4 simple hacks for your External Link Building Strategy

  • Jatin 
External Link Building Strategy

Link building is considered to be one of the most difficult components of SEO. Guess what, everyone would be ranking on page 1 of Google, if external link building strategy was easy. You will always find yourself struggling no matter which tactic you use.

Have you tried everything and nothing seems to be working?

We are going to discuss only handful of strategies that work. These external link building strategies are easy enough to replace on your website. If done correctly, they can create a chain sequence to drive more traffic as well as links.

What is external link building strategy?

You will need to create the content that is worthy of gaining someone’s attention.

Have you ever heard of “Law of attraction theory”?

It’s quite simple, if you see something that pleases your eyes and senses, you find yourself attracted towards it.

The same goes for your content.

I know you may have heard and read this million times already, but it’s true.

Tip - Keep it simple

Keep it short, simple, engaging, to the point and fun to read.

Let’s take a look at our external link building strategies.

#1) Outreach

Outreach is the most favourable way of getting quality backlinks.

It serves the purpose very well. The process revolves around reaching out to another person in your niche and introducing them to your content.

The idea here is to have or produce something that is worth linking to for others. I.e. a product, service, tool or infographic

This will not equip you with people asking for backlinks but also refer you to others in the similar niche. The process alone can generate tons of quality backlinks and traffic.

You will need to use content explorer tool like SEMrush. You can sign up for a free account and start using, it’s that simple.

Want to learn about keyword research? Check out our step by step guide to use SEMrush keyword magic tool.

#2) Guest blogging to leverage external link building scheme

External Link Building Strategy -Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has been around for donkey years.

How does it work?

You will need to find the blog in your niche and offer to write article for free. In the article you can include to your website. The backlink can be in the author bio section or in the article referring to your website.

The question is how to find the blogs that accept guest blogging.

Hop on the Google and then type in your niche + “write for us”.

For example:

Example 1) men shoes + “write for us”

Example 2) men shoes + intitle: “write for us”

Both examples tend to drive similar results. However, example 2 sends bit more specific request to Google. It is asking to show results with page title or URL that says “write for us”.

Now think about it, what’s different about that since everyone else is doing the same thing. The authors receive probably hundreds of requests weekly if not more.

Take a different approach:

Look for websites that are relevant to your niche. Then pitch them about your quality content, even if they don’t specifically advertise to write for them. Most authors are willing to add fresh content to add value to their own blog.

The idea here is that you are offering something for free. Why on earth would someone refuse a well written quality piece of article?

Take us for an example, we don’t advertise anywhere on our website that we accept guest post. However, if someone reach out to us with quality content proposal, we will accept it.

#3) Broken link building

Broken link building has the biggest advantage of all, if you act fast.

There are three things to bear in mind for external link building strategy:

  1. Find a broken link on similar niche website
  2. Propose them with your quality content to replace the link to your blog
  3. Check the backlinks referring to that page and ask them to link to your content

There is nothing more to it really.

It all depends how you approach the author of the website that you wish to obtain link from!

#4) External link Building strategy within community

Have thought about connecting with people that are like minded?

If you haven’t previously, well now is a good time.

Let me explain why;

You can connect with people through social media of course the first thing comes to mind is Facebook. Then followed by twitter and many more social places you can leverage the benefits.

However, you should not limit yourself to only social media.

There are other places like quora, reddit, blog, and forums. These places have got abundance of community interaction groups for all most any type of niche.

Take me for an example; just over two weeks ago I had started using quora to assist other members of the community. It has been great interacting with others who have similar questions to once what I did!

Here’s an example of question with no answer.

External Link building strategy - quora

You will learn quickly that these places can generate more free traffic than you can imagine.

The idea is to be genuine and help out others.

You will notice that people appreciate your gesture and start to refer you to others who might need help.

By now you must be wandering that this is waste of time!

Hold on.

Think again, referral and word of mouth go long way and generate quality traffic. We know what quality traffic means. It means more changes of getting your products and services out there to the right kind of potential customers. The customers that are genuinely interested in your product.

So, when do you actually get backlinks and how would customer know your bran?

At the bottom of each answer or throughout the answer mention your website or brand and include a link. This way people will know who you are and where to find you.

Tip - spammy links

Don’t act spammy by including tons of links.

The process itself will take time. As you help more and more people and solve their questions you will start to see shift in your website traffic.

Final words:

Building the links isn’t difficult. It’s the idea of it that makes it difficult. That’s why most of run the other way because it requires hard work.

Of course, some of these strategies may work better than others. The idea is to test it our and choose the one that works better for you. After you have figured out the one that works, then you can scale it up effortlessly. Feel like we have missed something? let us know in comments below.

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