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How to build a WordPress website: A complete guide [2020]

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A website is the heart of your business in 21st century. Therefore, we will show you how to build a WordPress website step by step through this article.

You will find loads of info including video, images, infographics, tips, tricks the whole lot. This may be the most comprehensive guide you will ever find on internet to equip you with wealth of knowledge.

The how, why, who, when, if we have made sure to cover most of it for you.

What is a WordPress website?

To run a website you need a platform that acts like a shell or foundation for your website. Something similar to your car, you car needs engine to drive you from one place to another along with other parts. The question you might ask how to build a WordPress website?

I guess, you are new to the WordPress platform or perhaps never created a website before.

If yes, then you will need to make sure that you read through each section of this article carefully.

How to build a WordPress website?

Here are some of the key ingredients you will need to create your WordPress website:

  • Domain name & website hosting
  • Installing the WordPress platform
  • Find the most appropriate theme and activate it
  • Install relevant plugins and activate one by one
  • Security & Optimization
  • Enhance the look and appearance of your website
  • Add content, text, images, videos, links
  • SEO basics, submit website in Google and other search engines
  • Tutorial Videos – Step by step guides
  • Online tools for creating “WOW” factor
  • 8 weeks action plan (How to videos)
  • Learn about guest posting & list of guest blogging sites
  • Hire a professional to setup or build a WordPress website
  • Maintenance cost for the WordPress website
  • Avoid these simple mistakes
  • Setup newsletter subscription for email marketing
  • Conclusion – ready to build website or do it as you learn

Note: Advance themes and plugins may require premium subscription. Please refer to individual provider for further information on subscription plans and offers.

Before you even start, ask yourself a question…..

Why do you need a website?

What is the purpose of having website for you?

If the answer is short and simple that you are looking to make quick money. I would rather you not invest time, effort and money in building website.

Making money is the ultimate goal of every business, however you should consider adding value to your visitors and customers first.

I have outlined some of the common reasons below:

  • Are you looking to sell products: If yes, are you looking for woo-commerce website where you can customise with a lot of plugins. Woo-commerce may require bit of HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc.

Recommendation: Shopify may work better for you if you don’t understand programming.

  • Do you offer services i.e. plumber, electrician, quotes, web hosting: If yes, then you will need to install a plugin with quoting system

Recommendation: You may be able to work with websites like Airtasker to avoid designing a website.

  • Are you offering online courses: If yes, you will need to install a relevant LMS plugin to be able to sell courses.

Recommendation: Teachable offers pre-built options for the users with no programming background.

  • Does your blog offer information, case studies, stats, graphics, tips, tricks: If yes, then you can do with a simple blog layout or go for advance options

Recommendation: There are websites like Wix that have ready made options for you to get started in no time.

  • Do you need a booking system: If yes, you will need to install plugins such as Woo-commerce Booking.

Recommendation: Find an online booking systems that has already been setup by someone else. In this case you will most likely pay a monthly or yearly fee.

Now that you have defined the purpose and understand why you need a website, let’s start building the website.

Domain name & web hosting

Domain name and hosting

Domain name refers to the name of your website i.e. or and web hosting is like a folder on your computer where you would normally save your files.

To run your website you will need both Domain name and web hosting. Most of the web hosting providers offer these services in conjunction with other stuff. i.e. Domain privacy

Which domain name is good for my business?

There are many domain name extensions now a days. You could almost create a domain dictionary.

Just kidding!

There is no such thing as domain dictionary or is there?

There are still some 5 letter domain names left listed by Brand Bucket.

Don’t miss out.

So every website has global protocol as http://www or https://www followed by website name in this case koaas and then domain extension i.e. .com, .net. edu. gov

I won’t go much in detail about what each of those extensions mean in this article. However, there may be another article in the future that may discuss in details about domains.

For now, let’s focus on two main extensions

  • Global extension .com
  • Country based extensions such as .us (United States) (Australia) (India)

You can choose whichever extension you may like. However, .com extension gives you bigger scope to expand your business internationally. Whereas, country based extensions kind of hold you back and becomes hard to be recognised worldwide. Some companies may buy multiple domains based on country and global to reach bigger audience.

