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How to Optimize Your GMB Listing Page

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Google my business

Google My Business is an important element of every business and especially for companies that are doing local business. It not only helps in generating higher sales for your business but also helps you gain higher authority in your industry. 

Regardless of industry and company size, you need to have a verified Google My Business listing and you also need to keep optimizing it regularly. If you are not aware of the quick steps to optimize your GMB listing page, then we are here to help you out. Also, you can take help from SEO Company in India.

In this article, we will have a look at the top seven most important steps that will help you with GMB optimization and bring more sales to your business.

#1 Keep the business information accurate

Google My Business listing page needs the most critical information for your business which are name, address, and phone. If you have recently moved to a new place or changed your phone number, then you should update your GMB page as soon as possible. It will not only help Google in showing accurate results but also help customers to find you quickly.

And, the pro tip here is to keep updated information on every citation platform. It is because many people rely on local business listings to search for shops and nearby services. 

#2 Include your primary keywords

Just like we optimize our business website with relevant keywords, you need to optimize your Google My Business page in the same way. In the GMB introduction space where you give a business description, you need to include all the primary keywords. When the visitors will search for services, there are chances that your listing will be shown in the organic results.

The pro tip here is to add a couple of queries that the customers are searching online. When you add those long-tail search-intent keywords, you will experience a ranking boost for sure.

#3 Keep the working hours accurate

This is the most underrated feature that most business owners skip while optimizing their Google My Business page. Business hours are critical for any visitor as they can organize their visit schedule according to it.

Amid the pandemic, several businesses’ working hours have changed and here, you need to provide accurate information to your customers. If your business hours have changed, then you need to update them as soon as possible. Google gives you the ability to edit your working hours and it’s a handy feature to use for keeping your listing accurate and optimized.

#4 Add as many as relevant photographs

Photographs add more credibility to your business and it helps to attract more customers to your business. Google My Business shows photographs uploaded by you (as an owner) and pictures updated by customers in separate tabs.

So, to optimize your listing and get higher traction from it, you need to keep adding new photographs to your listing. While uploading, make sure you upload high-quality images as it will improve the overall user experience. You can also add a 360° photo to your listing to give an enhanced experience to all the visitors.

#5 Reply to your customers

Customers are king and you need to cater to their every query and complaint in a helpful way. GMB page is a centralized location for your customers to interact with you and here you will have the opportunity to convert the visitors into customers.

When you reply to them in a comprehensive manner, it improves your overall business reputation and authority. If you run too busy managing your business process and you get a lot of queries, it’s better to hire someone who can manage this for you.

#6 Use local posts smartly

Google My Business allows you to push content on your profile and it’s a goldmine for generating more business leads for your company. Try to push as much as valuable content on your Google My Business page and solve your customers’ problems with content. The more content you create and push on GMB, the more traction you will generate for your business. 

While posting the content, make sure you optimize the content structure as per mobile and tablet devices. It is because the majority of people use these mobile devices to view your GMB profile.

#7 Use product catalog

Google lets merchants add their product listing so that customers can browse the product catalogue and can visit your website to buy them. You can also run ads on your product catalogue in a hassle-free manner and generate more business without any additional marketing. These were the most important tips to optimize your Google My Business page and start generating more traffic and sales from this free platform. If you are not on GMB then it’s the right time to create a profile and improve your business branding in the industry in a competitive way.

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