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How to build accelerated mobile pages to improve website speed

  • Jatin 
accelerated mobile pages

Let’s take a look at first your website overall performance. Then the question would be, can accelerated mobile pages improve the site speed?

Accelerated mobile pages are also sometimes referred as AMP for short, the sole purpose of it is to speed up your website.

Speed test is essential

accelerated mobile pages - page speed test

You can perform a speed test with one of the following providers:

All you need to do is type in your website address in one of the two following formats:

#1 https:// followed by yourwebsitename-com

#2 yourwebsitename-com

Then hit analyse for Google and test for GTmetrix.

Colour code, what does it means?

accelerated mobile pages - Colour codes meaning

You will see a few green yellow, red coloured report. It’s quite similar to traffic light colour code.

  • Red means it not good and requires urgent attention.
  • Yellow means it’s somewhat ok, but can be improved
  • Green means it’s good as gold, don’t worry about it.

Once you have done the speed test and have the results, now you can focus on the areas that require improvement on your website.

AMP alone won’t do the trick in 2020 to improve your website speed.

accelerated mobile pages - Identify problem solution

You should identify first what the issue is with your website:

  • Too many plugins
  • Repetitive plugins that do the same job
  • Unused plugins
  • Heavy CSS, JSS and Html
  • Website theme

You should be able to fix most of the common issues outlined above by searching in Google and watching videos on YouTube.

For some people, it can be quite fun activity and a learning curve. Be prepared to deal with frustration at some point not being able to find the issue or know how to fix it.

Tip Hire a professional

Hire a professional for unknown issues after general maintenance, if the website speed is still slow.

Once you have identified the core problem do the following:

create a plan
  • Write it down somewhere, where you can find it easily
  • Create an action plan to fix the errors
  • Fix the problems that you can easily yourself
  • Hire a professional to do difficult task
  • Set an amount for budget
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the questions on community places like Quora.
  • Get a few quotes and choose the one wisely.
  • Request for a full report
  • Check the website performance after the issues have been corrected by professional before making payment.
  • Get the professional to explain you what they did for your own satisfaction and record keeping

You should check your website for performance issues every now and then. Generally speaking, every 8-12 weeks.

This will help maintain your website error free. You will be able to provide better user experience.

This will help with overall growth of your business.

There are many methods to speed up your website in 2020 as following:

AMP for mobile plugin can help you speed up your website if configured correctly. Once you have installed the plugin on your WordPress website read through this article how to configure AMP plugin correctly


It is essential to keep your website performance top notch because speed matters.

Quite simple right?

Troubleshoot and keep your website error free.

Optimisation plugins can help you achieve great success with speeding up your website in no time.

Tell us in the comments section below, have you experienced website slowness recently or in the past?

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