The recommended providers are listed below for your convenience that offer great prices for domains.

What is domain privacy & how to get it? check domain details - how to build a wordpress website

Domain privacy is similar to putting your mobile number on private. The purpose of it to keep your information secure from people and companies. i.e. sales & marketing

Once you set the domain privacy on, the visitors will see generic name, address and contact details set by your hosting service provider.

Domain privacy is a paid feature offered by majority service providers. The privacy feature is optional and can only be put on domain name and not on web hosting.

You can check any domains privacy and registration details (if not private) online with a simple click of a button.

After you have typed in the name of domain or website, you will see the results on following screen.

Domain registration Data

As you can see in the image above, the domain name is already registered.

However on the right side of image you will see a few suggestions about available domain extensions with domain name a2hosting.

In this image you can tell straight away that this domain has privacy feature on.

Simply because it doe snot have contact details, name and address of the company or person.

What is SSL & why do i need it?

security lock - how to build a wordpress website
Source: Cloudflare

SSL is short for Secured Server Layer or a security symbol next to a website name. Another way to identify is when a website starts with https:// instead of http://. It basically tells search engines like Google and visitors that your website is secure. It encrypts the data transmitted between your browser i.e. Google chrome or internet explorer. This prevents the hackers to intercept the communication between server and user.

If you are a security enthusiast like me, you can check out types of ssl certificate explained by Cloudflare team.

You must think why should you have it?

Good question, glad you asked….

You know how we do a lot of shopping online, yeah I know you do it too may be not as much as I do. The online shopping requires you to enter your credit card details. This is where it comes in handy and encrypts the communication between website and server, so that no one can access the private information.

Almost every online store uses credit card merchant system. It’s just another way of saying they borrow the machine from bank to swipe your credit card. Except in this case it’s online and you don’t see it.

So, It is a must have feature if you are looking to sell products and charge payments, even if you use 3rd party API integrations i.e. PayPal, Stripe.

secure connection explained

As you can see our website Koaas is safe to browse and make transactions because it has a security symbol too.

How can I get SSL and is it free?

Lucky for you and me, you can actually get free SSL certificate and have it installed on your website.

Sounds complicated, you are quite right because it is……

You will either need to have some technical expertise to install this certificate or hire someone to do it for you.

We have found some web hosting providers, they offer this service free of charge including installation when you sign up for web hosting plan with them.

You can checkout the recommended providers below to get access to free SSL along with other benefits.

Website hosting providers, features & price

website hosting services

There are hundreds of service providers online that can offer you web hosting services. However, to find the right provider requires a bit of time and effort.

Aren’t you lucky?

We have done that hard work for you.

Before we look into the providers lets take a look into the important features that you should consider:

  • Domain privacy
  • Free SSL
  • SSD storage
  • Bandwidth count
  • Automated backups
  • Tech support
  • Money back guarantee

Now that we got important features out of the way.

Let’s take a look into….

Different types of hosting

There are different types of hosting plans offered by most service providers.

  • Shared hosting – useful for beginners
  • Reseller hosting – thinking of selling website for profit
  • VPS hosting – virtual servers for eCommerce
  • Dedicated server – for tons of transactions and millions of users

Each one of these hosting plans have their own benefits, price and resources.

Let’s begin…

Disclaimer: Any offers, coupons and redemption codes outlined in this article are valid at the time of this article being published. Please refer to publish date at the top of the page. It is your responsibility to check the providers website for t&c’s, privacy, price, usage, features, benefits and support information. Keeping your information safe is your responsibility

#1 A2hosting

a2Hosting For WordPress

A2hosting is our #1 on our list simply because it ticks all the boxes for price, features and support. They have four sever locations for shared hosting plans.

Shared hosting is great starting point for individuals, bloggers and small businesses. You can conveniently find basic plans under $10 USD with most providers.

WordPress HostingYes
Tech SupportYes
Storage100 GB SSD
Free SSLYes
Cloudflare (Free)External account required*
Email addressesUnlimited
Money back guarantee* read termsYes
Automated backupsYes
Bandwidth or transferUnlimited
PriceSpecial offer
Regular price$8.99 USD
Special offersclaim up to 66% off

If you are serious about your business and setting up your first website hassle free, then you should check out 10 benefits of joining a2hosting.

