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Free SEO Tools For Success in 2020

Free SEO Tools

Have you been looking for great Free SEO Tools for a while? Then your search will end here!

We have tested each of them listed in this article to ensure they are the right fit for you! We have only picked the best so that you don’t have to do the hard work. Moreover, they don’t dry your pocket out of coins.

Let’s start with our list of free SEO tools below:

Table of Content:

  • Email Marketing
    • Why use email marketing
    • Mailer Lite
    • Get Response
    • Constant Contact
    • Omnisend
    • Hello Bar

Free SEO Tools For Keyword Analysis

#1 Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is a good place to start especially if you are a beginner. To gain access to this free tool, you will need to create a free account with Google. Once you have created the account navigate yourself to the Google Ads. Google may try to allure you into spending some money by offering $100 credit, you can take up the offer or simply look for spanner icon up the top bar.

Free SEO Tools - Google Keyword Planner

What does the tool do?

The tool will help you analyse a few things like search volume, keyword difficulty, volume based on particular locality.

How to use it properly?

First of all, select locality. It can be country, city, state absolutely anything. Then enter the keyword or keywords as shown below in image

GKP Results

Sort the results by volume or keyword difficulty. I personally prefer to sort it first by keyword difficulty and then by volume. You can choose however you like or even play around with different options. After all learning is meant to be fun and not boring. Don’t forget to change the results period i.e. last 30 days. By default, it shows one years’ worth data.

When can I see the results?

Instantly, once you enter your keyword and hit search you will see the results. You can even download an excel spreadsheet of the results.

How effective this tool is for me?

This marvellous tool is offered by Google itself at no cost to you. However alone tool itself won’t do the job to its best. You must be thinking what job I am talking about. The job to rank your website in front of those millions of visitors browsing on internet. You will have to spend some time doing extensive research or we can do the job for you. Contact us to get a quick quote on Keyword research for your business website.

#2 SEMrush

SEMrush has various filters available for keyword research tool that make the whole process a breeze. The free SEO tools version offers you 10 results per search and 10 searches per 24hrs. That’s quite generous I would say! Compare to some other tools out there.

SEMrush - Free Seo Tools

Of course, they offer paid options as well for SEO’s that are serious about their work. You will need to create a free account to begin with and then verify your email address. No credit card details are required up till this point. Take a test drive now of Keyword Research Tool for free.

#3 Google Trends

To evaluate the data with this tool you are not even required to create Google account. Take me to Google Trends. One you are on the page, simply follow the instructions below to get the best out of this free tool.

Free SEO Tools - Google Trends

Step 1) Type in search term i.e. “Mens Shoes”

Step 2) Select the country from drop down you would like to see the results for or the location of your business (City/State)

Google Trends - Results By Locality

Step 3) Narrow it down further by limiting the search results to past 90 days instead of 12 months. Whilst 12 months is a good indication, your focus however should remain for the past 3 months data. The simple reason being there would be up and downs through out the year but last three months data can tell you if that particular product or item has been popular.

GT - 12 months performance

Another way of analysing can be to find out the periods of spike in the graph to identify time of year when the sales were high for that particular product. This can give you a great indication of when you should try to sell same or similar product.

#4 Ahref

Ahref Keyword Generator tool can pull up 100 keywords based on your search term. Similar to SEMrush the free SEO tools in Ahref has its limits and shows keyword difficulty for first 10 results. To this point you are not required to create an account with Ahref.

Ahref - Keyword Analysis Free Tool

You will then see prompts on the results page to upgrade to a trial for $7 for 7 days. If you wish to upgrade to trial account, you are then required to create a account and provide your credit card details for them to charge for the trial. They will upgrade your plan automatically to regular monthly payments after 7 days, if you forgot to cancel before trial period ends.

#5 Google Search Console

For this tool you will need to have Google account. Once you have successfully created the account go to Search Console. Click on the button start now on the page to get started. You will be prompted to log in to your account first. Once you have logged in the first thing you will see is as following:

Free SEO Tools - Google Search Console

This is again data presented by Google itself. It can’t get any better than this, wouldn’t you agree? Watch out for upcoming article that will explain in detail the benefits of using Google Search Console.

