5 Smarter Ways to Build Free Backlinks for New Website


Backlinks are critical ingredient for your website and business success.

Although building backlinks takes a lot of effort but it is achievable and most definitely worth it.

In this article we will share some tricks to gain quality backlinks to your new website for free.

Before we get into that, let’s take a look at:

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are merely a piece of code that generates a link to the referring website.

Didn’t make sense?

For example: Your website sells shoes and you have written an article about mens shoes. Let’s say men’s shoes is the focus keyword on clicking which a visitor may be directed to a page, that shows results related to men’s shoes.

Backlinks can be internal or external.

Internal backlinks refer to a page on your website i.e. search results, contact page or service page

External backlinks refer to a website that you are connected to through a link. It can be inbound or outbound, meaning someone linking to your website as backlink or you are linking to another website for backlink.

How to identify backlinks on any website?

A hyperlink is sometimes referred as a link. It would either be displayed as a text that has underline or generally a different colour text without underline. The images can also have backlinks.

When you hove your mouse over these links the mouse pointer changes to a hand.

Both have the same job to direct the visitor to a specific page to meet his/her search intent.

Neil Patel’s tool Ubersuggest can help you identify your competitors backlinks.

The following are the smarter ways to build quality backlinks.

#1 Search for your niche or keyword in Google to do backlinks analysis

find your niche

Once you type in the keyword or relevant niche Google with show you millions of results. Generally speaking, first page results are considered to be most effective for analysis purposes.

However, being on first page they are very difficult to compete as well. Therefore, as a new business you should flick through a few pages to see who’s your competition.

Once you have hand picked a few competitors, you can analyse their data using some free tools.

#2 Find website to write comments to gain free backlinks

Google search term: mens shoes (keyword or your niche) + “Leave a comment”

Google search term - leave a comment

You will notice that the results shown by Google has website where you can leave a comment. Adding value to someone else’s business is a great start.

This will help achieve credibility from the viewers. Some of those views may respond back to your comment.

Most of these websites have the option to add your website address on the comment page.

The hyperlink is usually generated on your name or name of the person leaving comments.

The comment below straight away adds value, by saying “The list has helped the visitor to reduce spam on her website by 15%”.

value added comments

#3 Find websites with broken hyperlinks for backlinks

As you flick through websites, you should check if any of the hyperlinks are not working.

The link will usually take the visitor to a 404 – not found page.

Error 404 - Pagenot found

If you do happen to find such link, you should report it to the administrator via contact page.

Whilst doing that it is ideal to suggest that how much you appreciate their website and content.

If you had liked anything in particular and point out the broken link. You can also recommend to replace that broken link with your website link.

However, be certain your content is relevant to the other business and will add value.

#4 Add value to someone else’s business

Adding value to someone else’s business may seem crazy. However, it can almost be interpreted as gesture of professionalism and kindness.

If your business is unable to offer a particular service, however you know your competitor can! You should refer the visitor to that business.

Refer to another business

This will make you credible and your business presence in front of them, for cross referral.

You should demonstrate that you are not necessarily after anything in return rather want healthy competition.

A true professional will acknowledge that and appreciate straight away.

#5 Answer questions in your relevant niche

You must have come across websites like Quora and yahoo answers.

Q&A Websites

Find the people asking questions and share genuine answer with the intent to add value.

You will start to notice the more you engage the more it will start to drive traffic and backlinks to your website.

Bonus: meaningful social media sharing

Who does not love a bit of social media sharing?

It’s almost as important as going to college for your degree. Most of us got high end devices these days and we spend fair few hours during a week on social media.

It could be almost anything from buying a new bike to travelling plan, eating and so on….

Get the picture, right!

You can leverage that for your business growth, how?

Find a social media platform that is most suitable for your niche. i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Social Media - Sharing in Groups

After you have identified the social media platform, find the relevant groups for your niche.

Then you will need to start sharing your ideas about your business to engage new visitors in those groups.

Social media - sharing posts tip

Don’t try to spam the groups or they might ban you for life.


You have now learnt 5 smarter ways to build backlinks for free. Using these tactics not only you can gain quality backlinks for free but also free traffic.

Tell us in a few words, if you were able to gain free backlinks to your website?

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