#2 Hostinger

Hostinger WordPress - how to build a wordpress website

Hostinger is another popular one when it comes to cheap web hosting. There ongoing offer for basic hosting plan is usually under $1 USD. However, their most popular plan is Business plan and offers the good value for bucks.

You might ask, why would not I go for $1 plan?

Here’s the simple reason why….

Being basic plan you will find that your website is running very slow due to limited resources. It’s something like using computer from early 80’s.

You get the point, right?

We are thinking about setting up a business, blog or online store. Spending around $5 is like having a cup of coffee.

Domain nameIncluded (Free)* read terms
WordPress hostingYes
Tech supportYes
Storage20 GB SSD
Free SSLYes
Cloudflare (Free)External account required*
Email addresses100
Money back guarantee* read termsYes
Automated backupsYes
Bandwidth or transferUnlimited
PriceSpecial offer
Regular price$15.99 USD
Special offersclaim up to 75% off

#3 Bluehost

Bluehost is our third choice because their plan’s don’t come cheap. The basic shared hosting plan is above $5 USD per month. The company was found in 2003 and since has grown over 2 million websites backed by dedicated team of 750 employees. They thrive on the quality and reliability of their services. hence, it reflects in their price point compare to other web hosting providers.

Domain nameIncluded (Free)* read terms
WordPress hostingYes
Tech supportYes
Storage50 GB SSD
DatabasesCheck provider*
Free SSLYes
Cloudflare (Free)External account required*
Email addressesCheck provider*
Money back guarantee* read termsYes
Automated backupsYes
Bandwidth or transferUnlimited
PriceSpecial offer
Regular price$11.99 USD
Special offersclaim special offer

#4 Hostgator

Hostgator WordPress - how to build a wordpress website

Hostgator seems to have budget friendly plans for for new users. Even their basic plan has many unrestricted options. It’s hard to go wrong with Hostgator’s Hatchling plan. Even if you were looking for high end resources plan it won’t break your bank. I saw the business plan valued at $5.95* per month and includes some advanced options like free SEO tools. Presently they are offering $100 Google Ads credit and $100 Bing ads credit as well.

Let’s take a look at their best…

Domain nameIncluded (Free)* read terms
WordPress hostingYes
Tech supportYes
Free SSLYes
Cloudflare (Free)External account required*
Email addressesUnlimited
Money back guarantee* read termsYes
Automated backupsYes
Bandwidth or transferUnlimited
PriceSpecial offer
Regular price$6.95 USD
Special offersclaim special offer

There you are, we have included over top 4 based on the features and price. You can choose the plan that fits your budget.

Installing the WordPress platform

Softaculous Apps

The question is how to build a WordPress website after you have successfully installed the platform. There are a few ways you can install WordPress on your chosen hosting. You can download the WordPress plugin from original source and upload to your hosting. However, that get’s somewhat complicated unless you are tech savvy then you will be fine.

The most recommended option is to use 1 click install apps. This is a feature offered by all above four hosting providers. It will take the hassle away from you completely. Your WordPress website will be up and running in no time. usually it takes about 3-5 minutes with good internet speed and considering you have chosen the decent web hosting plan.

During your installation it will ask you to select admin username and password. It is strongly recommended to choose a username other the word “admin” and password to be a combination of letters, symbols and numbers. You would want to protect your website from hackers and malicious attacks, right?

Be sure to stick around……

To find out about free WordPress themes and plugins that can make your life much easier.

What are themes, how to select theme?

What a fantastic question….. bravo!

Themes are like different skin colours, styles, patterns and designs, that enhance the look and overall appearance of your website. The purpose of installing a unique theme is to differentiate your brand, product and business from others.

It is fairly easy to install themes with a few clicks of buttons.

Let me show you how…

Just follow the steps outlined below:

  • log in to your admin or back-end of website
  • on the left side bar look for option appearance
  • then select customise
  • under the section active theme, select change theme
  • you will see thousands of themes will appear on the right side
  • each of those themes will have a option to “install & preview”
  • to be able to see a theme’s preview or demo you will need to install it first
  • once installed you will be able to see live preview
  • then activate the theme if it is of your taste and you are done

However, installing a theme is just a starting point. we now need to add some plugins to get the website going.

