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Top 10 Fantasy Sports App Development Companies in USA

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The concept of choosing players, participating in contests, and competing, based on real-time stats is not new. It started shortly after World War II, and today it has become one of the most lucrative industries of all time. The journey of fantasy sports has begun in Boston, the US, in 1960, and today it makes the USA one of the world’s biggest fantasy sports producers. The US fantasy sports market has almost covered 58% profits of the whole fantasy industry. 60 million people in the USA are actively using fantasy sports applications. A big thanks to the Fantasy Sports app development companies in USA that build great fantasy sports applications for their sports lovers.

Present market size of global fantasy sports

The global market size of fantasy sports has reached $18,040 million, and by 2026, it is expected to touch $43,370 million. The market is continuously growing at a rapid speed of 30-50% per year. These stats completely justify the demand for Fantasy sports app development.

On one end, where the popularity of fantasy apps is continuously increasing, the other side, chaos, and confusion also occur. Uncertainty of picking up the best fantasy sports app development company that can create an outstanding fantasy application is a powerful query. To decrease your trouble, we have filtered top Fantasy Sports app development companies in USA; you can rely on and offer your users a stunning gaming application.

So, let’s check out

Best fantasy sports app development companies in USA


Fexle is one of the most reliable fantasy sports app development companies in USA that offer completely vigorous, customized, and full-fledged fantasy applications. The company provides highly responsive, intense, and an extensive range of fantasy sports solutions. You will find a plethora of advanced services here, from fantasy sports Blockchain solutions to Fantasy sports AR/VR solutions. Fexle almost covered every prominent sport, including Cricket, Soccer, Football, Tennis, Kabaddi, Rugby, Hockey, and others. So, if you are looking for a fantasy application covering multiple sports, then Fexle would be the best option for you.


Another leading fantasy sports app development company in USA, known for offering fast and user-friendly fantasy sports applications for both Android and iOS. At Clavax, you will find the applications and software based on the latest technologies, like the company offering AR-based fantasy solutions, sports blockchain development, analytics sports software, and many more. They have a strong team of developers experienced in providing incredible and advanced applications for multiple sports.


If you are looking for a customized white-label fantasy sports app solution, then SVAP INFOTECH has something unique for you. It is a prominent fantasy sports app development company that offers interactive, budget-friendly applications. The apps developed by the company are wholly result-driving and engaging millions of sports fans all around the world. The company is also well-admired by renowned research firms such as Behance, Clutch, Good firms, AppFutura, and Dribbble.


Appinventiv is quite a famous fantasy sports app development company in USA. The company has a highly skilled team of developers experienced in creating an arena that brings together sportsperson, coaches, and viewers at a single platform. It has an excellent record of working with almost 30+ sports brands. With fantasy sports apps, they also have significant experience in building sports coaching and training apps. Currently, the company gives a fierce competition in the USA fantasy sports market.

Mobiweb Technologies

Mobiweb Technologies is another professional and reliable fantasy sports app development company that provides comprehensive fantasy sports app development solutions, including Rapid Prototyping, UI Design, Quality Assurance, Support, Maintenance, and Programming.


The company covers various fantasy solutions, including Daily Fantasy Sports Web Development and Season-Long Fantasy Sports Development. The company currently offers its exclusive services in countries like the USA, UK, South Africa, India, and Brazil.


If you are looking to cover a vast array of sports such as Football, Cricket, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Golf, Baseball, Rugby, with a single fantasy app, Codiant would be one of the best platforms for you. Being one of the trustworthy fantasy app development companies in USA, the company understands its client’s requirements closely and works accordingly. The team at Codiant has excellent expertise in advanced technologies such as Augmented Reality, Blockchain technology, and custom fantasy analysis software programs.


Ninehertz is one of the finest fantasy sports app development companies in USA; you can rely entirely on it. The company has nurtured and created a custom responsive fantasy sports applications and websites based on modern development techniques. The apps developed by them are highly compatible with desktop, mobile, and tablet. Their team of experts is always ready to serve their clients with the best possible solutions.


Algoworks is a professional IT service provider company that also serves in fantasy sports app development. It is recognized globally for its technical expertise. The company has offices in the USA and India. It has served in every significant country right from the US, UK, Europe, East Asia, South America, and the Middle-East.


Visvero is another best-in-class fantasy sports app development company in USAthat offers every type of fantasy sports solution across the globe. The team at Visvero is renowned for providing top-notch features with high-class functionalities. If you want to create a fully-customized UI-rich fantasy sports application, contact Visvero.


Vinfotech is yet another leading fantasy sports app development company known for its polished fantasy sports solutions. The company is solely dedicated to fantasy sports. If you hire Vinfotech as your project development partner, then indeed, you will receive a feature-rich and highly interactive application. The developers here have a great experience in creating multiple apps for different platforms.

Wrap up

So, these are a few best fantasy sports app development companies in USA that will help you with your fantasy sports application. If you have decided to enter into the fantasy sports world, it would be best to go through a detailed look at these market giants and then pick a one that matches the best with your requirements.

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