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5 Effective Ways To Off-Page SEO in WordPress Site

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There are three types of SEO techniques On-Page, Off-page and Technical. To learn about On-page SEO visit 10 easy to follow steps for effective On-page SEO. However, today’s focus is on off-page SEO in WordPress site.

Off-page SEO means anything that is actioned outside your website i.e. building backlinks. Though, the links refer back to your website but no work is required on your website directly.

Didn’t make sense?

To understand off-page SEO in detail, Check out learn what is off-page SEO in 10 minutes.

Off-page SEO is one of the key components to rank your WordPress website. To rank your website above your competition you need to have more quality and relevant backlinks.

The following 5 ways are easily achievable for WordPress websites. These will help you improve your off-site SEO over time.

#1 Guest Posting: Off-Page SEO in WordPress

Guest Posting - Off Page
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Guest posting has to be the top of the list, when it comes to building backlinks. The key to success here is quality content. The website with high authority may decline your request, if your content does not meet their standards.

Check the guidelines advised by authority website before submitting your post. This will reduce the chances of facing rejection. If you still get rejected, don’t give up! There are hundreds and thousands of websites for each niche.

Try to use the Keyword Tools, as this will save you heaps of your time.

Guest Post

Don’t sit around and wait for response from one website. Submit guest posts to multiple sites at the same time.

#2 Off-Page SEO for WordPress with Q&A websites

Question Answers Solution

Websites like Quora can drive a lot of attention to your brand. Take a problem-solving approach here. These websites are built with the intent of resolving user problems. You will start to notice as you progress in helping others, they will start to take interest in your work.

They may approach you directly for some answers or even visit your website for further information. Not only this will bring in free traffic but also attract backlinks depending on your content available on website.

Off Page SEO WordPress - Genuine

Be genuine in resolving their problems.

#3 Interact on Social Media

Social media Off Page

Social media is a big thing now a days, right? Yes, you can leverage the power of social likes and shares by posting quality content. If the other users like your content they will share it to someone they know and the chain continues.

This can generate a huge amount of quality traffic and sales for your business. You should look for social groups and communities, so that you can interact with them through comments and answer any questions they may have.

Furthermore, you can even create your own business page or group. This was you can promote your own products as well.

Off Page SEO WordPress - About Community

Think about community before your business

#4 Video Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing - YouTube

Video marketing has grown significantly over the years. You can see ads from big brands to smaller companies using the power of video marketing.

One of the upcoming types are influencer marketing. YouTube has got many individuals and companies that got millions of subscribers. Find an influencer in your niche and get in touch to promote your products.

Off Page SEO WordPress - Influencer Marketing Video

Influencer marketing can bring significant value and can be cost effective in some cases compare to other types of marketing.

#5 Find and build broken links

One of the many ways you can build backlinks to your website is by reporting broken links. You should look out for any broken links on the pages you are browsing to find information on your niche.

Once you have found the broken link/s, report It to the webmaster via contact or help page. They will appreciate your feedback.

Wikipedia could be a great start to find pages with broken links.

Off Page SEO WordPress - Broken Links

Let them know that you have article on similar content and if they would be willing to link is back to your website.


The intent here is to provide quality content and add value to others business or website. Doing so will make you credible in their eyes. The idea is to increase traffic, authority of your website and improve ranking. However, the results won’t change overnight. You will need to continue to practice the 5 ways discussed in this article to achieve desired results over time.

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