That takes us to the next point..

What are plugins, how to install and activate plugins?

Plugins are somewhat like modifications to your car.

For example: In your car you can add different stereo, bumper, headlights, tinted windows, sunroof

You get the picture, right?

Similarly, with the website you will need to add plugins to enhance the appearance and effectiveness.

For instance: If you add Analytics plugin, it will tell you how many people visit your website each day. It can even tell you which country they are from. how much time they spent and what did they buy!

If you add cache plugin it will improve your website speed significantly.

Crazy right?

Some plugin’s are so powerful that it can take your website to new heights in no time.

Installing and activating the plugins

It’s much easier than it sounds!

All you need to do is, Look for option “Plugins” in the left side bar after you log in to your admin panel. Now you can view the already installed plugins that come with WordPress installation or you can add new plugin.

Here’s the step by step guide to install WordPress plugin in case you need it.

WordPress must have plugins - how to build a wordpress website

Let’s take a look at the must have plugins for everyone.

#1 Google Analytics

Google analytics is one of the most advanced tool offered by Google itself. What’s more important about this tool that it’s completely free. You can not only learn about your visitors but also about your website performance.

Find out how to boost your website traffic with Google analytics.

Installing analytics can be an issue for some of you out there.

Especially, if you are just starting out with your website for the first time.

We wanted to make the things easier and after research found the following article helpful. It will guide you step by step to ensure you do it right the first time.

Matthew shows how to install Google Analytics on your WordPress website in 4 easy ways.


You can simply watch this 8 min video that we found useful.

#2 404 page redirect

404 is an error page that all the websites have installed by default including WordPress website. Therefore, you don’t need to do anything additionally when you build a WordPress website. This page is shown to the users when the visitor type in a page name that does not exist. It may have been moved by you or renamed.

There are plugins available to set a custom 404 page instead of traditional error page. You can read further information about how to fix 404 error as it can be very handy. However is more useful for advance level WordPress Users.

#3 Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha

This plugin is crucial to have when you build a WordPress website on your own. However if you hire a professional they will do it for you.

Advanced noCaptcha & invisible captcha is a plugin that works with Google noCaptcha API keys.

Sounds complicated?

Well, it is a little bit. The good thing about this plugin is that it protects your website from spammers. This plugin is used for contact page, login, forgot password and comment pages.

The bit that says “I’m not a bot” next to checkbox and before you can submit your comment.

According to Google it protects your website from fraud and abuse.

So, that you can do what you love most with worry!

Google nocaptcha - how to build a wordpress website

#4 WP security

Thinking of hiring a professional or build a website yourself?

Regardless of the fact how you do it, security should be utmost priority for any website owner/webmaster. There are number of ways you can make your website secure. Some of the common practices may include:

  • Install security plugin i.e. All in one WP security
  • Protecting the backend files with piece of code (Suitable for advance level users)
  • Regularly update plugin as they include bug fixes and security patches
  • Install the plugin that is compatible with your website
  • Do not install plugins from non-trusted sources
  • Advance noCaptcha & invisible recaptcha is good way of keeping bots off
  • Monitor your website traffic through Google analytics
  • Use strong password and avoid generic terms or usernames
  • Do not share access to your cPanel on web hosting or admin panel unless you trust the person

Ruald points out 9 security tips to protect your website from hackers for advance users. If you are just starting out I would say skip it for now, until you are a few years in with learning about WordPress.

#5 Contact form

Contact forms are useful to gain valuable feedback from your website visitors and customers. This is one way people can reach you and share their opinion.

For instance: If they found an fault with the product they bought from you, they can notify you easily through contact form. You can choose the layout and the input options that fits your business requirements.

It can be daunting not knowing what your customers think about your website, brand, products or services. If you build a WordPress website this plugin can be installed easily.

There are many contact form plugins out there, however some of the names remain on top such as contact form 7, WP forms. There are both free and paid options available with almost every plugin. I would suggest that you should try with free version. Once you got the hang of it then you can pay for subscription or change to pro plan.

Get to know Contact Form 7 and keep yourself in the loop with latest updates, available for this plugin.

