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Ten Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

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digital marketing trends 2021

2020 was probably the most unpredictable year of this century. The wrath of this global pandemic has changed the meaning of a new normal. This also means that digital marketing has set various new standards and trends in 2021.

Now that we are officially in the New Year, let’s talk about some of the trends which are ought to rule digital marketing.

#1. Social Media will Drive Purchases

The rule of thumb with social media marketing has always been for creating awareness and buzz for a brand or business. For the longest time, the ideal focus was never on using it drive direct purchases. Even when a ‘shop tab’ was introduced on Instagram; many top-notch brands claimed that the utilization was largely for gaining a popular name instead of creating direct sales. Several digital marketing agencies in Kolkata have already started working on this strategy will full force.

This is ought to shift in 2021. Having recognized the immense potential of social media platforms, this medium is going to be used for driving direct purchases. Whether it is a product or service, there is space for everyone to grab their desiring target audience on social media in 2021.

#2. Segmentation of Users

The segmentation of users is not recent, but in 2021 we anticipate it to grow exponentially. Big tech firms such as Facebook and Google retain so much data on their followers that they perceive them at a finer level than a nervous system might ever have. Classification of manuals is becoming redundant. The main digital ad algorithms will micro-segment the ideal audience out of 100 or so engagements. The objective is, of course, to maximise customer loyalty and retention, resulting in lower promotional prices and higher lifetime value for the customer.

#3. AI Chatbots will become more important

In 2021, chatbots would continue to be a major aspect of online advertising. Instant messaging is used by various AI-based applications to communicate with your clients or web guests in real-time, day or night. Several surveys reveal that 90 per cent of customer service by 2021 will be operated by Chatbots. 24×7 service, quick feedback to requests, and replies to basic questions are the top advantages of chatbots.

Many consumers choose to communicate with chatbots as they are 24/7 sensitive, give timely responses, remember the entire shopping history correctly, and never lose patience. By satisfying the needs of clients and automating routine processes, these robotic assistants provide excellent customer support.

An SEO expert claimed that many digital marketing companies in Kolkata are being asked to build interactive and data driven AI chatbots for their clients.

#4. Blocking Ad-Blockers

The 2021 digital marketing trends are not only about optimism and growth but also about addressing hurdles such as ad blockers. Many advertisers find their predominant flow of traffic immediately cut off at the source, like PPC campaigns, with 67 per cent of internet users predicted to use ad blockers in 2021.

First of all, you want to understand how big of an issue it is for your digital marketing services. The ad insights should inform you what you need to know. The harm may be insignificant, depending on the target demographic or even where you publish advertisements.

#5. Ruling Era of Virtual Events

From biggest award shows, top meetings between executives and even cultural programs were conducted virtually this year. It goes without saying that the era of virtual events started out as a necessity but now it is here to stay.

Many people found it practical, convenient to attend and also a great way to make their business/service being accessible on people’s screens. More digital marketing services are ought to focus on promoting virtual events for their clients this year.

#6. Visual and Voice Search will be improved

Through voice-activated platforms such as Siri, Alexa and Google Home, a growing number of customers are looking. Maybe that’s because people have been trapped at home, with fewer interaction options, or maybe it’s just because this form of technology is more commonly accessible.

But it is not just speech search that will dominate in 2021 – we should also predict other means of innovative searches, such as visual search, to climb to the top.

Resources like Google Lens allow customers to scan for something they can find. This suggests that advertisers would need to rely even more on alt-text image and image sitemaps. Images will become extremely relevant in the SEO game within 2021.

#7. Awareness will be a marketing hack

Last year’s global unrest is taking collective consciousness to the fore. War lines are drawn and people want to learn where the firms they support stand, on policies, on questions of ethnic and gender identity, on traditional beliefs.

We continue to see businesses taking sides in terms of challenging their audience into obsessive supporters rather than attempting to straddle the fence and appease everybody. It is true that some rabid critics might have them but the better bet for marketers might be to carry their ideals on their sleeves and find their tribe in the mistake of Twitter boycotts.

#8. Importance of Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most significant digital marketing phenomena today, if not the most relevant ones, and potentially for about the next 15-20 years. By far, video is the most common way for consumers to learn about new items.

And don’t care about YouTube. You can make a video post and launch it on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn; there are plenty of ways to drive greater interaction with your video marketing. The rising move to mobile devices is one of the challenges that advertisers have faced in recent years.

However, in a format that fits seamlessly regardless of the platform, the video will display the same content. If your platform has video, relative to the text, it is 20 times more likely to push organic search results.

#9. On-the-go Content

2020 also saw individuals relying on quick content, such as podcasts that can be accessed on-the-go or emails that arrive immediately in the inboxes of subscribers. Advertisers are now investing time on podcasts, which is an indicator of their continuing 2021 progress.

Comfortable and easily downloadable services such as podcasts and emails can help companies communicate with consumers more closely and offer a more personal way to keep in touch.

Before offering relevant services that could support them in uncertain times, many companies used their newsletter to communicate with consumers and stay in touch with them.

#10. A fresh lookout in every digital marketing strategy

Companies have been forced by the uncertain existence of 2020 to think long and hard about how they communicate with their clients. Store openings and quarantine orders meant that individuals were trapped indoors, which also meant they spent a lot of time online. This has inspired companies to branch out and build more human-centred approaches to attract their consumers.

Are you set for 2021?

We’ll see things continue for the next 12 months. Live-streams would become increasingly popular, purpose-driven brands that will climb to the top in championing resilience, and social media will remain an important part of any marketing strategy.

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