to poor user experience i.e. page takes a lot longer to load, causes frustration for viewers to read)

How to write a perfect email pitch for guest posting sites?

There is no such thing as perfect pitch to be honest. You have to try different approaches to see which one works.

Things to remember:

  • Offer value
  • Great subject line
  • Body content of email should give some idea or sample if you will
  • Pitch in 3-5 topic ideas
  • Read the guidelines carefully before submitting your pitch
  • Do your research on keywords and topics of interest
  • Make sure to have a good Bio some websites prefer that
  • Backlinks are almost the ultimate goal here after you have hit the mark with quality
  • Content length matters

Here are a few examples of email templates:

#1 Template 1 – Introduction Email

Hello Michael,

I hope this email finds you well.

I am writing this email to introduce myself, as I like to connect with others in the same niche.

Company name specializes in the area i.e. marketing tools. I must admit that I have been following on your quality work for some time now.

You can reach out to me via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Thank you for your valuable time to read my email.

I hope that we can connect in foreseeable future.



xxxx Company Name xxxx

View a list of 9 email templates that work well

Now the ultimate list of 2500+ websites that you are after!

Well the truth is, we are working our way towards creating a list of websites that will add up to that number or higher.

We are accepting the following categories to our list of websites:

Digital MarketingEmail MarketingFinance
SEO ToolsSocial MediaMarketing Agency
B2B MarketingBacklinkseCommerce
KeywordsKeywords ResearchLanding Page
OptimizationNiche MarketingWebsite Traffic

Here’s the list of 2200+ websites:

sitepoint.comView LinkHighDesign
hongkiat.comView LinkHighDesign
webdesignledger.comView LinkHighDesign
getresponse.comView LinkHighGeneral
techprevue.comView LinkHighBusiness
webdesignerdepot.comView LinkHighDesign
allbusiness.comView LinkHighBusiness
thetruthaboutguns.comView LinkHighBusiness
iamsterdam.comView LinkHighBusiness
edsurge.comView LinkHighEducation
99designs.comView LinkHighBusiness
sparkfun.comView LinkHighShopping
winefolly.comView LinkHighEducation
convinceandconvert.comView LinkHighMarketing
latestontechnology.comView LinkLowGeneral
Guest Blogging ProView LinkMediumGeneral
2200+ more sites availableAccess NowForFREE

Found something wrong with the list? Report it !

Build relationships along the way of your journey

Guest blogging on other sites can generate a significant buzz around your brand name and your brand’s vision.

To do this you will need to either hire a professional to do thorough research on your topic or you can invest some of your personal time to do the same.

These days you can find freelancers, business and certain individuals willing to take that extra step for you.

Things to lookout for:

  • If you are hiring a professional, do a background check
  • Ask for samples of their latest work
  • Check their social media presence

Most of the genuine professionals and companies will be willing to answer any of your questions. To them their client satisfaction is priority.

However, there is a bag of bad bunch among the good.

Be careful….

How to leverage social media for guest blogging

Guest Posting Sites - Leverage Social media

Social media has grown exponentially over the past decade. You will need to find out a few things and set it in action.

  • You have to know your audience
  • Know your guest bogging sites social presence
  • Find a social media influencer in similar niche
  • Join community groups and create your personal group
  • Create ads and learn from other ads already in your niche

The companies and influencers have the links to their blogs and websites.

  • Reach out to them through their website, comment and share the articles that you may like.
  • Engage in a conversation about your niche and what you are trying to achieve
  • Ask for feedback from as many people as possible.

If done right, you can see jump in visitors’ traffic in some cases overnight. Using the influencer network not only you will get more traffic and sales, but also brand recognition.

Quality leads, conversion and retention

Blogging Sites - Quality Leads

You should start your search with websites in similar niche to yours that have high traffic.

This will allow your visitor to connect with your products instantly.

Guest blogging does not only allow you attract new visitors, but also helps you generate quality leads.

Once the visitor has landed on your website, you can choose to navigate them the way you like.

For example: You can navigate them to a product page and convert the visitor into a sale.

The next big step is to retain the valuable visitor and get them to engage with you over and over again.