#6 Duplicate Page

Duplicate page is my favourite plugin….

You must ask, why?

Simply because you can duplicate a page or post. For example: You spent an hour designing on your precious landing page, wouldn’t it be nice to simply duplicate it?

Yes, most definitely it would be!

Well, that’s exactly what this plugin does for you. You will notice an extra option next to your page or post name. It can copy the page or post instantly allowing to you free up your valuable time. All you need to do is couple of tweaks in your new post or plugin and you are all sorted.

#7 Image optimizer

Image optimizer plugin is a must have tool to improve loading time of your website. You can choose the optimizer plugin that you may like based on reviews, downloads and features.

There are two main features you will notice with most image optimization plugins called Lossless quality and lossy. One intends to preserve the quality of images and the other speeds up loading times.

The idea is to compress the images so that it takes far less time to view them. You can save heaps on your hosting storage space. You can also learn about storing photos in the cloud and use the shareable link to insert photos on your website.

#8 Page Builder

Page Builder is useful in creating “WOW” pages or landing pages, when you build a WordPress website from ground zero. It is not required to install page builder but I would recommend that it is absolutely necessary to have one! Simply because it takes your posts and pages to the next level.

The most popular page builders are Elementor, Beaver, Gutenberg & Divi. All of them have free and paid options and the features vary depending on your subscription. I prefer Elementor over the others because it’s simplicity and pack of features valuable for my work.

#9 Cache Plugin

Cache plugin can improve your website loading speed by almost 70-80% along with other optimizations. Some of the good cache plugins are so simple that with one click of a button you are all set.

According to a test we conducted a few months back, the speed of the website went from 12.9 sec to 3.6 sec for homepage. A2 hosting has it’s own optimization plugin to speed up your website. So, if you end up getting your hosting subscription with A2 hosting then it will load automatically for you.

However, there are a few good names, i thought you should know such as; Lite speed cache, W3 total cache, WP optimize.

Tip - cache plugin

Choose your optimization plugin carefully and never ever install more than one copy of similar plugin, to avoid compatibility and crash issues.

#10 Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one the best plugins that every SEO professional should have, if not already!

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website as whole to rank better in search engines. You must have heard about people saying “I want to appear on 1st page of Google”. Well, that is what SEO can help you with to rank higher than others.

Is it easy to do SEO with Yoast SEO?

The answer depends on your ability and knowledge about SEO. If you are just starting out then you have got a long way to go. If you are intermediate user, then you may be able to learn more about SEO to improve your search visibility.

We have put in every effort possible to help you build a WordPress website, have it up and running easily. However, it does depend own your individual capabilities and knowledge. You can do a crash course about SEO to get the basic understanding. It does take years of experience otherwise to be at good level before you can see some results.

Here are some of the resources that may help:

#11 Table Press

Table press gives your visitors the ability to navigate the information in multiple page intervals. You can create as many tables as you like with table press. You can set the look, feel and data inside the tables according to your taste.

Installing table press plugin does not require any technical knowledge. However, to customise some aspects of the table may require some basic html and css knowledge.

I have included the screenshot below so that you can see for yourself.

Table press demo

#12 Notifications

Notification X Plugin - how to build a wordpress website

Notification X has to be my favourite plugin to engage visitors. The plugin allows you to create pop ups on your website. This allows the visitor to learn about your products through notifications and other users experience. You can set the time, frequency and layout. This can help with creating a sense of urgency to increase sales. You can create offers with count down timer and throw review pop ups to gain traction. Free version like anything else has its limitations but good starting point.

Security & Optimization

Website Security

We have touched a bit about website security above and it is fair to say you put every effort to keep it secure. There are different security types and levels of security that we can discuss. However, instead we can going to ask you read the following article by Securi that talks about how to secure your website.

Things can get bit complicated specially when you are just starting out. Therefore, we have found a much simpler version about website security guide. Protecting your customers data i.e. name, date of birth, address, phone number, email address, credit card information should be your top most priority.

Optimization on the other hand is more about improving the overall functionality of your website. Some of the common optimization terms you may have heard or come across are: Image optimization, cache, SEO etc.

