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Email Marketing or Social Media – Which is a Better Option?

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When you check your inbox every morning after hitting the sack, you find several newsletters from different companies, including those you have not subscribed to. You may have seen the same newsletters on and off, and ultimately, they would have convinced you to make a purchase. A personalised newsletter is an excellent way of marketing your products and services to gain exposure and reach out to those customers who actually need them.

Email marketing has come a long way and entrepreneurs have realised that they cannot survive without email marketing. Although it has taken your marketing effort a notch higher, it does not mean that you can ignore social media marketing completely. Both email and social media marketing can derive leads, gain exposure for your business and build brand loyalty.

You can think that email marketing and social media marketing are at the opposite ends of the marketing spectrum, but you can use both marketing ways together to achieve your goals. It means you cannot choose email marketing over social media marketing and vice-versa. To get better marketing results, you will need both types of marketing. This blog will tell you how you can use them separately and together.

Email marketing

Email marketing is the method of approaching those who have signed up your newsletter. It means you are to send personalised newsletters to those who have shown interest in your brand. It is a part of inbound content marketing.

Instead of promoting your products and services to random people, email marketing lets you promote your products and services to only those who have shown interest in you. They are engaged with your brand, which is why it is highly likely that it will convert prospects into sales.

A large number of people start their day by checking their emails. This is why it seems to be the best way to drive more leads. Conversion is slightly higher and quicker when you are promoting those products to users they have shown interest.

Although email marketing allows you to convert the prospects quickly, you have to think about a way that appeals to users. You will have to create a catchy headline that encourages the recipient to click the email.

You have to be very careful about selecting word because otherwise, people will not bother to open it and mark it as spam even though they themselves subscribed your newsletter. Contrary to social media platforms, you have only one headline to convince your recipients to open your message.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing allows you to promote your content on social networking sites. The content you promote must be tailored to the site. When it comes to marketing at the outset of your business, you will first target social networking sites. This is because you will approach your target audience and then find out who shows interest in your brand.

You cannot start email marketing unless you have a list of people who have signed up for your newsletter. Social media marketing aims to let people know about your presence and build brand awareness, while email marketing aims to convert prospects into sales who are engaged with your brand.

Studies have shown that social media marketing cannot drive organic reach anymore, but it can help you build brand loyalty. Social media seems to be the best marketing platform to spread awareness when you launch a new product or service.

Social media and email marketing can work together

You will need social media marketing to attract new potential customers and email marketing to engage loyal customers. Here is you can use both marketing methods hand in hand.

You can include social media links in your email newsletters so your users could be engaged with your content. When you use these links in email newsletters, you allow your users to know more about the product, service or brand by clicking those links.

At the bottom of every email, you can include the link to your social media page. Mention follow us at …(give your social media profile link)…This way, you will be able to engage your audience with both email marketing and social media marketing.

To sum up

It is hard to decide whether social media is better than email marketing or vice-versa. This is because you will need both to engage your audience. You can integrate both types of marketing to elevate your users’ engagement.

You should think about how your audience can receive the same level of engagement from social media marketing. Make sure that you create a social media and email marketing plan to know what you are supposed to do and achieve. Do not feel shy of taking out no credit check loans if you do not have enough money to invest in the marketing.

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