Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Examples To Earn $1000 Monthly

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Affiliate marketing examples

There are loads of affiliate marketing examples available online now a days. However, only a few can lead you to the path of financial success.

Have you always wandered, what it would be like being your own boss?

I did……

That’s why I started researching online and compared hundreds of them and carefully handpicked a few.

Before, I get into the list of affiliate marketing examples, let’s understand!

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is also known as pay-per-click marketing, pay-per-sale advertising, and even pay-per-lead advertising.

Affiliate marketing is basically a form of non-traditional marketing, where an online business benefits from one or more affiliates who advertise their product or services.

By doing so, the business receives more visitors that can be turned into long term customers.

What is your role as an affiliate?

The main function of an affiliate is to drive traffic to the website of the merchant that he/she is affiliated with. In exchange for that, the affiliates get paid a specific commission on each lead generated.

Although the main purpose of the affiliate is to drive traffic to a website, the affiliate marketer also has the option to promote and sell a product or service. Affiliates can also direct the targeted visitors towards their websites.

Affiliate get’s paid when their lead or sale is qualified. For the lead to be qualified each business has their own set of rules. Once qualified, the affiliate is paid based on either % or set $ value.

For example: If the cost of a product is $100, the affiliate may receive 20% of $100 that would be $20 or a set commission of $15 per sale.

How to Choose the affiliate market program?

Choose affiliate program

In order to be successful in affiliate marketing, one should choose a reputable affiliate program. A reputable program would allow you to earn more from your affiliate sales by providing high quality tools to aid you in your affiliate marketing campaigns.

For example: Some companies offer free affiliate marketing course for beginners.

The others will provide you with well prepared email templates, images, banners and even videos in some cases.

These tools can be used on your website or any place as a link.

Terms & conditions of program

It is important that you understand the terms and conditions of the program you chose before committing yourself to it.

You need to have a thorough understanding of the fees, commissions, and payment processes of this program before you actually register for it. You also need to have a clear understanding of how to properly set up your affiliate account and marketing campaigns.

Most affiliate programs are fairly straightforward and do not require any technical knowledge to operate.

Some require you to purchase software or a web hosting account before you are allowed to start earning commissions. The most popular affiliate programs are also known for their high payouts.

Earn $1000 Monthly Affiliate Income

Would be fair to say?

It depends on your efforts really, you can make as much as $1000 or even $10k a month.

Sky is only the limit with these hand picked programs.

You have to invest a lot of time, effort and perhaps some money. To earn that kind of money, especially if you are newbie hard work is the key.

Keep at it until you see the success.

I have heard and seen many testimonials claiming that affiliate marketing does not work.

May be it did not work for them because they gave up too soon.

There will be times you will feel, we all know that feeling, “why did i get myself into this”.

Don’t let others be the judge of your work until you have succeeded.

Then all they can say, I wish that I had tried it too.

That’s right there, a great sense of achievement.

tips - problem solving products

Choose the programs wisely, something that meets your character and you would be interested in marketing, even in your bad days.

Now, let’s have a look at affiliate marketing examples

#1 Clickbank

clickbank affiliate

Clickbank is a marketplace for affiliates and hosts hundreds if not thousands of companies that are willing to pay good commission. Every affiliate story that I personally have heard of has gone through Clickbank at some point in time.

Since there are many different businesses offering their products and services, you have to do a bit of digging to find the top paying affiliate programs.

Commission: Varies between different programs

Cookie Length: Up to 90 days

#2 Spocket

Spocket affiliate

Spocket is a marketplace for drop shippers and suppliers in US and EU. Their chrome extension plugin AliScraper can help drop shippers to import products.

Some of the key features include:

  • Automated shipping and fulfillment
  • Detailed inventory management for smoother transactions
  • Hassle free integration with some well-known shopping carts.

Commission: Up to $1080 per customer

Cookie Length: Up to 90 days

#3 Shopify

Shopify Affiliate Marketing Examples

Shopify is one of the biggest retailers for eCommerce websites. There are heaps of themes to match your taste. They have got tons of plugins to enhance your website’s look and feel.

They offer 14 days free trial.

Commission: $58 – $2000

Cookie Length: 30 days

#4 Teachable

Teachable Affiliate Marketing Examples

If you are into selling courses then teachable is the gig for you.

Not only you can create courses for your audience to sell but as affiliate you can earn commission to refer others to them.

Teachable has recurring commission model. It means you only need to send the visitor once and that will hook you for ongoing commission.

After the sale is done the payment is made to your linked PayPal account.

Here’s why someone will join Teachable:

Trusted by over 10,000 businesses and affiliates like you

Each funnel comes with training for the audience

Commission: 30% (lifetime of customer)

Cookie Length: 90 days

#5 Hubspot

Hubspot affiliate program

Hubspot, not only has the high authority but also offers great affiliate commissions. There is no limit on the sales or commissions that you can earn.

So, go crazy…..

There are abundance of resources to get you started.

Hubspot can help you grow sales, accelerate leads and much more. The key areas include; marketing, CRM sales, customer service.

Their free CRM tool is a great starting point if you are new to digital marketing.

Commission: Up to $1,000

Cookie Length: 90 days

Final Thoughts:

Each affiliate program has it’s own structure. Make sure to read the terms and conditions before commitment.

There’s a great earning potential with these affiliate marketing examples mentioned above, only if you commit to it.

Tell us in a few words, which affiliate program did you choose?

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