Believe it or not the plugins mentioned above can help you achieve optimization one way or the other. The purpose of website optimization is to increase web traffic, improve website speed and search engine visibility.

Enhance the look and appearance of your website

Setting the appearance that will represent your brand or yourself can be achieved easily. There are quite a few tools available depending on what you are looking to achieve as following:

  • Mobile friendly and responsive website – athemes
  • Design and add relevant images – Canva
  • Social share buttons – Addthis
  • Subscription and pop up forms – Optionmonster

Add content, text, images, videos, links

Finally, it’s time to add some content i.e. articles for your blog or products for your online store. Once you have the content ready you can then add some stock photos. Stock photos is a common term used by bloggers and webmasters to use photos taken or designed by others. Most of the times you can find stock photos with commercial free licence. It means you can freely use them on your website. My personal favourite for stock photos is Pixabay. Sometimes, you may need to credit the author to use the photo on your website.

Please read the licence agreement and terms before adding the photos to your website.

You can also add videos to your website easily, when you build a WordPress website. There are a few ways to add videos, however most popular one is to embed the video from YouTube. This was it does not impact your website loading time and does not use your hosting space.

Adding the links to your website is the most easiest option. It does not require any technical skill or programming knowledge. You can see we have added many internal and external links within this article. All you need to do to add a link is simple select a word or sentence and look for this icon 🔗. Once you see this icon then simply type or paste the internal link or website address.

SEO basics, submit website in Google and other search engines

Yay! your website is up and running now.

What’s next…….

After you have added the content you will need to submit your website to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. You can either

  • spend hours trying to submit them to all well known search engines
  • do it all in one click.

I know that I would choose the second option!

It makes sense, right?

Follow the link, type in your website and hit submit. Sit back and relax!

Let the entireweb tool do the work for you.

Now it’s time to turn this up a notch!

SEO is a long road to success. To jump in front of others you have to understand the basics first. That’s why we have put together these resources for you. Don’t rush through it and you will have success in no time.

Free and paid online tools to build a WordPress website

There are tons of tools online to enhance your WordPress website’s overall look, functionality and visitors interaction. However, we have handpicked a few tools to get you started.

  • Canva (Design stunning images, infographics)
  • SEMrush (Research keywords, analyse backlinks, competitor analysis)
  • Grammarly (Proof read, check grammar, spelling)
  • MailerLite (Landing pages, subscription forms, drag and drop builder)
  • Constant Contact (Email marketing, tracking, conversion, automated emails)
  • Hellobar (Pop up, alert bars, slide ins)

8 weeks action plan (How to videos) to build a WordPress website

You will receive a complete step by step “how to videos” covering all angles to setup WordPress website.

The “how to videos” will include:

  • setup domain & hosting
  • install WordPress for the first time
  • choose a appropriate theme
  • install plugins for enhancement
  • add content (articles, products, images, videos)
  • tool to design quality images
  • security & optimisation
  • SEO basics
  • Bonus video

Learn about guest posting & list of guest blogging sites

Guess posting has been around for quite some years. For those who don’t know what guest posting is!

Guest posting in simpler terms means publishing your content on another website to obtain backlinks and quality traffic. The key thing to remember that you should always post on similar niche website.

The more you guest post, the better you get at it. To do so you will need a list of guest posting sites in your niche.

Lucky for you we have done the hard work for you and piled up a huge list of guest posting sites for those who understand the benefits of guest posting.

Should I hire a professional?

I will have to leave that answer to yourself. In saying that, I still want to be able to help you.

Let’s do a quick self assessment:

  • Are you beginner or intermediate user?
  • What are your designing skills?
  • Do you understand SEO basics?
  • How well do you understand security & optimization?

If you feel confident with above mentioned topics, then you don’t need a professional to setup your WordPress website.

However, if you don’t have the answer to any of the above questions, then you will need consider hiring professional. Hiring a pro does not require breaking your bank or budget.

All you need to do is to list your requirements:

  • Need a WordPress website for blog or selling products or service quotes
  • A time frame and budget (based on customizations)
  • Advertisement strategy i.e. paid ads (Google) or organic (SEO)
  • Social media marketing

Maintenance cost for the WordPress website

Does it cost more to maintain or build a WordPress website?

