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Top Features of OgyMogy Android Spy App 2021

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Glad 2020 is over. That was one hell of a roller coaster ride in many ways. The whole world went into lockdown, ease the process, again on lockdown and cycle continues. With all the family in the home, no school, no office, no outdoor activities, no vacation plan, it was a year that reveals so much about the vulnerabilities and potential of mankind. To all those who lost anyone during this year due to the global pandemic, we are sorry for your loss. To the survivors, just hang in there as we all are in this together. So stay home, stay safe, and stay strong.

The lockdown situation is especially difficult for those parents who are stuck with teenagers. As today’s teens have a social life that comprises of many outdoor activities. Keeping them locked inside means more screen time. More internet and thus more chance of getting on the wrong side of the virtual world. Similarly, for those employers, who have to monitor the employees working from home, To keep their eyes on their productivity and work quality this is a very tough time. To help all parents and employers community and any other who need efficient android spy app in their life this is for you.

Access To Call Log

With OgyMogy you can access the call log of your teen or employee to know about their call record. It is a useful feature to detect any late-night calls of the teen or to stop the employee to make, long useless calls during the working hours. You can track any new entry or deletion from the logbook as well by simply using the phone tracking app.

Listen To Call Recording

You can even listen to any suspicious call of the target person whether your kid or any employee by using the call recording features of the OgyMogy. OgyMogy gives remote access to all the incoming and outgoing call records.

Have A Check On the Text Log

Monitor the text content of the target person by having remote access to the text message folder of the target person.

Marking Of Safe Area

Mark a virtual safe are on the google map for the target person to assure their safety. With OgyMogy you can make sure your kid does not skip school or enter any club or wild party area.OgyMogy will report you right away in case the target person leaves the marked safe area.

Track Pinpoint Location

Keep an eye on the delivery guys or drivers and other employees at your workplace or know about the secret hideout of your kids with the OgyMogy location tracking feature. This feature lets the user about the pinpoint; location of the target person in real-time.

No Go Area

Just like a virtual safe one, you can even mark a virtual no go or restricted area for the target as well on the google map. Any movement around the restricted one will be recorded and reported by the OgyMogy spy app to the user immediately.

Have Direct Access To the Screen

You can directly access the target person’s screen in real-time to check the screen activities with the screen recording feature of the OgyMogy.This is one of the most beneficial features offered by OgyMogy. If you are a manager who wants to check the daily progress report of an employee working from home. Then you can easily check that by using OgyMogy. Similarly, a teenager needs strict supervision in a tough time so keep an eye on the screen and manage their screen time for their better physical and mental health.

Check The Web Browsing History

Check the internet browsing history of the teenager and employees to know about the visited site’s content.

Web Filtering

OgyMogy gives the power to the user to block any unethical or unwanted sites from the target person’s device. This is necessary for teenager monitoring as it can help the parents to block any triggering site or site that contains adult content.

Have Access to The Favourite Bar

You can even check the more frequently visited site of the target person especially teenagers to know bout their interest with access to the bookmark feature of the OgyMogy spy app.

OgyMogy android spy app offers abundant of excellent features that can help all those staying at home to keep a monitoring eye on the teenagers or workforce.

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