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Blog » Growth Hacks » 9 Side Hustles To Put Extra Cash In Your Pocket [2022]

9 Side Hustles To Put Extra Cash In Your Pocket [2022]

  • Jatin 
Side hustles

You can’t just rely on a single income to support your household in the future. As a result, it makes sense to have a side job in addition to your primary one. In the event you lose your main income, have an unexpected retirement, or anything else happens, your side hustles will help you get back on your feet.

Additionally, side hustles are a good way to make some money on the side without affecting your current career. This way you can explore new interests and create a new job in the process.

Is your wallet a little light? I’ve got you covered. Here are some ideas for side hustles to get you started.

1. Blogging

If you are looking to make a few extra bucks a month, blogging can be a great option. Spend a few hours a week crafting compelling content and once your blog gets popular from social media and good search engine placement, it will be limitless how much money you can make as a blogger.

2. Reselling domains

Domains are similar to real estate property but on the internet instead of physical property. Consider a domain investment and enjoy making a 1000% return on it in six months or less. People are more than willing to pay a lot for a domain because they want what they can’t have. Reselling a single domain can earn you up to $550, so imagine how much money it could make you if you buy 100 domains!

3. Marketing consultant as side hustles

Every business wants to grow and go international. To do that, marketing consultants must actively research digital marketing strategies that work in the company’s specific market. They also must study the company’s website layout in order to improve it.

Most marketing consultants charge about $38 per hour. And with 71,600 more marketing consultants needed in the next five years, it’s a promising opportunity to make money as a consultant for different companies.

4. E-books

Authors are increasingly publishing their own e-books because it’s never been easier. To start, identify a captivating topic and come up with some exciting content. Write a few pages before work or after. Soon enough, you’ll have completed your book and published it.

One way to make money on your book is to upload it to popular sites. It’s important to start with a list of popular topics that are in demand among readers. Once you have that, go out and get good books on the topics. Once you do, sell them at a profit.

Luckily, you can market e-books anywhere online.

5. Cashback Apps

side hustles - cashback apps

Getting money back and shopping and earning what could be better? There are terrific apps that make it very easy to get extra cash while you shop. Have you ever been frustrated after buying something online only to discover the price dropped the following day?

Don’t worry about your late deliveries or price drops. These cashback apps monitor your emails as you shop. If they detect any, they’ll send you a notification to keep you in the know.

In addition, the app will let you know if the item price has dropped. In addition, the app allows you to request a refund from your supplier for a delayed shipment.

With these apps, you can get paid twice. Just wait for the reimbursement to process and enjoy an earnings boost.

6. App and software development

If you have a computer or mobile phone, this is one of the many excellent side hustles to explore. It’s more than just coding – there are many aspects involved in the process. It can earn you up to $40 per hour, and it can be done remotely.

If you want to make great money, then you should know how to create software programs like Java, HTML, and PHP. There is more than just programming though! You can explore the digital market and create an app. Average developing pays $30 per hour on average, but you need to ensure that it will be unique and well-made in order to get more downloads.

7. Tutoring as side hustles

Do you want more than a job with a 9-5 grind?  Coaching is a great way to bring in some extra cash. Parents are willing to spend the money to have their children tutored, so if you have experience in education, tutoring is a great way to make some easy money.

When you identify a subject, you excel in, it becomes easier to find the resources and tools that will help you tutor others. In the modern world, there are many different ways to teach online. You can use software, which is designed to connect students with tutors from their own homes.

You don’t have to go to students’ homes or invite them into your home. Just make a video call and coach as comfortably as possible from the comfort of your home.

8. Side hustles as bookkeeping

Do you know your way around accounting? Do you know what the difference is between a bookkeeper and an accountant? It turns out that bookkeeping jobs pay at a rate of 23$ per hour. If you know Microsoft Excel, QuickBooks, and have some experience, you too can be a part-time accountant for different businesses and companies.

9. Executive recruiting

When a company has an empty spot in the workforce, it can be difficult to find someone to fill it. Luckily, executive recruiters are there to save the day! These professionals strive to replace employees who have quit or passed away. In most cases, they work part-time for agencies and rely on other employers to place them in jobs.

As a recruiting consultant, I present candidates to management for an interview. In turn, I train them if they get hired. On average, I make $42 per hour.

Final Thoughts

You think it’s time to start your side hustles, but you’re also afraid of losing your job. What do you do? To successfully juggle both, you need to find a field of interest and skills that work for you. Differentiate yourself from the competition and set clear goals. Finally, create the right balance between your full-time job and side hustles more work on one, less on the other.