The reason for creating this article was to save you cost and time on your first website, considering you are new to WordPress. It really depends on your level of knowledge and understanding about WordPress, as a matter fact website in general.

Similar to your car, a website requires maintenance time to time. This is to ensure it is running smoothly, so that your visitors don’t come across any issues.

As a beginner it may require a lot of time and effort understanding the important bits to keep in check.

Therefore, we will include a bonus video that we have talked about in “8 weeks action plan” to save you the hassle.

Avoid these simple mistakes

There are mistakes that you tend to make as beginner, when you build a WordPress website yourself.

Here is the list of a few that I can think of:

  • install multiple plugins of same type
  • keeping the plugins that are not in using
  • avoiding plugin, themes and major updates
  • downloading free plugins from non trusted sites
  • doing the work yourself to save cost when you don’t know how
  • not optimising your website for search engines
  • don’t understand SEO basics
  • security plugin installed but not configured properly
  • SSL certificate not installed

Setup newsletter subscription for email marketing

When you build a WordPress website, you should also think about building target audience. This can help you with email marketing in the long run.

Newsletter subscription is a common tactic used by majority websites. The purpose of it is to obtain users email address and in some cases contact details i.e. phone number, name etc.

What can you do with it?

You can provide tailored marketing updates through email marketing automation online tool. It can be as simple as sending visitors weekly updates about new products or specials.

You we have all seen those emails from many companies, right?

This is one of the best way to engage with your audience and drive sales.

We all know by now, more sales means more profit!

Final Thoughts:


That was some article, it took fair amount of time to put this information and resources together.

The idea is to equip you with basics and enough information to be able to build a WordPress website easily.

We won’t promise that it is going to be easy but if you put enough effort and time into this, you can do it!

There are a range of things we have discussed in this article with the idea of covering every possible angle.

However, we are human and may have missed a thing or two, perhaps more!

We would appreciate your honest feedback.

Tell us in a few words below, how did you go in setting up WordPress website?

Need a custom website? Hire a professional!

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31 thoughts on “How to build a WordPress website: A complete guide [2020]”

  1. I’m still learning from you and improving myself. I absolutely love reading everything that is written on your site. Keep the articles coming.

  2. Essentially the most important factor for anyone blogging is the audience. Visit various forums and chat rooms to gather more information on your niche. Weekly, modify the content with additional updates.

  3. I’ve recently started a web site, the info you provide on this web site has helped me greatly. Thank you for all of your time & work.

  4. Optimizing your site and creating backlinks is more important than rank. That will attain the purpose associated with earning money readily. You will quickly have an affiliate site with a powerful traffic.

  5. In all, you might still succeed in web design if devote attention to your details given above. The most important factor you’ll ever do in order to your website is to put in high-quality content.

  6. Forum marketing is a well-known strategy for ramping your traffic. The placing ads in the centre of content is often a bad idea. Always remember that at the end of day time content is king.

  7. Use some research and get some good helpful content. Involved with a trial and error basis. Plan to update your landing page frequently by adding articles that keyword rich.

  8. Speak to your audience, don’t just be another “me too blogger”. Provide Controversy: There is something special about controversies create them comfortably along with a small website page.

  9. One of the very most important facets of a good website is eye-catching graphical design. Do not just copy content from another websites.

  10. The title should create an impression and the font ought to be bold enough to draw attention. But your content engagement level tells a rather more important story.

  11. Contests are another means by which you effectively market website. As I usually say it’s better to fix your mistakes than ignore your setbacks. But that was then.)

  12. The most effective SEO technique is to index the pages of new website. Secondly it needs to be very targeted to the item you are endeavouring to easily sell. Make sure your comments are constructive, do not spam the blogs.

  13. Speak to your audience, wish be another “me too blogger”. A good web designer should treat a text as an individual interface.

  14. Be authentic and work with strategies that always help other bloggers and marketers. Optimizing your fonts may help you have more readers as your content one is more readable.

  15. Don’t approach the ‘big boys’ of your niche market when you’re starting out no matter how tempting it is. Good content also attracts natural links from others which then ranks the page even higher.

  16. When writing articles, focus on your content delivery. The average reader does not take time to look at the whole article but they analyze for key factors of your article.

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