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Top 7 Reasons Why Businesses Succeed With Social Media

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Business Success and Social Media

There is no end to social media in sight. In fact, it has seen tremendous growth in recent times with as much as 13% in a year.

This is a jaw-dropping figure when you calculate on the previous numbers that are over 3 billion active users across the whole social media pie.

For both short and long terms, social media can help you in introducing your products and services to your prospects and forging relations with your clients at the same time.

Not to mention that there is a cut-throat competition for smart real estate in social media. According to some estimates, there are over 50 million small businesses in the virtual world of social media.

Now that your competitors are already there, what would be your strategy to capitalize on your marketing endeavors?

If you are still on the fence about whether to invest in social media marketing or steer clear from the mess, here are some of the reasons to make up your mind for the latter.

At the end of this post, you will be in a better position to make an educated decision.

Here are the 7 reasons:

  • Efficiency
  • Brand Awareness & Reputation
  • Web Traffic & Authority
  • Advertisement
  • Conversions
  • Digital Word Of Mouth
  • Client Retention


For all the dynamic aspects of your business in a chaotic world, social media can be a great equalizer that can ensure efficiency. For instance, you can resolve issues of your clients in a timelier manner if you correspond with them through social media.

Some studies have found out that over 67% of people rely on social media to contact sellers if they had a negative experience with a product or a service.

Aside from grievance resolution, you can make sure there are no negative campaigns and misinformation about your brand that can scare off a loyal client base.

Brand Awareness & Reputation

If you do not know already, internet research is now a key determinant for a majority of customers. So, for those businesses that have not already jumped on the bandwagon, they are missing so much potential.

One of the benefits of social media presence is creating brand awareness. You can show how your company is the leader and trend-setter in the field and offer authentic information on new developments.

With a solid reputation, you can easily build trust with your clients that can be seen in engagement and conversions in the short and long run, respectively. 

Web Traffic & Authority

When your brand has a solid social media presence with a parent site that is regularly updated, both Google and visitors know that it is a league player and a legit business. This will result in the improvement of your search engine rankings.

Additionally, you can explore platforms for businesses like online business directories and incorporate every part of your digital marketing with SEO. This will help you in finding new clients with improved online visibility and lead generation.

In some cases, a solid SEO strategy can generate double for every dollar spent.


There were times when it is hard to wade through a sea of information in order to reach your prospects. Then, there was trouble to make them see your message. Now with social media, you can convey your message wherever your potential clients are, in a seamless and hassle-free manner.

As a case study, there are platforms that allow you to run ads on their sites and the cost for around 1000 impressions is only a dollar, minus the hard work and labor to put through tedious things together.

Not that, it is not that easy and straightforward as it sounds. It may be the primary reason why businesses need social media for advertising but you need to invest in digital marketing infrastructure before reaping the rewards of such a cost-effective advertisement channel.


For every marketing campaign, mostly there are two goals in mind;

  • Engagement in the short run
  • Conversions in the long run

When a brand has a solid social media presence, they are constantly in touch with their current clients and spreading information to pick up new ones. For this to happen in past, there was so much work which is now reduced to some strategic clicks and you are good to go.

For example, you have introduced a new product and put a link on your social media handle, for every click or impression on that link; there is a chance of the service or product to be sold. Clearly, this shows interest from the clients and it is your job to capitalize on their interest.

When you make this a part of your social media regimen, you increase the chances for engagement and conversion. Simply put, you can secure maximum conversions by informing and incentivizing your client-base.

Digital Word Of Mouth

With all the technological improvement and urbanization that has transformed how we relay, receive, and perceive information, word of mouth is still considered to be the most effective channel.

While businesses and brands like Citylocal 101 are still scouring for exposure, social media offers a perfect channel to spread the word of mouth in a seemingly effortless fashion.

With every high rating, every positive comment, and thumbs up for your product or service in the virtual world, your current customers are marketing your brand to their friends and family circle. This is a geometric progression that goes from numerical to explosive in a short span of time.

With social media, you can set your targets and conquer new constraints and reach those markets that were too insurmountable.

And it all happens with likes, shares, and comments, that come passively as a result of your proper social media marketing strategy.

Client Retention

As a business owner or runner, if you think getting new clients is a tough nut to crack, just think about retaining your present ones. With so much competition in the market, you need to be on top of your rivals to make sure your prized clients do not jump ship.

With effective social media investment, you are sure to;

  • Introduce new products and services to your clients.
  • Address any confusion or grievance on any part.
  • Dispel any controversy or misinformation with respect to your brand.

These are some of the crucial tasks that allow the customers to keep your services and even persuade others passively, as we mentioned in the earlier section.

A loyal customer base can ensure the perpetuity of your business.

It is safe to say that social media is now the most crucial tier of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy. It opens multiple avenues filled with opportunities and untapped client-bases that can help your business multiply. You need to be forthcoming and strategize on your resources to get maximum returns on your investment.


Sarah, has been in the business of digital marketing for years and has been writing professionally as well. Her articles are promising enough to serve you with everything that delivers what digital marketing is and what SEO steps can make you win the game. Stay tuned and grab the best.

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