Blog Title Generator – Free SEO Tools

How to generate the perfect blog title each time? Before you can start writing your article you will need to work on the eye-catching title. After all, if the headlines don’t grab your visitor’s attention they won’t even click on your article. We have done our own research and after testing a fair few blog title generating websites found the following that hit the mark.

#1 SEO Pressor

SEO pressor is not only visually great looking website but also suggests very impressive blog titles. In our humble opinion, SEO Pressor is one of the best free SEO tools out there that makes the title search easy. To make the best use out of it do the following:

Blog Title Generator - Free SEO Tools

Step 1) Go to SEOPressor

Step 2) Enter your keyword i.e. “mens shoes”

BTG - Search Term

Step 3) Choose the type of search term (Generic, Brand, Product etc)

Ste 4) View results and select your favourite title

BTG - Search Results

Step 5) Didn’t like any title, no worries! Hit the “Generate More Titles” button on the results page.

#2 Tweak Your Biz

TYB tool isn’t any different when it comes to generating eye-catching blog titles instantly. You don’t need to spend much time inventing the tool. This tool does a bit more and shows results in blocks compare to others out there.

TYB - Free SEO Tools

Once you have entered the search term, it will show you results based on Lists, Best (The word best in the phrase), How to, Questions (Question based phrases), Love (Phrases that mention search term and love, i.e. Everyone loves mens shoes) and much more. Quite interesting concept if I were to be honest!

TYB - Mens SHoes Results

#3 HubSpot

BIG - SEO Tools - Blog ideas Generator

Hubspot has been in the business for quite some years now. Therefore, it’s reliable source to generate blog ideas. You are not required to create account to generate blog ideas with their tool. However, the free option is limited to 5 ideas only. You can choose to upgrade at nominal cost advised by HubSpot if you wish to go a step further.

BIG - Search Results

#4 Fat Joe

Fat Joe - SEO Tools For Free

Fat Joe blog title generator gives you professional feel. The layout of website is quite straight forward. Appealing blue colour, neat design and in one click you can generate 100’s of titles. However free version only shows you first 10 titles per search term.

Fat Joe - Title Results

#5 Portent

Portent - Main

From the website appearance point of view, it seems like you are viewing a restaurant or café website. Don’t be fooled by the looks, it can truly surprize you with the great content ideas. Similar to other tools mentioned above you are not required to create account. Simply input your search term and see the tool do its job.

Portent - Title Generator

Robots File Generator

What is robots file?

Robots.txt file contains very valuable piece of information. It basically can make or break your website ranking. You must be thinking what I am on about? For the search engines to crawl and read information from your website a robots.txt file is required.

You can allow or block a specific bot based on the directives outlined in the robots file. Additionally, you can specify which files, folders on your hosting server can be read by search engines.

Why should you use it?

The reason is quite simple to block the bad bots (robots) to crawl your website and create issues. Let me explain further; Bad bots can generate a lot of fake traffic. It does not impact your website ranking in search results.

However, what you don’t realise is that it chews up your hosting server resources i.e. Ram, CPU. This is one of many things that you should do to run your website smoothly.

How can I generate the robots file?

To generate the robots file, you don’t need to do a degree or even certificate for that matter. We have analysed some websites and after comparison found the following can create the file easily for you.

#1 SEO Book

This tool offers a great start for beginners. The tool is quite basic and only covers very few common bots that everyone should include. Bots like Google, Bing, Yahoo they are amongst common good names that every one should allow in their robots file to achieve the best out there.

Robots File - SEO Book

Allowing these bots does not mean that your website will be ranked on the 1st page of all search engines. It just means good bots will be able to read your website. You can learn more about the bad bots in our another article.

SEO Book - Free SEO Tools

#2 Google

Learn to create robots.txt file from the best itself. Google offers free and valuable resources to guide you step by step on how to create a perfect robots file. The article talks about the syntax, examples, guidelines and formatting. It’s pretty much everything you need to know about a robot file. You can learn to customise your own robots file as soon as you have understood the basics outlined in the article.

#3 SEOptimer

It’s simple look and easy to follow instructions make it user friendly. The tool outlines fairly common names and based on your own understanding you can create a custom robots file in a few clicks. It offers 15 most common bots that can be easily included in your file within minutes.

