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OOPS! You did it again! Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes

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Digital marketing crafts the destinies of businesses through various promotional tricks. People believe in this industry a lot and expect so much. They believe that digital marketing can do big magic for them in a few hours and days. In such conditions, it is the responsibility of a digital marketing company to equate the expectations. However, due to some mistakes, there can be a gap between what a marketing company commits and what it actually gives to the client. Similarly, every client should also pay attention to the flaws of an in-house digital marketing team.

Not having a social media strategy

Many people think that it is sufficient to mark a presence on social media. Post regularly, add the minimum number of followers, send festival wishes, and then they will get popular naturally. Do you also think so? If yes, then you should know that things are not as simple as they look.

  • How to make social media strategy?
  • Your social media campaigns work in a direction, and for that, they need a strategy. Make one and keep it related to the core business idea.
  • Figure out the weak and strong points and focus on them while implementing the social media policy. It is not safe to present your business in front of people with flaws.
  • Do not focus on product promotion; relate things with human emotions. For example, if you want to promote guaranteed payday loan by the direct lender, then talk about the emergencies people usually have.                                         

You can never win without a strategy, and it is the first element to make an effort successful and possible.  Every journey needs a destination; otherwise, the traveller may not reach to the final spot and can lose the path. Similarly, every digital marketing effort needs to be equipped with a complete strategy with all the budget requirements. If not this, you know what happen.

Promoting on multiple channels without knowing the chances

Many businesses get on the action so desperately that they do not even understand what is significant and what is not. They think that more platforms they cover, more secured they can be on the marketing part. But that is not the case, and it can cause the loss of money, time and efforts.

  • Why this happens and what are the consequences?
  • It usually happens due to a lack of knowledge. People think that more number of platforms means to reach to a broader audience and faster marketing results. But that is not the case. In marketing, you need to focus specific type of customers that consume your products. According to the type of customer, the digital marketing platform changes. For example, – young and teenage people are more inclined to Instagram nowadays than Facebook.
  • Making the efforts to reach many platforms simultaneously causes distraction, and you fail to focus on the platform that can be more fruitful. Digital marketing is not about sending posts to multiple platforms; it is about sending the right message at the right time.

You cannot manage many platforms at the same time because every marketing method demands complete attention. The need is to do in-depth research of the customers and the communication platform they usually use. It is of no use to reach to the places and people who do not even care what are you selling because perhaps, they do not need that.

Paying money to fake follower

Talk about the list of sins in the digital marketing industry, and this will come out as a winner. Are you paying money to fake followers? Are you serious? Make this mistake only if you want to suffocate your business to death.

The facts on this aspect –

  • You may pay money for fake followers, but what if they later unfollow you? It is not a wise step, and unfair practices never give productive results.
  • You need to develop a loyal customer base, which can happen only if you target the people who need your service or product.
  • The moment you stop paying, you lose the following speed, and that drastically drops your rank, which can also be a matter of worry during search engine optimization.

This practice is a BIG NO, and only the most foolish minds in the industry do such a thing. They might get short-term success with such silly methods, but not for a long time. In fact, such things hurt the goodwill of the company and then causes a significant loss. The most prominent fact is, the revival of brand image in such situations is not easy.

The above mistakes take a high cost on your digital marketing efforts. If you want to play safe, then make one rule:

Play as fair as you can Inform people about your products/service and try to relate to their needs. Focus on the required number of platforms and not do anything in abundance if you are not sure about it.

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