5 questions you must ask an advertising agency

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So you own a product or a business? Your first priority would be to spread it among masses to gain some recognition. The idea of having a remarkable product or service without advertising agency is much like fish without water.

The customer is sitting on one end and your business is on the other end waiting for things to happen. The question is how do you bring it together, so that your business can find the potential customer and your customer can find their intended product.

Glad you asked….

An advertising agency is a group of experts who take your product from your shelf and transport it all over the world. They devise different advertisement plans, keeping in view your business, your expectations and your budget.

This usually includes planning, campaign management and marketing. You name it, pretty much everything is handled by these advertising agencies. If you are searching for an expert to fulfil your advertisement requirements, first get a hold on what sort of advertising agency you should look for.

There are thousands of advertising agencies out there. What makes a particular ad agency to work for you? The answer lies to some of these prominent conclusions that you have to derive from these following points.

How to choose the Right Advertising Agency?

Finding an advertising agency is easy, Google it, and you have hundreds of results. But searching that dream ad agency for your business requires a fair bit effort. Here are some of the questions and queries that you should ask before commencing with a certain ad agency.

Are they passionate about their work?

Passionate - Advertising Agency

Come on! Everyone has those bundles of self praises on their websites. Everyone is expressing themselves as the most passionate ever in the industry. But how to know exactly, if some creative agency is passionate about their work or not? It’s simple. Try to connect with them. Have a phone call, visit their office.

Passionate people and, in this case, passionate ad agencies radiate that energy out of them. They are eager to help you, to provide you the best value and the best quality. They will never ever let you go away from them. This is what you have to look for. The value that they can offer is transcribed out of their passion for their work and their clients.

Ask yourself: Why do you need an ad agency?

Ask yourself question - Advertising Agency

Businesses have different requirements, and it is important that you understand your requirement very well. Suppose you are looking for a small service, like a postcard or a sales letter. In that case, it is not a good idea to go to the advertising agency. Ad agencies handle a full-fledged campaign that covers everything.

They do offer individual services, but that won’t benefit you much. Because their mode of working is holistic and your expectations are distinctive. So, choose accordingly. For just a single product, you can hire some good freelancers.

Portfolio speaks everything


Any services provider, either for your advertising, designing, content strategy, whatever. It is important that you check their previous works. If an agency is good, they must be having ways to prove themselves as a good and deserving one.

You must look for the previous clients that they handled. The client’s reviews, as well as the insights of the last campaigns that they have made. It will help you to give a strong idea about their mode of working and will obviously help you to make sound decisions

Neither too small nor too large

When talking about creative advertising agencies and specifically: advertising agencies in New York. You have to look for one important balance. If your shortlisted agency is very big, it may also disappoint you, not with the quality but with the improper handling because they have a lot of clients to handle every day.

This bad communication can impact your campaigns. So always go for those geeks who are passionate, and not very big. So that they offer you good quality as well as give you the maximum time to understand and discuss your expectations.

Play in your court, allocate the budget first

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You must have an idea about how much you can spend on your campaign. Bigger agencies can charge you more than you may expect. On the contrary, a smaller and more suitable agency can still meet your requirements and charge you very little for the same services. Choose efficiently, because your money doesn’t grow on trees, you made it with your hard work.

Top 5 advertising agencies in NYC (New York)

By now, you have a clear idea about why you need an advertising agency in New York. Now we are bringing this list of top 5 New York Advertising agencies, from which you can choose the one that suits you the best.


Smart Sites is an all-in-one solution to all your digital advertising. It is a team of more than 100 experts who join their heads to make successful campaigns for you. The agency has won a lot of awards and leave very happy clients behind.

Smart Sites have an average rating of 4.95/5.


If you want to grow online, targeting the mobile users and audience, Moburst can prove to be the best option for you. They are a team of 20+ experts who offer their expert services to grow your business.

Moburst have an average rating of 4.9/5.


Either it’s a small business or a large E-commerce. Metric theory never says NO to anyone. They are a group of experts who cover all of your advertising demands from 360 degrees. Digital Strategy, Social Media Marketing, and Mobile marketing all go hand in hand with Metric Theory.

Metric Theory has an average rating of 4.9/5.


If you are a midmarket-business, IPNY is the best advertising agency in New York as they help a lot of midmarket businesses to grow. IPNY offer their services in branding, advertising, and direct marketing.  

IPNY has an average rating of 4.85/5.


Cutwater is a full-time advertising agency comprising of more than 50 specialists. They offer advertising, SEO, and social media marketing to grow your business. Many big companies like Google, Levi’s, etc. have been Cutwater’s clients.

Cutwater has an average rating of 4.8/5.


Hiring an advertising agency can take away a lot of work off your shoulders.

Choose wisely….

Tell us in a few words below, how was your experience in selecting an advertising agency?

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