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7 Actionable Google Analytics Tips To Boost Your Traffic

  • Jatin 
Google Analytics

Google Analytics is packed with useful data. Data can be used to drive more sales, identify gaps and most importantly drive valuable traffic to your website. We know that data can help us many ways but taking right action really matters!

Number of users, conversions and bounce rate can help you learn a lot about your potential customer. However, we need to go further to dig deeper into data to make a difference.

Here’s the list to boost your traffic using these Google Analytics Tips.

#1 Investigate: drop in website traffic

drop in traffic

Just because you have the Google Analytics account and you can see the data does not do anything.

You need to be able to figure out why there is drop in website traffic.

Is it to do with content does not make sense, too hard to read, has grammatical error, does not have pictures?

Has any visitor left any comments or tried to reach you via email to inform you about their experience?

Compare the data based on daily with previous day and monthly with previous months data.

#2 Take actionable approach: improve content

Improve content

After publishing our content, we start to work on next piece straight away!

The most common mistake of all times, not taking enough time to review any mistakes.

We are always in a rush to fill up the website with more and more content.

After looking at your analytics data you can clearly see that there is a drop in traffic.

Why Not! Stop for a minute and take look at what needs fixing.

Ignoring a customer comment that warned you about errors in your article, can lead to bigger problems.

The right approach here is to identify the key concerns and improve your content.

#3 Download or email the data generated by analytics

Download or export data

By downloading the data, you give yourself space to ensure you can dig deeper.

Depending on the size of your business and the services you offer, it can be quite time-consuming process.

It’s best to take your time to narrow down the results for better outcome.

You have the option to setup email alerts when new data becomes available.

Under email alerts you can set conditions when an email is generated and the data is emailed to you.

custom alert options

For example: if there is decline in traffic

You can also set different email alerts for different conditions.

That way you can focus one particular task rather than trying to sort of data each time.

Google Analytics has comprehensive reporting system that makes it quite easy and user friendly.

#4 Problem is with the conversion: figure out

focus on conversion

Conversion means when a visitor comes to your website and end up being customer.

Didn’t make sense?

For Example: Your website offers men’s shoes and you have advertised on social media and Google. Following your ad, a visitor comes to your website and buys the shoes. Up till the point the visitor is browsing he is considered potential customer. The point he/she makes the purchase that’s called conversion. In other words, from visitor to paying customer.

If the problem is with the conversion, then you would need to really figure out why!

The sooner you figure out why the visitors aren’t converting into customers the better it is for you.

Conversion has huge impact on small to large scale businesses.

Could it be that you don’t have enough stock, there is an error on the product page or checkout page or the product is too pricy.

Honestly speaking there can be many reasons why a visitor would swift away.

So, figure out!

#5 Search queries can direct you: pay attention

Google Analytics - search queries

Before you can access search queries from your analytics, you will need to setup the Google Search Console. Don’t worry it’s free as well!

Your website search queries can help you reach your potential.

Your visitors may be searching for men’s shoes for dance; however, you do not currently offer those shoes.

Then you need to analyse how many similar search queries are you getting related to same search term.

It can be a sign that you should consider introducing men’s shoes for dance on your website.

Google Analytics - Tips

You can also view your website search queries report to manage it better.

#6 Improve site speed: can drive potential customers away

site speed option

Have you ever visited a website and then jumped out because the website was loading, loading and loading?

Similarly, visitors coming to your website might be getting frustrated not being able to browse or make purchase.

If the site is not loading quick enough visitors can move to another similar website. Many businesses loose business every day for very same reason.

There you will need to trouble shoot your website or ask a professional.

Once you have identified the source, fix it straight away. The longer you leave it to be the more you could be losing to your competitor in the interim.

You can easily check the page speed under Google analytics account admin panel.

Google Analytics Site speed option with graph & digits

#7 Compare new visitors vs returning: deep analysis

new vs returning option

To have a successful business, pay close attention to returning visitors compare to new visitors.

As much as new visitors are important, it is extremely important to maintain existing visitors.

The reason being, some of your existing visitors might be your paying customers already. Taking care of them generates recurring revenue for your business.

You can always do with some special offers that may encourage your existing customers to stay connected.

Similarly, you can entice new visitors by offering specials to engage them to be your customers.

How to identify the new visitors vs returning?

Have a look at the image below to access new vs returning visitors data in analytics

Google Analytics - new vs returning with graph & digits


Following these 7 actionable tips will help you improve your website traffic. We all know more traffic to your website means more potential customers.

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