Top 10 Alternatives of Google Chrome for Incognito Browsing

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Google Chrome Alternatives

Some users find it hard to trust Google Chrome with user data and privacy. In the incognito mode, it will only provide privacy for the local browsing history and cookies. This may sound enough, but the alternatives have so many things to offer.

You don’t have to settle for limited functionality when there is so much to explore at no extra cost. Google Play Store has many browsers with some exclusive features for user privacy. Check out our list of 10 Google Chrome alternatives for incognito browsing on Android devices.

#1 Firefox Focus

Firefox is arguably the biggest rival of Google Chrome for over a decade now. It serves as the perfect alternative to Chrome in terms of speed and privacy. Firefox Focus allows user to browse the internet while blocking all the ads and trackers.

The difference between tracker blocking in Firefox and other mainstream browser is the flexibility. You can decide which sites can use tracker while the other just use the all allow or block approach. The user data, history, and cookies are also deleted automatically.

This is helpful if you don’t want an ad about your financial difficulty to pop in front of other people. A situation like these may lead to some awkward conversation. However, you don’t need to go incognito to get financial support as you can take out doorstep loans in Dublin in a few clicks.

#2 InBrowser

InBrowser features a simple user interface and some intuitive privacy features that are not available in every browser. You can watch videos with its in-app feature to avoid YouTube take over the browser. Its agent cloaking makes the website think the browser is Chrome or Firefox.

The critical feature not to miss is the TOR connectivity to hide your online activities. Apart from the authorities, no one can trace the actions back to your IP. And the information is erased from your system the moment you quit the browser.

#3 Orfox

Your best bet to have a TOR browser experience in the Android devices is probably Orfox browser. The websites cannot trace your online activities at all, as claimed by the developers. Therefore, the data is safe in the hands of a reliable browser.

It is built from the source code of the Tor Browser but with some modifications. Businesses cannot track your internet activity when you sign up for some services. Therefore, it will create a safe environment when you perform an online transactions.

#4 Ghostery

Users hardly know the trackers a site used to gather information about them. For them, incognito means no data in the local and website directory. However, it is good to have control over the trackers to improve the user experience.

Ghsotery provides the list of trackers a site use with a database of over 2000 trackers. You can enable trackers individually based on your preference. It is small in size, and the user interface is similar to Google Chrome.

#5 Dolphin Zero

Dolphin zero browser includes an ad blocker to get rid of the annoying ads on the websites. The privacy features are all the same as they protect the user information and delete them instantly. You will experience a simplistic approach towards internet browsing with a focus on user privacy.

It has other intuitive features as well without stressing the resources of your device. You can use gestures for various operations. The voice command works for Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo as well.

#6 Frost Incognito

Frost is one of the very few browsers that always remain in the incognito mode. Thus, there are no incidents of browsing the incognito stuff in the normal tab. The ad blocker and proxy system are inbuilt to speed up the browsing.

You can use public Wi-Fi to access restricted websites without the need for a third-party VPN. The bookmarks and images are saved in a vault, hidden from the local gallery and other apps. You can quickly shift the data from the vault to the device storage in a few clicks.

#7 CM Browser

Try the CM browser if you don’t want the browser to drain the resources of your device. It has a clean and straightforward interface and takes 2.9 MB of space during the installation. Now, check the storage used by Chrome on your device.

It has a do-not-track feature that warns the user about potentially harmful and fraudulent sites. The files are automatically scanned with the built-in anti-malware tool. Add the ad block feature to the package that takes minimal space on your device.

#8 Firefox

Firefox will rank on top if you consider the overall features, including user privacy. The browser has some great potential with the extensions to get some additional features. The latest updates offer privacy features, such as tracking protection and private browsing.

You may not find the enormous number of add-ons in the other browsers on the Android platform. These include Readability, Adblockers, HTTPS and similar security features. And you will enjoy the other intuitive features not built for the privacy but the user experience.

#9 Armorfly Browser

Armorfly browser provides privacy features with secure storage for downloaded files. You don’t need to use an extension or addon to download videos from a website. Moreover, there is protection from malware and internet threats with a built-in antivirus.


To sum up, Chrome is indeed a feature-rich browser that serves its purpose of simple and fast web browsing. But you may not find the best privacy features, some of them are exclusive to the apps on the list. It depends on your requirement whether to use another browser or stay loyal to Google.

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