How To Cancel Shopify [Video] in 3 Minutes

How to cancel shopify

Don’t know how to cancel Shopify account or subscription?

Glad you asked…

Watch the video in this article, to get it all sorted quickly.

You must be worried as sick that another month gone without sales?

All those people on YouTube talk about, how you can make thousands in selling products.

Only to found out, that’s not true!

There are so many reasons as to why you might be struggling and thinking about closing your Shopify account.

Some of the reasons may include:

reasons - how to cancel shopify
  • Not enough time as you are already doing full time job
  • Monthly subscription is somewhat expensive if you add up additional plugins cost
  • Too much headache for dealing with customers
  • Way too many enquiries and you don’t have enough time
  • Need to hire someone to do the job for you but not enough money to pay extra person
  • Sales are not picking up or dropped significantly
  • Competitors are diverting your visitors to them through paid marketing
  • Haven’t picked the right products or done any market research
  • Spending too much money and time for couple of sales
  • Don’t know what is SEO and how to do it
  • Haven’t figured out how to drive website traffic to your online store

You should run through a checklist before closing your account.

The good news is that you can re-open the account, if in case you won the lottery or simply changed your mind.

Shopify retains your data for 30 days.

It means you could be up and running in no time, as long as you subscribe back into the plan with in 30 days.

Pausing your Shopify account

You can pause your online store for three months with Shopify and pay nothing towards subscriptions.

How cools is that, right?

All of sudden there is glimmer of hope.

It allows you to focus on what matters most i.e. pay important bills. spend quality time with your family or simply stay in and relax

How it works is really simple, you will not be able to

  • access backend or admin area
  • build on your store
  • publish products
  • sell to your customers

It’s a complete vacation from selling and managing your online business perspective.

The visitors will be shown a message that your store is closed temporarily.

You don’t have to wait till you finish your 3 months on the pause plan. If you feel fit and ready to get back in the action sooner, simply choose a plan.

However, you will be automatically upgraded to pause and build plan, if no action is taken before 3 months finish.

What is Pause and Build Plan

Pause and build plan has lower monthly subscription fee and allows you to access your Shopify admin area.

You customers will be able to browse the products but will not be able to make a purchase.

The cost of the reduced plan is around $9 USD per month at the moment. and may increase as set by Shopify.

You should always check the Shopify support page or contact them for specific plan or pricing information.

Happy to pause instead of cancelling, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Shopify admin area
  2. Navigate yourself to setting and look for plan and permissions
  3. Find the words “Store Status” and select Pause and Build
  4. Agree with terms and confirm

To simply pause the plan instead of pause and build, choose option pause in step 3 mentioned above.

You can easily reopen your store after you pause and build

How to cancel Shopify store?

It seems pause and build option isn’t quite what you were after.

As promised, you can watch the video below and close your store in 3 minutes. Make sure to watch the whole video so that you don’t miss on any important steps.

Cancel Shopify Store step by step tutorial

It’s simple as that, if you decide to re-open your store, you will need to subscribe to a plan again.

Let’s take a note of few important things before closing Shopify:

  • Can’t use the previous store name for new Shopify account
  • You will need to take the steps to close the store yourself
  • Have you cleared any outstanding charges owing to Shopify
  • Were you paying for any 3rd party apps within Shopify
  • Did you buy or subscribe to any online tools other than Shopify
  • Finalise any outstanding purchases or queries for your customers
  • Transfer the domain name if bought through Shopify

Now, the actual steps to close your Shopify account

  1. You must be logged into your admin area
  2. Go to settings and look for plan and permissions
  3. Search for words store status and then close store or sell store
  4. After you select close, you will be prompted to enter password for security reasons
  5. Select a reason from drop down and hit close store.

To make sure that your store no longer exists, you can go to your browser and type in your store URL.

There you go…

Final Words

Now you know how to cancel Shopify store step by step.

You should do your market research first, before getting into selling products online.

Keep an close eye on your competitors to see what they are doing.

Sometimes pausing the store and stepping away might do the trick.

Think it through….

Tell us in a few words, which option did you choose and why?

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  1. You are right i was Spending too much money and time for very little sales. Almost next to nothing compare to what i spent. I’m glad that i finally closed my account.

  2. Successfully cancelled my shopify, it took a little bit longer for me than 3 minutes. may be because i have big fingers. lol!

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