How can Paid Advertisement Boost your Sales and Website Ranking

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Well, said straight and upfront: Paid advertisement i.e. Google ads can boost your sales for the time the ad is up, but it will not improve your website ranking. Well, not directly at least.

But, there are ways that AdWords Ads can help you optimize your SEO strategy that can boost your sales and website rankings for the long term.

But since they do not affect your website rankings directly, then let’s first understand why we should choose to spend in displaying ads.

The discussion of this article has been sourced from leading sites in SEO like SingleGrain and Moz.

Why should you choose to display Google ads as a strategy?

Because it saves you essential time and money.

You can use the data collected by an Ad campaign to make excellent SEO strategies for your organic rankings.

But, the next question is, how does it save time and money? So, an AdWords ad campaign can bring enough insights that a year of SEO trials will. Thus, the time and money you will spend in a year of SEO efforts can be realized quite quickly through an AdWords Ad Campaign.

It also tells you, how to bring traffic plus conversions, and not only traffic, that does not fulfill monetary goals.

Lastly, you can craft an excellent SEO strategy from the data you collected from successful ad campaigns, that works, because it already has! All you need to do is repeat the success.

All these reasons state why you should choose to display Google ads as a strategy.

Why go for only Google AdWords data?

Yes, we know, while doing SEO, we can always use data from tools like SEMrush and Moz, etc.

But the catch here is, these tools can help with your website ranking, although, none of them enlightens the path to conversions.

Which is the actual goal, right?

And this is where AdWords data comes in.

Your ad data has given you success and this data is priceless as this will help you light the path to more conversions through organic rankings this time.

It shows exactly how you can maximize your conversions, by enlightening the path to the right keywords, title tags, and meta descriptions.

So, let’s start with our top strategies that can help you with boosting sales and website rankings in the long run.

More shares and backlinks mean higher rankings:

An indirect way that ads benefit your website ranking is, that if somebody clicks on your ad, lands on your page and finds it interesting and feels it worthy of mentioning somewhere or wants to share on a social platform.

You are in for a treat.

Your rankings will benefit from these actions. Because these are a few of Google’s ranking factors.

Get access to the perfect keywords, headlines, and meta tags:

If lots of people have clicked on an Ad. It means that it is well-drafted! After all, Google AdWords has advanced algorithms to help you draft that perfect ad, and if that ad is working, you can analyze it to repeat this in your on-page SEO. Which can considerably boost your sales and website ranking!

So, here is how:

Catchy Title Tags:

Your title tag or H1 is a highly important part of your SEO, as well as, the one thing that will make any searcher click on your result.

Thus, study your ads conversion rates and dig out snippets that make them clickable. For example, is it ‘flash sale’ driving you more traffic or is ‘50% discount’ doing the trick for you? Study and decide for yourself.

Lastly, convert these ad headlines to catchy title tags.

Meta descriptions:

The next thing that will make the user click on your result is your meta description.

So, study the CTRs and dig out which type of descriptions- short and snappy or long and complex are winning you the deal. And then convert these ad descriptions to great meta descriptions.


Lastly, study the conversion rates, CTRs, and impressions of the keywords you used. For example, leave the keywords that had great impressions but not that good CTRs.

Use the keywords with high CTRs and low conversions for blogs and build a conversion-centric landing page on keywords with high CTRs and high conversion rates. You must also study the CPC and Google Trends analysis for the conversion keywords. So, you can maximize revenue.

Tip: Run more than one ad on each idea. So, that comparison is easier.

Hunting for search terms gets easier!

What we mean here is that search terms are different than keywords. Search terms are terms that Google users are searching and keywords, as you know, are what we are optimizing for.

Clearly, it is the search terms we must be looking for!

Google AdWords has a section, accessed by Keywords (from the left menu) > Search Terms. This section lists all the search terms that your ad appears for.

Now, simply look for terms with high impressions, high CTRs, and high conversions. These keywords when properly targeted can give you good returns!

Backlinks work and here is how to get them!

It is proven and common knowledge that backlinks are a leading Google ranking factor. Even Google has stated many times that yes, it is one of the major factors.

The top positions have 100s of backlinks pointing to them. But generating so many backlinks for every page is difficult.

So, what do you do?

If you have run a display ads campaign, then Google Display Network data can help you. This section has data about the sites your ad was shown on and the performance it had there.

Here is how to access this data: Go to a display ad campaign and hit the Placement report tab. Now, click on the ’where ads showed’ tab on top. This will give you a list of websites.

Now, sort this data and find the ones with good conversions or good clicks.

Visit the resulting sites and think about which sites have an audience that might be interested in your product/service. Next, dig out the authority of the website via tools like Ahrefs or Moz and make a list of worthy sites.


Lastly, reach out to the sites on this list for a back-linking opportunity!

Bonus Tip:

Using the appropriate keywords, meta tags and headlines can generate substantial amount of traffic. We all know what increased number of visitors means for a business. Not only it will increase your business revenue but also boost your website authority as well.

Having the higher authority means your website will rank higher in search results and again the cycle will continue. It means more visitors and sales will become the norm!


Now you have great information for on-page SEO, great back-linking opportunities, and your ads have already given you some backlinks and social shares. So, don’t you think Google ads are worth your time and money for making SEO strategies? We hope you have found the answer to this question. If yes, please tell us how you found the article and which tip you found the most interesting or useful.

We would love to hear from you. Thank you for your time!

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