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Wikipedia is a website which is considered to be the hub of reliable and authentic information. This online encyclopedia is famous for having the biggest collection of information with the most extensive collection of topics that has ever been put together. An estimated twenty thousand wiki pages or more are made a part of this online encyclopedia everyday and this platform allows people from all over the world to make contributions to the platform.

Wikipedia allows everyone on the planet to contribute information by creating pages and articles on their chosen topics, which is one of the major reasons for this platform to have such an extensive collection of information but at the same time creating a wiki page is something that requires a person to oblige by a certain number of rules and regulations when writing for a wiki page. If you think how much does it cost to create a wikipedia page then you should know that wikipedia, the virtual platform does not charge any fee for creating a page instead it requires a writer to ensure that the standards of the virtual encyclopedia are met otherwise the wiki page gets rejected.

A fool proof method of creating a wiki page designed by many experts which allows and makes the wiki page creation process very easy for beginners requires a person to follow certain steps and these steps are mentioned below:

Step # 1 – The creation of your account on the platform: The initial step that you should take in order to start with the page creation process is by making your wikipedia account. Now, this step is not a necessary requirement for creating a wiki page but it comes highly recommended so that you can make a reputation for yourself for every piece of contribution that you make on the virtual encyclopedia.

Step # 2 – The selection of an appropriate topic: Now, this step is one of the most crucial steps in the making of a wikipedia page. Selecting an appropriate topic for a wiki page requires you to come up with a topic that meets the notability criteria of the virtual encyclopedia. Along with that your topic or title of the page needs to be one of a kind because if you choose a title that has already been written on then you will no longer be allowed by the virtual platform to create another page on it. However, you can edit a page if your title is the same as any other page.

Step # 3 – The research phase: This step, as the name suggests, is where you are supposed to research in detail about the topic and gather all the facts and figures related to it. You also need to ensure that every source of information needs to be a reliable and authentic source as wikipedia is a platform that is known for its reliability. By making use of regular and frequent references and citations you can make sure to provide your audience a wiki page that has authentic information.

Step # 4 – The writing phase: In this step you will be creating the text or content for your wiki page. As a wiki writer you are obligated to follow all the writing guidelines and policies of this virtual encyclopedia. Following all of these guidelines and policies is mandatory and in case of not following them one can face consequences in the shape of your wiki page getting rejected.

Now, writing for a wiki page also requires a wiki writer to be extra careful about their writing tone and should ensure that their tone is neutral at all times. No promotional content is allowed on this page either and a wiki writer is supposed to stay clear of using any promotional or advertising content on their page or their wiki pages will not be getting the approval after the screening process.

Step # 5 – The submission phase: Now that you have successfully created and written for your wiki page you need to submit your wiki page for the official review process but before that it is a good idea to go through your page and correct any discrepancies and mistakes that you may find on your wiki page. 

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