5 Tips Lawyers Can Use To Implement Digital Marketing Easily

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digital marketing for lawyers

Every business uses the digital platform to market their product and services. Lawyers too are now using the digital platform to market themselves. However, if you are new to the digital world you might get overwhelmed by the technicalities involved. And with Google frequently changing its algorithm, it makes all the more confusing and difficult for lawyers and law firms. This article tries to highlight a few reasons why lawyers need digital marketing.

1.Invest in Good Website

A good website is essential for every business that is engaged in digital marketing. First impression is crucial and it is more than 90% design related. Actual content is less than 10% when it comes to creating a first impression. People make their decisions very quickly by what they see on the website. Having a good website has a great impact on the visitors and the success of your digital marketing efforts largely depends on creating a first impression.

Your website is an important asset that can make a difference between success and failure. It is like going to a shop which is nicely maintained and has courteous staff. You are likely to get impressed by it. Same is the case with websites, if you do not like the appearance you would certainly move to some other site. From users’ perspective visual appeal and ease of navigation is very crucial in creating a first impression in digital marketing for lawyers.

2. Content

Though visual appearance and good navigation are important factors in making a first impression, you also need to have great content to keep the visitors engaged. If you have a good design but your content lacks depth the users won’t be inclined to submit their information. For internet marketing for lawyers to be successful you need to include some points on your website.

You should clearly mention your physical location and address with telephone number and email address. Including a contact form would be even better. Also, disclose your ownership details such as private or public. All this information helps in building your credibility and trust.

There are certain things you need to avoid as well, such as slow introduction to the site, too much text that covers the page layout leaving little scope for white space. Also avoid using too fine print. Research has shown that these factors are a major cause of annoyance for the visitors and create a negative impact on their minds.

3.Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials play an important role in online marketing for lawyers. Try to find out about the influencers in your niche area and monitor the reviews they receive and try to learn from their positive experiences. You can apply those insights to your own cases.

About reviews of your own cases, keep an eye on positive reviews that you receive. Contact them to humbly say a thank-you. People who leave reviews are usually opinionated and expressive. If you engage in long conversations, they might think that they are being solicited. Neither should you try to present them with some sort of gift otherwise they might not take it as a good gesture which could affect your future ratings from them.

Also, take negative reviews seriously. According to a research, 25% search results show review sites, blogs and social media updates. These factors play an important role in decision-making of users. Start collecting positive feedback at a prime location and ask your former clients who have had a good experience with you to share their experience on your website. Case studies with clients’ comments will improve your credibility.


Blogging is an important component of online marketing for attorneys. It helps in building your online credibility and visibility. Blogging is still a growing tool for lawyers and law firms. You can include the latest development for colleagues, existing clients and the public.

It helps in building your credibility and establishing your authority in your area of practice. Though it is hard to measure the benefits of blogging, more and more lawyers are employing this tactic to boost traffic to their website. You can also use social media for career development and networking.


Another important part of internet marketing for attorneys is retargeting. Retargeting is a digital marketing technique where users are retargeted with ads of companies whose website they have visited earlier. It is important as it keeps you visible to your important prospects.

This cab be done by posting banner ads of companies on the website of other companies and social media platforms. You make a lot of effort in drawing traffic to your website. If your firm’s ads appear on other websites, it can help drive them back to you and they would possibly select your law firm to represent them.

Mentioned above are some important techniques of digital marketing and why lawyers need digital marketing.

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