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Five Benefits of B2B Email List That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

  • Jatin 
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Email marketing is the most precious hidden gem for B2B marketers. The Direct Marketing Association said that in 2015, email marketing gave an ROI of $38 for every $1 spent. Another great info is that 20% of businesses were reaping an ROI of $70 from every $1 expenditure. Isn’t that crazy? So, we can safely say that an B2B email list campaign can work wonders; If you have

  • a beautifully crafted email
  • a great B2B email list
  • an email campaign tracking software and you are all set.

It is definitely the marketing channel with the best returns possible. But all of that starts with having a good email list. So, in this article, we will see what a B2B email list is and then go on to study the various benefits of having a killer B2B email list for businesses.

What is a B2B email list?

Unlike B2C email list focuses on broader public. B2B focuses primarily on external stakeholders. In simpler words other business that you may deal with on day to day basis. It is a great tool that has mainly email addresses and other related information like first and last name, company name, and designation, etc. of your target businesses. The businesses with potential of becoming your prospective clients.

Now marketers can frame personalized and creative emails with these details and send them to the listed emails. Maneuver a communication, build relationships, and prepare this client base for purchases. Below we will see how exactly these things take place in detail and how the B2B email list is a great asset for the businesses.

What are the benefits of a B2B email list?

There are numerous ways in which a B2B email list can help a business. It can accelerate growth, build credibility and reputation of your brand, and bring all that soon with very less investment.

So, here are the benefits of a good B2B email list:

#1: Segmentation and personalization:

Personalization can go a long way in making any email more effective. Firstly, when you read your name instead of a cold hello, it makes an impression. When you read a personalized subject line or a beautifully crafted personalized email body based on the information you already have in the email list, the email strikes, makes an impact, and connects.

Segmentation is a popular practice with email lists. First, you segment the emails based on industry, age, location, etc. and then you can personalize the email subject and body accordingly. Take it further, get a campaign tool and you can see the effect of your mails, like when they were opened and how many took your CTA, etc.

We understand that B2B email lists are smaller than B2C ones. So, squeezing the most from them demands thorough segmentation and personalization.

#2: Higher Direct Reach to your Target Businesses:

When we choose PPC campaigns we still depend on a lot of factors, which if all fall in place, our ad may get noticed otherwise our users may easily go and click an organic result. But, with email campaigning in place, you are already inside the inbox, and with a good subject line, there are high chances that your message will get through your prospective client and have its share of impact.

#3: More Creativity, More Power:

Also, when you are communicating through an email, you have more words that you can put in. Adword ads have to put a lot of information in very few words, while with an email you can put endless creativity. You have more power as you have more words and more mediums like GIFs, videos, and images, etc. Simply use whatever best delivers your message. You can show videos about your factory production or your key features or anything that catches attention and establishes your brand image.

#4: Almost free!

Not all people buy an email list. Some create their own. While creating an email list for yourself takes effort, but it is also the best way to find your target audience because it has already at some point in time shown some interest in your services. And the best part it is free.

B2B businesses can get a list of their target business clients and with no extra penny spent can create an email campaign that can work wonders for their businesses. Sending an email is already free. And companies like MailChimp are empowering small businesses with free tools for creating an email campaign.

#5: Lesser time between planning and results:

For B2B businesses email is definitely one of the best channels to marketize and build a brand. It best targets the businesses we are looking for landing in front of just the right person with just the right title. And the best part it just takes very little time to do all this. From planning to results, it is a matter of hours or a couple of days. While flyers can take weeks from designing to reaching the mailboxes plus they don’t work for B2B businesses.

Once you have sent your message through to your recipient, you can quickly analyze the results in-depth and prepare for the next cycle within no time.

Nowadays, tools like Campaign Monitor make tracking the email events from opening to response, really easy. All the data you need is right in front of you. So, you can analyze how your recipients are reacting to your emails. Which links they are clicking, which subject lines they are finding interesting, etc. And once you know that, its time for the next attempt at knowing them even better and taking your message further. As all of this takes very little time, thus email marketing is a very efficient channel for B2B marketers.


#6: Easy accessibility to offers and discounts:

It is not known for businesses to visit websites in search for good offers and discounts. But if they land in front of them in their mails, who would not avail it? For example, if you sell paper, and you send an email with an offer to a newspaper company, why would not the company try to avail the offer. And this could well be the start of a long term relationship.

Plus, a nicely crafted subject line with the mention of the offer specifying how it will benefit the particular business can go a long way in getting the response from this recipient.

#7: The best medium for communication:

Setting up communication with the people of authority in your target clients is of supreme importance to establish a rapport and get a conversion. And emails are the best method to communicate regularly and efficiently. You can write emails about your vision and philosophy, offers, tips for their businesses, etc. and form a relationship, which will subsequently yield conversions.

No other media has this power to communicate as personally, directly, and in-depth with utmost scope for creativity.


Emails, as we have seen, are the best mode of communication. They not only give conversions but can lead to conversion. They help you establish your brand among other businesses, manoeuvre a communication and a long term relationship, and build credibility.

All of this ultimately prepares these businesses to become your clients. As we know, the B2B email list is shorter and we need maximum value out of them. Thus, effective communication which gives step by step will definitely help you make the most out of your email list and lead to a great ROI. The email list emphasizes the importance of the fact, data is power.

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