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Here’s What Industry Insiders Say about Email Outreach

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Email Outreach

Email outreach is definitely, one of the easiest and traditional ways of marketing. But, you need not be an industry expert to know that most emails never get opened. Industry insiders say that not more than 10-25% of emails get opened, depending on a range of factors. But that does not mean that it has lost its charm. In this article, we will see what are the biggest mistakes you are making and what you can do to increase your email outreach. We will also see what industry experts like Brian Dean and Neil Patel think about all of this. So, let’s start.

What industry insiders say about email outreach?

So, Brian Dean of the blog Backlinko, analyzed 12 million emails in partnership with Pitchbox, to find out the truth about email outreach. Also, Neil Patel is a leading marketer and web influencer. Let’s see what these guys have to say about cold email outreach.

Let’s first look at some stats:

Source: VentureBeat

According to VentureBeat, email is the channel that generates the highest ROI for marketers. More than TV, Social, paid search, or affiliate.

Source McKinsey

Another study by McKinsey, says that email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than social channels like Twitter or Facebook.

So, it is clear, that if you know how to convert your emails, you have won the game.

How to increase the response rate on your email outreach?

There are many ways, and if you take care of them, it can actually work wonders for your marketing strategy. Neil Patel says sincerity, personalization, and creativity can work wonders and make your emails reach your desired recipients.

Work on your subject lines

Your subject lines are the first thing that your recipient reads and then judges your email. So, you should catch your recipient’s attention here itself. Here are a few points that you should take care of:

  1. Keep your subject lines long. An ideal range of length of subject lines was found to be 36-50 characters. According to the study performed by Brian, they outperformed the shorter subject lines by a factor of 32.7%. That is, your subject should be descriptive and not too concise or too descriptive.
  2. Make it to the point and catchy. Make the recipient feel the urgency to open the mail.
  3. You can also, go to the website and check your subject line and evaluate it by the score you get from there.
  4. Make personalized subject lines. For example, something like, Get more traffic can be replaced with Get more traffic for your blog nomadsofsouthasia.

Send follow-up messages

So, you might ask that I sent an email, but should I send a second mail too? And the answer is, that you should send the second mail, even a third too if you do not get a response.

But the question is why? And the simple answer is, an average person receives more than 100 emails per day, and it is hard to get noticed in a single trial. So, repetitive attempts increase your chances of getting noticed.

But, surely, repeated follow up messages also mean that you can end up in somebody’s spam list and do more harm than good. So, study on what should be the right way to write to people.

In a nutshell: Again according to Brian’s study, follow-ups, if done properly, can increase your rate of response. Just one more additional message sent increases your response rate by 65.8%. And one more after that even more than that.

Send your message to more than one contact

Send email to contacts

It is typical of big blogs or organizations to have more than one concerned authorities. In such a situation, it is hard to tell to whom to send the email. For example, should you mail the editor-in-chief, or the author, or the owner? And if you mail the wrong person, despite having some great pitch in your mail, you might fall on the face.

So, it is better to mail several persons, like all three or four maybe. This increases your chances of getting through to your recipient and making a conversion too. Also, keep in mind that first message one person, and wait for a reply, if you don’t get one, mail another person. Do not mail all of them at once.

In a nutshell: The study with Pitchbox found that sending mails through to multiple contacts increases your response rate by a factor of a whopping 93%. But, the study also noticed a diminishing graph after 5+ contacts. Maybe that was becoming too pushy.

Make a personalised email body

We have seen a personalized subject line helps in getting a higher response rate. But, it has been seen, that a personalized email body, like writing Hi Angela, is better than just a cold Hello.

In a nutshell: Another great stats Brian’s study uncovers is that personalized email bodies increase your response rate by 32.7%.

Send emails to multiple contacts and that too multiple times

We have earlier seen that sending emails sent to multiple contacts increase response rate and also multiple outreaches also have the same impact.

But, both combined, can work really great. So, in comparison to sending one message to one contact, if you send three messages to three contacts, the response rate was found much higher.

In a nutshell: So, quoting Brian and his great work for the last time, they say that multiple email outreach to multiple contacts lead to a 160% higher response rate!

We have seen the major ways that increase your response rates.

Now let’s see how to compose the body and subject line of the mail:

  1. Be sincere: Write about how you have been following them and their service. Also, do not straight away ask for something in return of nothing. Be tactical.
  2. Draft personalized emails: Attempt to connect. Write their name with salutation. Write some exclusive tips and so on.
  3. Be creative: This is the most important and difficult part. And there is no end to it. Add a video or infographics. Add a catchy subject line. Just stand apart.

Remember these three key points and you will never go wrong with your email outreach.


Now, guys! you know that email outreach is not dead. Moreover, it is the channel with the highest ROI! You should consider the above points about writing your email diligently and follow the tactics like writing personalised body and subject line, sending them to more than one contacts etc. And see how your conversions rocket and your email marketing strategy gives you astonishingly good results.

We hope you found the information useful. And if you would like us to add something or you have some insights please add to the article by mentioning them in the comments section below. Thank you for your time.

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