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How Can You Make The Best Out of Your Ecommerce Ad Dollars

  • Jatin 
ecommerce ad dollars

Online advertising can present a challenge for ecommerce businesses that want to advertise their products. With a wide selection of products to choose from, how do you reach the right audience and get them to stop and take notice?

The current climate for digital advertising is fierce. With competitors constantly bidding for the same space, it can be difficult to know what’s the right choice for your business. Here are some helpful tips that will help you with your decision!

Understanding your options

The first step to building a solid ecommerce ad strategy is knowing and understanding your options. You will want to advertise through the platforms that your target audience is using. For instance, Facebook and Google are two of the most popular websites out there. So, if your target audience also uses these sites on a daily basis, then you will want to advertise on both of them.

Social media ads

There is no recommended budget guidelines, however some people have seen great results with as little as $500 ad spend.

You have a picture and a message. Your visuals are the visual representation of your message. With Facebook and Instagram ads, businesses can use A/B testing to see which combinations convey the best results. Create visual ads that are eye-catching and encapsulate the specific message you want to convey. Test different colours, fonts, and even font types to find out which combination works best for your overall marketing campaign.

Activity ads

When a shopper is actively searching for your products on Google (or Bing, if you prefer), text ads will show up. These ads are headlines that give shoppers a chance to click through to the ecommerce site.

Haunting ads

If you sell an item that takes people a long time to buy, like furniture or something else that costs a lot of money, remarketing ads can potentially work well for you.

You know that annoying banner ad that is following you around the internet? It’s more than just an annoyance. These ads are following you, so to speak, in order to remind you to come and purchase the items that you were considering on your last visit.

Shoppers ads

shoppers ads

When in-store shopping gets tough, shoppers often look to e-commerce for a better experience. But shoppers can’t always find what they’re looking for on these sites. As a result, merchants should use Google Shopping ads to make the shopping experience as seamless as possible.

Although these ads are only visible when shoppers are actively searching, the format is different. They display the product image, value, and name. They are a must for any ecommerce store that has competitively priced products.

Choose the platform

Whether you use search engine optimization, social media or email marketing, it is important to know your products and your audience. Once you have found the best advertising channels for your ecommerce business, stick with them, and don’t forget to be strategic about where you want to reach your customers.

You have a budget—great! But you may only want to test a few channels at once. You can still track engagement and make sure that your ads are working. For example, you can optimize around things like the number of clicks and the quality of leads generated.

You’ve tried a channel for a few months and it’s not working. This is a common way that marketers get stuck in a rut. Shift to a new channel to see if it does better. If you find the channels that are working the best, consider shifting your budget there so you can continue to make progress. Look at metrics like conversion rates, return on investment, and cost per sale to determine which channels are performing the best for you.

Like any business, it is important to have analytics for your advertising. You need to know what channels work best and see your conversion rates for each channel. It’s also important to make sure you’re tracking everything correctly so that you know how successful your efforts are.

Wrapping up

Know how to measure your progress, and know what is working. If you are not sure how to handle online advertising yourself, hire experts to do it for you. It’s important to find where we are strong, and partner with agencies or employees for experts in areas where we’re not.