SEOptimer - Free Bots FIle Gen

Once you have selected the bots, simply hit the create and download file button. After you have downloaded the file you can ask an expert to include the information in your existing robots.txt file on your hosting server or you can do it yourself based on your level of expertise.

#4 Internet Marketing Ninjas

Another simple yet powerful tool that can create robots.txt file in seconds. You don’t need to have any knowledge what so ever to work with this online tool. Simply select the bot that you would like to allow or deny and click on “Add Directive”. That’s it!

Marketing Ninjas - Robots File Generator

You will see a list of bots will appear in the box below that you have allowed or denied access. All you need to do then is copy and paste the information into your robots.txt file.

#5 Ryte

You can’t go wrong using Ryte. You can either select option to allow all, deny all or customise. Now allowing all would not make sense because that will allow good and the bad bots. Allowing bad bots to crawl your website means you run the risk of your website crashing frequently.

Ryte - Robo FIle Tool

The reason being bad bots chew up your resources. Denying all bots would also not make sense because that will block good bots i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing. Therefore, customise option is recommended so that you can pick and choose your own from the given list. The list isn’t huge, however is a good starting point as beginner.

XML File generator

What is sitemap-xml?

XML file helps put your content in order for bots to read it easily. It basically creates a table of content for the crawlers. Simply put having a book with table of content makes much more sense than the one without it. Wouldn’t you agree?

In the sitemap tool, you are required to use website address instead of keyword. This tool does a completely different job and has another purpose. This tool also helps with your website ranking. I knew you would ask, how? Glad you did! It can help search engines find your content by organising priority.

For example: Google loves organised content because that makes it easy to read. We know by now what makes it easy to read increases the chances of ranking higher. However, this option must not be considered as the only option to rank your website.

Why should you use it?

By organising the content on your website, it makes it bot friendly. Having it bot friendly means your content will become available on search engines. It does not mean that it will be on first page. To have your website ranked on the first page of search engines, you will need to invest a lot of time, effort, money or hire a professional.

#1 XML-Sitemaps

This tool is quite simple and easy to use. Once you are on the page simply input your website as shown in the example below.


You can then either click on start button to start generating the xml sitemap or customise the options. The most important one out of those options is the frequency attribute. This option indicates to the bots that how frequently the content is updated on your website. You may update your content more than once a day. However by adding the frequency directive, you are telling the bots when they should visit again for any updates.

Select Frequency - XML Sitemaps

The bots will crawl your website quite frequently if the frequency is not specified. This can slow down your website sometimes especially if you are using shared hosting. It is therefor recommended to use “weekly” or “monthly” frequency to have good balance. Once the process has completed, simply click on the download link to save a copy of your sitemap file.

Basic XML File Generator

#2 XML Sitemap Generator

The free version can create sitemap for limited number of pages from your website. You can make a nominal contribution to the website to access greater capabilities.

XMLSG - Sitemap

Similar to the previous tool mentioned above this tool is quite straight forward as well. This tool however gives you an additional option to include priority to the pages. If you don’t select any priority level, the tool will select it by default for you.

Why should you use priority and what is it?

Priority tells different bots that which page hold significantly more value than others. The homepage is considered to be foot front of your business or website. Therefore, it should always hold top priority of 1.00 or 0.90. The priority is calculated between 1.0 – 0.0. Where 1 denominates the high priority and the 0 refers to no priority.

#3 My SiteMap Generator

This tool can generate xml sitemap file with up to 500 pages. If your website has more than 500 pages i.e. you have an online store that sells different products then you will need to buy pro version.

MySiteMap - Instant Sitemap File Generator

They have got 2 variations under pro. First one cost about $2.50 one off fee where the tool can crawl up to 1 million pages. The other option is $4 per month and has no limit on crawls to generate sitemap.

#4 Screaming Frog

Unlike the free SEO tools mentioned above, to use Screaming Frog you will need to download a program or software. Don’t worry it’s free! Once downloaded, you will notice the tool has similar features as others mentioned above.

Screaming Frog - Generate XML Files

The free version can generate xml sitemap worth 500 pages. It allows you to select which pages you want to include or exclude from sitemap. They do offer paid version for $149 pounds.