To do this consider the following:

  • Offer value not quantity
  • Send weekly or monthly newsletters
  • Use email marketing automation tools
  • Ask about their experience
  • Act on feedback and comments fast
  • Offer loyalty discounts if selling products
  • Make the offer clear to understand and avoid confusing slangs

Competitive analysis to achieve goals

Knowing your competitor is only half the task, but drill it down to their products and services in details, can help you turn their visitors into your customers.

In this step, we are taking a bold approach here.

Strictly business…. Nothing else!

You can use the tools like SEMrush to gain access to your competitors’ data to the depth not possible otherwise.

The pro plan starts at $99 a month but it’s well worth it.

Learn about how to use SEMrush keyword magic tool to your advantage in no time.

You can find out about things like websites they are getting backlinks from!

Once you know, you can reach out to those websites and pitch in your email to offer better content in return for backlink.

Careful…. You should be able to provide the reasoning why you believe your content holds more value than others.

What makes you a better blogger?

The below should get you started:

  • Make it relevant, relevancy is the key to success
  • Go social, once you have your content ready share it on your social media page or groups
  • Mention the other website, this is the website where you have posted your article
  • Answer any comments, in other words engage with the visitors and answer any queries they have about your content

How to write a SEO friendly article?

Now we are talking about writing an article in general.

Ensure that your guest post is SEO friendly but not overly powered with keywords. This could change the table around for you completely. Google considers it spam and may not even rank your article.

Tips - SEO friendly content

SEO friendly articles have better visibility rate when it comes to search engines i.e. Google.

Sometimes getting help from professionals can be useful, especially if you do not have enough time to invest. After all, writing quality article and outreaching to another webmaster takes a lot of effort. Hence, why choosing premium guest post service makes sense as they can do the heavy lifting for you.

Accept guest post on your website

This is one of the great ways to produce quality content and extend relationship with other businesses.

You must be thing how….

Similar to yourself, the other businesses are also looking to achieve similar goals, get more traffic and build backlinks.

If your thinking about accepting guest blog on your website, you should consider the following:

  • Set clear guidelines, what you will accept and not
  • Mention the quality of content, describe what does quality means for you
  • Offer the benefits for guest blogger will achieve i.e. do-follow backlinks
  • Advise the topics your readers enjoy
  • Mention any specific rules i.e. promotional content not acceptable or 1 backlink
  • Provide email contact or contact form for guest bloggers to reach you
  • Requests for their social media profile links, to check the following
  • Ask for samples of their previous work, if applicable

How to structure the post for guest post?

The most common mistakes guest bloggers make is to neglect the structure of the article.

Don’t want to be one of them?

The good part is, the more you post on authority guest posting sites, the more traffic you will get.

Then, you should consider the following:

  • Backlinks: When it comes to links you should place them in the body of the article as naturally as possible. The natural links tends to attract more attention from search engines than the non-relevant links.
  • Focus keyword: A good post is considered to have the focus keyword in the first paragraph of your article. You should do your keyword research well. Once researched make sure to include it through out the article. The idea is to inform visitors about your niche or topic through-out. Don’t over do it, otherwise it is considered spammy.
  • Guest post guidelines: The most important one that most of us tend to ignore. The result being our article or blog post not being accepted. Look out for number of words i.e. required length, links, images
  • Site structure: Website structure is extremely important from SEO perspective. Search engines love the well-structured sites i.e. page title, headers (H1, H2, H3 tags), image alt text
  • Visual Impact: Images and videos can have great impact on some visitors than others. Make sure to include some quality images.
  • Questionable sentences: Keep away from certain sentences that may seem clear to you but have no direct relation to your visitors.
  • Desired Action: An action is generally required by the visitor by including CTA approach. i.e. download eBook

We are accepting guest posts now

Please read carefully our guidelines, they are quite simple:

  • The content must be 1000 – 1500 words at least
  • It must be unique and never used before
  • Only 1 -2 backlinks to your websites are allowed
  • The links will be do-follow
  • Promotional content is acceptable for nominal fee, please contact
  • Provide 3-5 topic ideas
  • Citation must be provided for sources
  • Image quality must be within acceptable grounds .jpg and .png format are acceptable

Final words:

Guest posting is considered effective SEO practice, if done right!

Make sure to follow the guidelines set by guest posting websites, to make it worth their time and your efforts. Quality content should be the top priority not the last.

Tell us in a few words below, if you were successful to post your article on guest posting sites.