5 things you should know before you buy guest posts

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Are you are thinking about starting your own blog and you are wondering how to buy guest posts for your blog.

There are a few things that you need to know.

But, first let’s take a look into…..

What’s guest blogging?

Buy Guest Posts - DIY

Guest blogging is an art of creating something unique in the form of article, image, stat, case study, video or infographic. You can design your own beautiful images and infographics for free in minutes.

You must be thinking…..

What do you do with this unique stuff?

Well, here comes the next part, search!

A great way to start with this is to find other bloggers, as they will be more than happy to offer their advice on how to buy guest posts on their blogs.

Before you can find the bloggers, do this instead.

As Neil has mentioned in Ultimate guide to guest blogging determine your goals.

Setting your Goals

Set Goals

Setting your goals should be the top priority. Not knowing where you are headed is almost like finding a house with no address.

Guest posting is generally defined by the following:

The next thing would be…

Research the niche

research your niche

You can easily search online for blogs on various subjects, such as;

  • Stock market
  • Business
  • Tech
  • Pets

Almost any word, phrase or category you can possibly think of!

If you are interested in business sites, you can view a list of business guest blogging sites that accept guest post.

You may also want to look at forums and community websites i.e. Quora to further your ideas.

After you have done some digging, jot down the ideas on a paper.

Take your time and carefully hand pick that are closely relevant to your niche.

The process will help you to become a better writer and identify the good writers, so that you can save on time and money.

Find the bloggers to buy guest posts

find the bloggers

The next thing would be to find low to medium level bloggers.

Why not top bloggers, they are already famous?

Good Question……

The top bloggers because they are already on top and are famous, most of them care less for new bloggers like you.

Not only they will cost you an arm or a leg (very high cost) but also they accept the highest quality standard possible.

Back to the topic of low-medium level bloggers…

Once you have found a few bloggers, you should decide whether you would like to buy posts from them or write them yourself.

Buy guest posts or DIY

Buy guest posts or DIY

If you are going to purchase guest posts, it will cost you money. However, If you write your own posts, it will cost you your personal time.

Perhaps, some money as well if you are writing the article yourself.

As you may be required to do keyword research or competitive analysis. This practice will require for you to buy online tools or subscriptions.

There are many ways in which you can purchase these posts:

  • including paying per post
  • buying in bulk
  • buying an entire blog

Paying per post is one of the most popular ways in which bloggers can sell their content, as they don’t have to pay anything up front.

However, this may come at a higher price depending on the website authority, traffic and other factors.

Think wisely before buying

buy guest posts - think wisely

If you are thinking of buying an entire blog, there are some key things to bear in mind:

  • How long will it take to analyse the content
  • Are you financially capable
  • Does the blog have good authority
  • What is the audience engagement level
  • Is the blog completely relevant to your niche
  • The blog is a general blog that includes multiple niches
  • Any penalties from search engines like Google

You could be looking at hours worth of work involved in this option and may requires a lot of resources i.e. team of specialists and money to pay for those resources.

Know the author background

Author background

The important thing to consider is that when you are looking to buy guest posts, you should research the writer.

Any information about the writer can help you understand him/her better. This will lead to a great professional relationship.

You can look into the social media profiles or even ask them directly such as; their interests and writing experience. Additionally you can also request for copies of recently completed work or portfolio.

This should give you a very good idea, who you are dealing with.

A good writer is always willing to accommodate your requests.

Writing is an art

Art of writing

A good post usually flows well top to bottom.

The structure of post along with guest posting guidelines can vary from one website to another.

So, it is important to consider whether or not you are going to be comfortable writing for others.

Read the guidelines carefully and browse a few of already published posts to get an understanding of what is expected of you.

Do the competitive research

Buy Guest Posts - Competitive Analysis

Knowing what you competitors are up to is a great place to start.

First thing first….

Carefully select the blog you want to by the guest posts from!

Then you should look at different ways to buy these posts. i.e. per post or bulk.

Seek advice from a friend or mentor to save money on buying guest posts, especially if you are feeling tight with money.

Don’t stop there…

Do you research well and keep looking for more blogs.

Final Words:

Finding a blog to buy guest posts isn’t difficult. The important thing to keep in mind is that you do your research carefully.

This can save you time and money in the long run.

Tell us in a few words, were you able to find the blog to buy guest posts?

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