#5 Website SEO Checker

The process of generating sitemap with free SEO tools could not be simpler than using Website SEO Checker. You are required to follow only 2 step process.

1) Input your website address

2) Select the frequency for the bots to crawl i.e. weekly or monthly

WSC- Sitemap Gen

3) Click on the generate sitemap button

4) All done. Download your file.

Email Marketing & Free SEO Tools

Email marketing marketing can boost your SEO indirectly. Though the tools mentioned in this section here are not considered to be SEO tools but they can be extremely useful.

Let me explain how….

The purpose of SEO is to rank higher in search engines and generate loads of website traffic, right?


Email marketing tools can cover the website traffic part very well. In fact in some cases have been proven to be ore effective than other channels of traffic. i.e. paid ads

If your website traffic increases and I mean in legit way, this prompts the search engines to rank your content higher in search results.

Simply, because they can see people are interested in your content.

Additionally, you will have a list of subscribers that actually value your products and services. This also means, improved sales and business growth that comes along with it!


According to Brian there are 7 ways email marketing can boost your SEO. If you haven’t already, I would suggest to definitely check it out.

Why use email marketing?

The idea is to automate the process instead of replying each time a visitor subscribes to your email list. This process will free up a lot of time so that you can focus on other areas of business.

However, it requires careful consideration to map out the different components. i.e. style, colour, words selection, call to action buttons, email designs, response and much more.

#1 Mailer Lite


The free version is a good stating point as a newbie. you can create landing pages, pop up forms, embedded forms and email automation. You can send up to 12,000 emails per month and have 1,000 subscribers. The automation process is quite simple as 1,2 & 3. To compare the full set of features please visit mailer lite.

Price: Free – Sign up now

Paid Option: Available

#2 Get Response

Get Response

GetResponse is an another great tool and has drag & drop feature. They offer 30 days free trial and then charge at a nominal cost monthly basis. Their basic plan offers 1,000 subscribers. You can select from a list of professional templates available on all plans or design your own. They are limited to 1 sales funnel. In other words you could sell one product or service. According to GetResponse there is no limit on number of email sent through automation.

Price: Free Trail 30 Days – Sign up now

Paid Option: Available

#3 Constant Contact

Online business is growing rapidly and evolving more than ever before. Therefore, your need constantly contact your customers to engage them. If your customers and visitors to your website are engaged that should drive conversion.

You might ask what would be the best way to engage the visitors?

Email subscriptions are:

  • more powerful
  • very cost effective
  • less time consuming

Lucky for you Constant Contact cover all of that for you. They offer tools that are easy to navigate and takes a few clicks to setup your automated campaigns.

Constant Contact is good for small businesses to large size organisations. Their basic plan offers: send unlimited emails, customizable templates, visitor tracking & reporting management etc.

Price: Free Trial 30 days – Sign up now

Paid Option: Available

#4 Omnisend

Omnisend - Free SEO Tools

Omnisend free plan offers 15,000 emails a month with a limit of 2,000 emails a day. The free plan is well equipped with drag and drop features. You can create up to 3 sign up forms. The templates are mobile friendly and look visually great. They offer data tracking with a limit of 1 month for basic plan.

Price: Free – Sign up now

Paid Option: Available

#5 Hello Bar

Hello Bar - Free SEO Tools

Hello Bar’s basic plan is free and get’s you started in minutes. Once you have setup the account simply choose the type of notification you would like to create. For example: a pop up, alert bar, slider. Then choose a layout from the available options and you are all set. It has great analytics option that tells you quite a bit about your visitor.

Price: Free (Basic Options) – Sign up now

Paid Options: Available

Additionally you could use plugins or add ons depending on your platform i.e. WordPress, Shopify.

Majority of the email marketing tools mentioned here have integration capabilities with most common website platforms.


We have included the best tools based on our research and knowledge. You can try and choose the ones suit you best per your requirements. These tools are meant to make your life easier and not difficult.

Let us know in few words, which tool/s did you like the best or if you would like us to include any other SEO tools. Your feedback is important to us. We hope that you enjoyed reading this article and don’t forget to share it.

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