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The Best Cell Phone Monitoring Application 2021 – TheOneSpy Review

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Cell phone tracking applications are floating in cyberspace.  However, it is hectic for people to choose the best cell phone monitoring application in 2021. Several reasons not to find out the best application that enables users to monitor and track cell phone devices connected to cyberspace.

Do you know why it is tough to get your hands on an application that monitors cell phones?

The answer is simple because every phone tracking software claims to the best one in the business. Mobile monitoring software can monitor incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, screen, keystrokes, and locations. It remains hidden, and no one can detect it on the target phone.

Today, we review about TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring software that is the best in the business over the years. It has popular features, easy installation, non-rooted, and works secretly on the target phone.

Forget about free mobile spy apps and get to know about the one best in the business.

 I have tested numerous spying apps, like Mspy, Flexispy, Mobistealth, Highster Mobile, and many others, but No one can compete with TheOneSpy in every way possible.

What is TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring software?

It is a phone tracker application for cellphones and tablet devices that works on android and iOS operating systems. It is beneficial because it is one of the best feature-rich mobile tracking applications. It works secretly and remains undetectable on any mobile device. It can monitor calls, messages, messaging apps, GPS location, screen, and record surrounds of any phone without them knowing.  The hassle–free installation process makes it user-friendly for non-tech savvy users. It further provides time-to-time results its secure web control panel.

Why TheOneSpy app has the Best cell phone monitoring features?

Every feature of this particular phone surveillance application is functional and a master piece of a craftsman. Its features provide real –time results to its secure web control panel having stable internet connection. The application monitors every moment, and activity that is happening on a target phone. It does not make false claims in a marketing strategy and user will get the same that surveillance app used to market about its state of the arty features.

Top 5 reasons that make TheOneSpy features matchless:

Following are the legitimate and ultimate reasons that make mobile monitoring features best compare to its competitors.

  • Provide real-time tracking of phone calls
  • Track target device using SMS & via phone calls
  • It can take over the microphone of the target device for surround listening
  • Every feature is unique & work without getting administrative access to a phone
  • It is pack with recording, monitoring, tracking, capturing, and hacking features

Best cell phone tracking app features for Android 

best cell phone tracking app

Following are the features of the spying app for android. It empowers you to monitor and track any cellphone and tablet device to the fullest. Let’s describe its best features. Android monitoring software is one of the best products of phone spyware that is known as a trademark of surveillance applications.

Surround recording:

It is a non-rooted feature of the android tracking app that enables users to hack and track the cellphone’s microphone secretly. Users can use it to record and send the surrounding voices and conversations to the dashboard.

View 360

It can control target non-rooted android device cameras (front & back) and connects them with the surveillance software dashboard. Users can view live streaming of the surroundings of a target phone without the target phone knowing.

 VoIP call recorder

It has non-rooted features that can record and listen to the Voice and video calls of messaging apps. It means you can listen to the social messaging apps voice calls. 

  • Skype
  • Line
  • Viber
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook …… and many more!

Call recording

You don’t need to root an android phone to record and listen to the live phone calls. Further, save the recorded call data to the web control panel.

Social media monitoring

Users can monitor and track IMs, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Line, Vine, and many more. You can monitor messages, chat, voice messages, and VoIP call logs.

GPS location

You can track the GPS location of a cell phone running with android OS with a location tracking app. Users can do the following activities.

  • Real-time location tracking
  • Location history
  • Track android location via SMS
  • Monitor phone location via calls


You can set multiple screenshots capturing schedules and receive captured screenshots of the android device via an online dashboard.

Keystrokes logging

You can count and track every keystroke pressed on the target device. You can get passwords, emails, messages, and IM’s keystrokes.

TheOneSpy Android monitoring software OS compatibility:

Mobile tracking software is compatible with cellphones and tablet devices running from android OS 5.0 to OS version 11.0. It is non-rooted and hidden monitoring application of 2021.

Price & packages of mobile spy app:

  • TOS Xlite for $ 6.25 per month
  • TOS Premium for $12.5 per month

Pros & cons of TheOneSpy tracker app

There are the following benefits and drawbacks of the best cell phone spy software.


  • The application works secretly on a cell phone
  • It is temper-proof cell phone tracker for android
  • It is non-rooted surveillance software
  • It is pack with real-time monitoring features
  • Secure dashboard to monitor and watch activities


  • Few features work on rooted android phones
  • No remote installation capacity
  • No call interception feature

Best iPhone monitoring app features for iPhone

iphone monitoring app-1

Do you want to monitor iPhones and iPads secretly without them knowing? You can use the TheOneSpy iPhone tracking app on the target jailbreak iOS devices. let’s Take a look at its features given below.

Call logs

 The iPhone spy app is to monitor and track call logs on a jailbreak iOS device secretly.  Users can see the logs via the online web control panel.


You can track WhatsApp messages and group chat conversations with the schedule by using iPhone monitoring software.


Users can do surveillance on jailbreak iPhone and read sent and receive SMS on the target device with a schedule.


You can read iMessages on the iOS phone screen with TheOneSpy iMessages spy software.

Installed applications

You can watch all the applications running on the target iPhone device and get the complete list of the applications.


Users can spy on the complete iPhone contact book alongside the names and email addresses.

Device information

Users can use the iPhone tracking software dashboard and tap on device information and view, Wi-Fi connection, and IMEI number.

Mobile tracker for iPhone OS compatibility:

It is compatible with iOS phones and iPads running from iOS version 11.2 up to version 14.3. The monitoring app is hidden and undetectable on jailbreak iPhones.

Price & packages of TheOneSpy iPhone non-jailbreak solution

It has multiple prices and packages that you need to subscribe to do surveillance on iPhones. Let’s take a look at the following.

  • iOS Premier package is for $35/month
  • iOS Premier package is for $55/ month
  • iOS Premier package is for $99/month

Pros & cons of TheOneSpy iPhone tracking software


  • Best for surveillance on jailbreak iPhones
  • Track chat logs, and WhatsApp conversations
  • Spy on iPhone contact book
  • Secretly monitor iPhone device


  • It works on jailbreak iOS devices only
  • It has limited set of features

In what areas Phone monitoring app is the best option for you?

There are two legitimate area of concern that cell phone tracker app covers. Take a look at the following!

Digital parenting

1 out of 3 teens become the victim of online predators, like cyber bullies, sex offenders, and child abusers. Parents can use mobile tracking applications to protect kids and teens online. It is the best cell phone surveillance software that works for the digital wellbeing of teens. So, it protects kids from following.

  • Online predators
  • Adult content
  • Date rape
  • Dangerous social media challenges
  • Cellphone addiction
  • Sexting

Employee monitoring

Business firms are facing huge losses worldwide due to employee’s lack of productivity. The cell phone tracker app is the best option for employers to monitor employee’s activities. You can spy on the business device by tracking emails, recording live phone calls, reading messages, and live GPS location. It would increase business productivity but also prevent following activities of employees during working hours.

  • Goldbricking habits of employees
  • Stealing of business data
  • Lack of productivity
  • From disgruntled employees

How TheOneSpy cellphone spyware works?

You need to perform the following steps to configure the cell phone tracking app on the target device.

Step1:  Get the best phone tracker subscription

You need to visit the official webpage of mobile phone tracking software and get a subscription.

Step2: Get credentials via email

You need to log in to your email and collect your password and ID.

Step3: Get access to the dashboard

Login to dashboard by using password and ID and visit TOS features, and get started.


In this TheOneSpy review – you have read about the best phone monitoring app. It is the best application for digital parenting and employee monitoring. You can protect your business and protect kids from potential online risks.

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