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7 Growth Hacks To Keep Your Audience Loyal To Your Business

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Business growth is an crucial part of any business strategy and growth without audience is impossible. Having an audience that is not engaged with your business is also bad. Simply, because it does not serve any purpose.

The million dollar question then is, how do you connect with your audience that would remain engaged?

Before you can find audience, let’s understand first what are they looking for!

  • to be recognised for their loyalty
  • be told first than others what’s new
  • like offers and promotions
  • wants to engage with business on personal level
  • be heard of their opinions and listened to about their concerns
  • have their issues resolved promptly
  • not have lengthy and convoluted processes to deal with

There are seven growth hacks that we have identified to keep your audience engaged and loyal to your business for years to come.

Let’s kick start with our first hack…

1. Encourage your viewers to complete tasks

Many companies managed to increase their users by using this technique. Give them incentives for completing tasks. This will work as a “spread the word” method and more viewers will flock into your platform. Reward them such as free cloud space, 15-20% off, cashback offers etc. (whatever suits your service) in exchange for sharing email address.

The idea is to have visitors take action that may include:

  • sign up with your brand
  • subscribe to the newsletter
  • following all the social media pages
  • taking your surveys

For example, if you are an online shopping platform for garments such as t-shirts and boxers, you can offer a 20% discount to those who visit your website for signing up with your website. They will get the voucher code for your 20% discount to their registered email address, when they sign up at your website. This will increase the chance of user engagement with your brand, when they shop online.

2. Create a ‘sense of exclusiveness’

To increase viewership, give a feeling of exclusiveness. A certain group of benefits can be introduced for only those who sign up for your services.

Here is an example: “Grab 50% off on all mens products till stock lasts. Offer valid only for our subscribers”. Become our subscriber by creating an account with us for free.

In this example, you can see the business is achieving two goals. One, it is creating a separate category for those who are ‘loyal’ to the brand. Second, it is boosting its sale and creating the brand value as well.

3. Do not, I repeat! do not forget to take feedback!

Business growth depends heavily on valuable feedback. Make it ridiculously easy and at the same time enticing for the user. When there are endless competitors lined up just a click away, you can’t afford to ignore user experience. Constantly analyzing your service is the key and you don’t have to spend a penny on it, if you get honest reviews from your visitors.

Users tend to forgive any inconvenience they experience at your platform, if you patiently listen to them and resolve the issue. They even consider it a reward for being loyal and understand them as being valued by the brand. At the same time, reward them for sharing their honest experience with you.

Take this example: “Give us your feedback, share us your selfie with our product and 50 people will get a chance to be featured on our Instagram page.”

It will be great if you make the feedback option easier to use. Customers are the best observers. For this, you have to make navigation on your website easy.

4. Prove what you’ve got

According to BrightLocal (an SEO specialist), 84% of total people participated in trusted online reviews and testimonials.

Got your hint, right?

Share with your viewers the experience of existing users and their testimonials, whenever you get a good review along with the name of the user and designation to make it more trustworthy. This alone can help people to make decision with regards to using your service. It is considered and proven to be one of the most inexpensive tools for small business growth.

5. Use a signature

Your chance of impressing your viewer increases when you make them ‘feel good’. Whenever sending newsletters, coupons or mails personalize it. Make it appealing by writing something unique at the bottom such as:

  • we love you
  • always happy to make you happy
  • care about you

People are getting more distant from each other with changing times. Therefore, such lines can touch their heart and in some cases you can connect with your visitors on personal level.

6. Never too late to make use of SEO

If you share your knowledge about your product, you prove your mettle. Gain more appreciation by adding blogs to your website which relate to your product/service.

For example, if you have the tech-related product listed on your website, you can write and link blog to your website.

Some of the things may include:

  • recent tech trends
  • innovations and R&D
  • new products that are going to make entry next year

All of it will prove that you know everything related to whatever you are offering.

While using such blogs, you should research high-competition/ low-competition keywords related to your content and use accordingly. Your qualitative content will get more attention and will float on top when someone searches for anything related to your content.

Also check for readability, plagiarism, correctness, and clarity to target more audience. Your audience should be able to understand your content, it must be user friendly. All these tools collectively are part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Use SEO to design your article in such a way that it gets the audience it deserves.

7. Stop them from leaving your website

By giving them an incentive! Use a pop up to garner attention. It takes seconds to change a viewer’s opinion. Get them to stay on your platform by asking them to sign up/take a survey in return for a discount coupon and other benefits. It is no harm in saving some bucks.

Here we mentioned some easy-to-use hacks which are easy to apply and are intended for online shopping platforms and emerging platforms, but you are always free to invent. After all, the above-mentioned hacks are also the result of brainstorming and inventing. Digitization is a tool to empower aspiring entrepreneurs. Internet is the cheapest method to launch your product and at the same time, the onus is on you to get creative. Use it well!


This article described some of the tools through which a business idea can get more attention. Marketing the smart way and understanding the tools can help a business grow its audience.

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