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Increase your website traffic by 2.5x with this little trick

  • Jatin 
Increase Website Traffic

There are possibly hundreds of ways to increase traffic to your website now a days. However we are going to share with you this little trick that we tried recently and it increased our website traffic by 2.5x.

Not to mention, we saw the increase with in 24 hrs. However, this does not guarantee that it will have same impact on your niche. Depending on your niche, you may experience even higher or lower traffic than the experiment we performed.

You must be thinking, is it possible?

The answer is yes and we have got the stats to back it up that we will share in this article.

First up, let’s understand…..

What is website traffic?

Simply put, the web traffic refers to the visitors browsing your website. Website traffic can be mainly categorized into four parts 1) Organic traffic 2) Paid Traffic 3) Referral traffic 4) Social traffic

Organic traffic: When somebody finds your page in search results (i.e. Google search) and clicks on it to arrive at your site. So, the traffic generated from a search query leading to your website excluding paid ads is your organic traffic.

Paid traffic: When a visitor clicks on the search results appearing as paid ad that leads the visitor to your website. The traffic generated by this kind of approach is known as paid traffic.

Referral traffic: This occurs when a visitors clicks on a link on someone else website that directs the visitor to your website is known as referral traffic. The links placed on another website that points back to your site are known as backlinks.

Social Traffic: The website traffic in this instance is referred through, social media, word of mouth or community references. Traffic generated through organic results and social media are considered to be most favourable types of web traffic. They can produce tons of quality traffic that are engaged audience and willing to buy products.

Web Traffic

Why do you need it?

The purpose of driving traffic to your website can be related directly to business growth. Everyone sees it differently, depending on your profession.

For example: If you are an SEO consultant, the meaning of website traffic is to gain backlinks and improve website authority. If you are an business that sells products, the meaning changes completely here. Your goal would be to engage with visitors and sell products through email subscriptions.

You get the point, right?

Who is it for?

Every niche that has online presence must put an effort to drive quality traffic. It does not matter if you are a start-up or you have been in the business for decades. The user behaviour and shopping habits have changes drastically over the past decade.

You could be a blogger, a small business selling shoes or an large corporation dealing with hundreds of thousands customers. If you are not focused on driving traffic, then you are already losing business.

For individuals with low budget or no budget, I would recommend to read our article about organic traffic. The article talks about ten things about organic traffic that you probably haven’t heard of before. For the advance users or if you are a curious type of person then you can learn about paid traffic.

How can I improve my website traffic?

There are seven actionable tips that can help you improve site traffic over time. However, you need to invest time and little bit of your money to learn about various aspects of traffic. It is an skill that is acquired after years of practice or you can simply hire a freelancer to do the job for you.

If you have got super low budget an VA should be able to help you for low cost. However, if you are willing to invest into your future, then the possibilities are endless. There are thousands if not millions of companies by now willing to take your business on board.

The question is how do you find a VA or good company?

Virtual Assistant

This is utmost important to do your research well to find the right people for the job.

Hop on Google and search for company name and check their details on their website. You should also look for any social media presence.

You should ask the following questions from website development company:

  • How long they have been in the business
  • Ask for recent testimonials
  • Would they offer dedicated project manager
  • Showcase of their portfolio or recently completed work
  • Can they indicate a price range based on your requirements
  • How long they expect the project delivery will take
  • Any suggestions or recommendations from their end

Now the best part……

Our website traffic a day before

Website traffic a day before

The trick that can 2.5X your website traffic with in 24 hrs or almost instantly in some cases

Increased Website Traffic 2.5x

It worked for us because we have started this blog fairly recently and the traffic is very low. Nevertheless, you can benefit from this trick as well even if you are a small business, individual, start-up or big corporation. The scale of website traffic may depend on various factors including:

  • Time spent
  • Available budget
  • Resources i.e. man power
  • Brand reputation
  • Website authority
  • Social connections
  • Content quality
  • Frequency of posts
  • Targeted audience
  • User engagement
  • Value for visitors

It may seem a lot of things to think about but most of us have been already doing it. Start to tick the ones you do already and what’s left should be your focus.

I bet, you just realized something!

Once you have considered the factors mentioned above and got it under your belt, the next steps are:

#1 Post an fresh article on your website’s blog

Fresh Content

It can be as simple as updating an old article or posting a brand new article with fresh ideas. You must ask, what makes a article fresh? Well, It depends on you and your approach.

You may decide to:

  • add some new pictures that relate to your content
  • replace old pictures and change it with infographics
  • change text into videos because that the feedback you had received
  • change the headings to something more catchy titles

You get the picture, right?

