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Boost Your Small Business Sale With Newspaper Advertisement

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Newspaper Advertisement

You might have heard about the degradation of Newspaper usage in Advertising. But the facts and figures state that advertising in the newspaper is still beneficial. According to the Newspaper Association of America report, daily and Sunday newspapers’ circulation is touching a new height and reached about 83 million.

Early in the morning, a Newspaper is the first thing you want, along with a tea/coffee cup. This is the right time to tell about your business to the readers. Check out the advantages which your business can have from a Newspaper advertisement.

What Are The Advantages of Advertising in Newspaper For Small business growth?

  • Advertising in Newspapers is a cost-effective way to create brand awareness for small businesses.
  • It is a cost-effective way that may vary slightly with size, location, use of colour, and geographical location.
  • You can expect more engagement and a better result from the Newspaper Advertisement.
  • You can target a niche audience by placing the ad in a specific section of the newspaper. The ad will be seen by people who are already looking for your services or products.
  • Visually compelling ads with satisfying colours and texts and increase your sale. According to many studies, a physically touched ad increases confidence, satisfaction and reliability. The brand honesty is improved by 41%. This eventually increases purchase intent by 24%.

How To Advertise In Newspaper?

To advertise in a Newspaper, you can choose any of the three types of ads listed below:

Display Ads

These are the common types of newspaper ads in which your product or services are displayed using attractive graphics and fonts. The cost of these types of ads is high compared to others. But, it leaves a convincing impression. There are chances to get maximum conversion from these types of ads.

They are available for one-eighth of a page to a full-page ad. Depending on the budget, you can book your space and create brand awareness.

Insert ads

An insert ad is a full-page ad that is inserted in between the newspaper. In terms of cost, it is a good option as it cut down the press’s cost. It is a proven advertisement type that can

cost-effectively fulfill your commercial goals.

Classified Ads

These types of advertisements are not at all costly. They are charged based on the word count. They are classified in the newspaper by various categories, i.e., pets for adoption, job opening, announcements, and more.

Cost of Newspaper Advertising

Rates of Newspaper Advertising rates may vary depending on various factors. Some of them are listed below:

Size of the Ad

The size of a newspaper ad is proportional to the cost. The larger an ad size, the more will be the rates. Newspapers today are providing various types of deals and combo offers. The offers include flat fees and combined discounts for both print and online ads as well. Online ads can be an add-on to attract advertisers to create their social presence.

Placing of an Ad

Keeping the ad on the front page is much costlier than keeping it on the backside. Depending on your business demands, you must select the right placing of your ad.

Ad types

As mentioned above, there are various types of advertisement. Depending on your business need & your budget, you can select the ad type. Display ads are one of the costliest ones. Insert ads are also an excellent option to choose, as it cuts the press cost.


National newspaper cost is more compared to the local newspaper. If your target audience is local, you should save your bugs instead, advertising in the national newspaper. You can take leverage of discounts & offers to set advertisement under your budget.

How Frequently your Ad Runs?

If you want to advertise daily, then it is better to go for monthly or quarterly deals. If you wish to advertise once every month, then you can leverage yearly offers. More the ad frequency, you’ll get more discount.

Final Words

TimesDigest is a ten-page synopsis of The New York Times. It is published every day and is distributed in more than 50 countries & islands. The publication reaches more than 20,000 readers.

Advertising in TimesDigest captures targeting audience’s attention. The advertiser’s TimesDigest gave feedback on the traffic and benefits they have gained from a newspaper advertisement.

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Jason Klatsky : Co-founder of Inmotion Media Marketing
He is the co-founder of one of the Advertising Agencies in New York. Along with this, he is the pet magazine owner in New York – The Pet Gazette. His creative mind is the only thing which one needs to increase customer sale from advertising. He has been writing for years to let audiences know about the advantage of Newspaper and magazine advertisements

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