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How do you make landing pages that convert

  • Jatin 
Landing Pages That Convert

The landing pages that convert are something that can “WOW” you each time you look at it. However, since you are the creator you will hardly see any fault in your work.

You should not even bother asking family or close friends, who know already that how hard you have been working to get your work out there.

So, what should you do?

Here’s exactly what I did for my last project that got me the answers:

draw a rough sketch
  • First of all draw a rough sketch of your landing page
  • Then draw couple of variations with different layout or colours etc
  • Once you have got that sorted, now it’s time to be digital
  • Find an online tool to create landing pages that converts. I have tried this this landing page free tool and it has a few templates to get you set up in no time.
  • Similar to your drawing get your hands dirty, but digitally this time. Meaning draw couple of variations of landing page.
  • After you have done that, something extremely important you will need to link it to an email automation program. You can read the article about automating your emails in 60 minutes or less step by step guide

Now it’s play time…

Not quite yet!

You want to know about landing pages that convert:

Here’s what you need to do next..

Don’t be afraid to get feedback

get feedback

You will need to get some feedback, before it is live to everyone. The best approach here would be to ask random people, huh?

Yes, you can share the link of your landing page on social media, community groups, here on Quora and other similar places from the people who don’t know you closely.

Tip for landing page feedback

Don’t just ask for feedback and get slammed with all sorts of comments including negative, because that will put you down before you even start. Instead ask for constructive feedback

Constructive feedback is intended to help others improve.

What should you do after you have the landing pages that convert?

whats next

You will need to select a source to advertise i.e. social media or Google. Though free ads or social shares are good and must not be ignored, however when it comes to serious business and conversions, you should include paid advertisement budget in your marketing plan.

After you have chosen your source for advertisement, now you need to create an ad campaign and set the target audience.

You need to work on setting up target audience. Target audience criteria is generally based on your product or service.

To increase the conversion your target audience may include the following:

  • Geotargeting or Location based ads i.e. country, state, suburb
  • Gender i.e. male, female
  • Age range i.e. between 45-55 if you are selling life insurance
  • Household income i.e. family income over $200k
  • Occupation i.e. doctors, small business
  • Lifestyle i.e. fitness, social events
  • Marital Status i.e. Married, single, divorced

Setup email automation for landing pages that convert visitors to subscribers

email campaign

Once you have set the audience in your campaign, you will need to select an email automation online tool to send welcome emails, if your landing page is about gaining subscribers.

MailerLite email marketing for small business

The email automation program will start the sequence to follow up with your visitors until they either turn into paying customers or opt-out based on criteria set by yourself.

Tracking your visitors

landing page that converts - visitors tracking

Next part to this equation is tracking the conversion. Probably the most crucial part after a visitor interacts with your landing page.

You can determine the following from tracking tool:

  • Who is your visitor i.e. gender, age,
  • Where the visitor is located i.e. country, state
  • If you are getting the targeted audience or random users

It depends on the online tools you are using to advertise your landing page and the capabilities of that tool.

You can try the following tools to track the landing pages that convert well:

Tracking is helpful to refine your ad copies and strategy to better present your product or service.

This process can improve overall conversion rate. You should seek professional advice if you need something specific done for your landing page, target audience or tracking.

Let’s take a look at landing page examples:

Example 1Example 2Example 3Example 4

Learn about creating your first landing page in 10 minutes

Final Thoughts

Landing pages can bring a truck load of new customer that are interested in your products and service.

Therefore, you should spend some time to do it right. Don’t stop yourself to make some necessary changes as you progress with your advertisement campaigns.

Tell us in comments section below, how well does your landing page converts?