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5 SEO friendly tips to improve ranking in 2020

SEO Friendly Tips

Let’s take a look into what SEO is before getting into SEO friendly website tips. Search engine optimisation often is known as SEO for short. It basically means being able to list your website in search engines. The practice uncovers the truth behind ranking better in search engine. In this article we will primarily focus on Major search engine Google. If done correctly not only it can save you heaps of time but abundance of money as well. Let’s take a closer look at some of the websites what their SEO score looks like.

SEO Score: The SEO score of a website is determined based on various factors. Domain authority, page authority, Citation flow and Trust flow.

Let’s break it down further for you:

Domain authority refers to the power over other competitors based on your products, services and content you are offering on your website.

Page authority indicates an individual article, product or offer page score that other value on your website.

Citation flow means how much content of your website has been cited from other sources (external). You must link to the original source if you are using something exactly as it is without adding value to the content or amendments that represent you.

Trust flow means how much trust do you hold when a user visits your website and then refer to others through sharing.

Why use SEO:

SEO can basically turn your website into a useful resource for others and in return bring site visitors, affiliate marketers, promoters etc. In short you can make profit by providing valuable content using right SEO techniques.

Organic and Paid SEO:

Organic SEO means you invest your time well primarily time and a little bit of money to implement resources. It’s a long-term investment for ongoing results that generate steady revenue. There are no shortcuts in this game of success. If I was to simply put its a long road of hard work, sweat and tears. However, the end results are justifiable based on your efforts.

Paid SEO means you are investing a lot of money as well as time to curate quicker results. You must have heard easy come easy go. Well, that’s what paid SEO is as long as you are putting money into it you will be getting results. The moment you stop the results will reduce and eventually disappear.

SEO Tips:

Here is the list of our 5 SEO friendly tips that can change your website for better.

SEO Friendly Tips

The sooner you understand the better it is for you that “Content is the King”. Why should someone view, read or comment your work than others, is the question you should ask yourself? Focus on producing quality content over quantity. Yes, you heard it right. It’s better to create 1 quality article that covers the visitor intent than 10 article that are confusing.


Add video, images, infographics to your content to make it user friendly for your audience. Remember, one shoe size does not fit all. Not every enjoys reading hundreds of words in an article. Therefore you need to visualise it through pictures, infographics and more video clips. The world is heading towards more visual content than ever before. It’s all about video streaming, pictures and stats and less about text now a days.

Ensure to add ALT tags to each visual content pictures, videos and inforgraphics. ALT tags makes it search engine friendly. Thus it can help improve your website ranking.


Pay close attention to your visitors and the comments they are leaving. Ensure to thank them or answer any questions that may have about your content. This is how you can grow your audience. Don’t just pick and choose good comments to display for the article.

Learn from the negative comments and try to resolve the concerns as quickly as possible. Reach out to your visitors through emails to understand their pain points. Once you connect with them, you will be able to provide relevant solution to their current problems.

Now you can use the keywords based on what your customers are searching. This will make your visitors experience great and you may get more shares and likes.


Encourage visitors to leave content by offering promotions i.e. eBook about the area of their interest. Store credit if you have an online e-store. Make sure to mention the steps you are taking to resolve the problem related to a particular product or service. This will help build trust between your potential customers and your business.

Based on the comments you can create relevant article, video or quiz that solves your visitors problem. It is absolutely crucial to do so that visitor can turn into potential customer. This can have significant impact on your impact.

Tip 5#:

List building is often regarded as orphaned yet most valuable list that you can have as business. The list gives you the great insightful information about your customer or visitor. You can find out the type of customer interested in your products and services. You can research their intent, age and family status. In return you can then offer customised products to suite your customer needs and have better outcome for your business.

This process alone can help produce mass organic traffic for your online store. We all know more traffic means more opportunity for sales. This could also help reduce out of pocket costs on paid advertisement.

Bonus Tip:

Why use backlinks?

Backlinks are very essential component for effective SEO. However often we get confused with quantity over quality. When it comes to creating backlinks there is no shortcut to it. Do not just build links rather invest time and effort in building long term connections.

Try to contact the author of an article, ask them what else they would like to see on their website.

After you have understood their requirement produce quality content that he/she can’t refuse. In return they may offer you backlink from their authority website.

The benefit of such backlink is that it will super pass authority to your website along with traffic. The key here is that content must be 100% relevant to your niche and authority website.

Follow up with your customers regularly to keep them engaged with your business. Setup an automated series of emails that can connect with your visitors weekly, monthly, quarterly or even yearly. The process of automation can be formed through Tip 5# list building.

Here are a few list building partners we recommend. You can choose the best suits your needs. Hang tight to learn more about list building in next article.

  1. GetResponse
  2. MailLite
  3. MailChimp
  4. ConvertKit
  5. LeadPages

Disclaimer: The list is based on our personal evaluation and not considering individual circumstances. We may also receive a commission from these affiliated partner for referral or sale.


These tips are based on our analysis and learning over the years. You may use our tips to improve your knowledge and skills. The SEO friendly tips are there to provide you guidance where possible to have improvement in your website search listing. Your efforts are most valuable towards successful business.

To conclude I would like to say thank you for sticking around this long. Hope you enjoyed the article. We look forward to your feedback/comments.

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