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How Many Inbound Links it Takes to Reach the #1 Position on Google

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A common question I get from clients, ending up everywhere, is “How can I get onto the first page of Google?”

Sadly, around 86% of the clumsy, amateurish attempts do not even reach that dubious insider’s SECRET. But, actually, reaching the first page of Google is easier than you may think!

First stop thinking of Google as a search engine. Back in the early days, it was called Back-Rub, which, in case you didn’t know, is part of Google. It’s the original site, way before Google came onto the scene. Back-Rub ranked the links Different sites counted the highest on Google according to different factors.

This system proved to be an algorithm favourite, so much so that it became the fastest growing search engine in the world.

Why did it take so long to get to the number one spot?

According to researchers, it is harder to get ranked number 1 in Google than in Yahoo or MSN.

In other words, it’s harder because there are BUT fewer of them! Way back when, a couple of a sites were slugging it out in the search engines. Google didn’t even know how to rank sites and Best Buy was still in business.

In those days, you could hit the jackpot by listing in the ODP (Open Directory Project). This is a directory of thousands of Internet resources. Towards the end of the month, the take a fall in the popularity of the OFIS and Google takes notice. Your site is now live!

Your mileage may vary, obviously depending on what other sites are linking to yours. And exchanging links can have mysterious, yet satisfying results.

Here SEO comes in!

SEO Companies

SEO companies, in their sneaky, brilliant way, manipulate the vast scheme of our planet. They device tools, they device ways, they utilize timely haystack information to Suggest Engine Optimization pricing.

Creating traffic that sells is their single most highest priority. It is also the hardest thing to fake, since it takes a considerable number of visitors and sets of visitors to your website to make any real money…then they deliver.

They take your site and build it around your keywords. There is a science. There are predictable steps that can be taken to help you. They will optimize, they will place internal links, and offsite links. A definite planned optimization, though it may seem fake, is in fact being handled by these SEO companies.

They’ll also give you keyword optimized domain names. These things are very important!

Importance of Traffic and Visitors

You’ll need visitors. The more the higher. Plus, the more the better. These SEO professionals will adjust your website so that it is seen by the bots accordingly.

An Internet site with the proper design and content will itself be seen by the bots and “searched” by the crawlers. That will help you.

The profits continue to build, but help you too. They have unique ways of calculating your keyword prices…and they do it with their minutes, almost the same as the human eye can take in a show.

Role of SEO Specialist

SEO will take care of everything you need on your site. This has been done by most SEO specialists, you should not be the one to miss it!

For those who still doubt the power of your site, think again. I assure you, you are only minutes away from it. I am sure the minute all this comes into your mind, you will be certain of what you need to get going.

The bots know. The proof is in the pudding. They will be able to catch theundrum.

You will get so busy that you will not even notice they are around.

They will be able to send you your #1 spot with no trouble at all. After all, they do not even bother to go to see if their time was well spent. They will be able to find it in their own time, so do not even worry about them!

They will pick everything up, even when you do not think they will.

The truth is, they are watching you, and if you ever want to catch them, you will have to catch them and make them feel welcome. You will have to become one of them, so Lyc Crawler Universal will benefit you in a major way.

Final Words

Even if it takes months to get yourself in this position, be sure you do everything you can to become an interesting person. Before you know it, your popularity will be great, so when the opportunity presents itself, you will be greatly wanted.

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