#2 Do you keyword research well

Keyword research perspective

Keyword research refers to analysing the word or combination of words to check its demand online. In simpler terms who, what and when are they searching on search engines like Google, Bing etc.

The data is an interesting fact that can give you specifics about your visitor to a website. For example: the report can narrow down the results to country, city, locale, gender, time, browser and much more.

#3 Make sure to include relevant pictures and videos

Creating the content that not only adds value but also resonates with your visitors is the key to success. There are many free online tools to create stunning images in matter of minutes. This will ensure that not only your images looks great but also are relevant.

Pixabay has a collection of over 1.8 million stock images. The images do not require credits to author and good for commercial use as well. For videos, you can create videos based on case studies, tutorials and events. After you have created the video you can easily add effects with online tools and embed them though YouTube.

#4 Share on your social media page i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

Most of us these days use Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and many others. Knowing which social media platform is best for your business is the key to success. For example: Instagram is popular for images and videos, Facebook for all sorts of things and Twitter for businesses.

Once you have identified the social platform that works best for you, all you need to do is scale up.

To achieve this, you could:

  • join community groups in your niche
  • find influencers for marketing
  • simply connect with others that share similar taste

Don’t share your post randomly, as you won;t achieve anything out of it.

#5 Notify social media influencers about your new post

Social influencers are a great way to attract quality website traffic. The simple reason being audience is already engaged with the influencers work. Finding the social influencer can be a difficult task if you are just starting out. Do your research well to ensure the influencer following is genuine. Using the social influencers or influencers in general comes with a price tag. You may be able to negotiate based on your individual skills, something in exchange or simply because you have worked with the influencer previously.

social media influencers

#6 Offer specials, discount or quiz contest to engage audience

One of the most successful ways to attract more visitors is by offering specials and discounts. You can set up a quiz and if the visitors answers correctly offer them discount in return. This is one of most common tactics used by many businesses to engage audience.

#7 Send an email marketing campaign to all subscribers with similar interests

It’s great that you have got thousands of subscribers. After you have made your fresh content live, create an email marketing campaign to invite subscribers. Once the subscribers have engaged, you could offer them something in return for their time. Asking your subscribers for feedback is one of the best ways to increase website traffic.

#8 Ask questions on community websites (i.e. Quora) relevant to your post

Help someone in community

You can easily create questions from your post titles or headings and ask the community. This is a perfect way to build relationship with new and existing members with in online community.

As the people answer the questions, some of them may click on the link that refers back to your website. This will help increase website traffic.

#9 Help someone in the similar niche by answering their questions

Instead of posting your own questions in community groups or forums, you could choose to answer someone else question. This is another way to interact with community. If they like your answer, you will get thumbs up. Not only this make others curious about you but your work as well.

#10 Post comments on similar niche websites

You can easily find websites in your niche to post comments.

Simply type in Google “niche + post comment” i.e. website traffic + post comment or website traffic + leave a comment

Make sure to add value through comments. Something that you may have learnt new or how it will improve user experience are generally great start.

#11 Ask visitors for feedback on your website

Audience Feedback

So, you have visitors come in daily basis to your website. Add a pop-up form or feedback form in the sidebar to request feedback. This is a great way to engage with visitors and also find out any issues that may have experienced on your website. This can help you increase website traffic and engaged audience for long term.

Feel free to send us any questions or feedback that you may like to share via our contact page.

#12 Go for small paid advertisements on Google or Facebook (if your budget allows)

Everyone can do a little extra website traffic through paid advertisement. It does not mean that you have to spend hundreds or even thousands. To achieve this, all you need to do is organise your ad campaign well. Facebook ad library is a great place to start social media campaign for as little as $1 day. I would recommend to invest at least between $20-$50 especially if you are looking for quicker results. As long as you choose the right campaign and have strategy in place you will notice increase in website traffic instantly.

Invite friends to like, comment and share your post on the internet

You should most definitely invite those are close to you personally and professionally. They are the people who will stand by with you every step of the way.

Why not leverage their thoughts, feedback and social sharing abilities for your advantage. Family, friends and colleagues will go an extra mile to make sure that you succeed. Remember, every social share and comment on your post adds up to increase website traffic.

Have you noticed a decline in your website traffic

Drop in website traffic

Website traffic can be analyzed in many different ways. Google analytics is the best free tool to help you analyse a tons of data collated from visitors. If you have seen sudden performance issues with your website, it could be to do with one of the followings:

  • Someone is using bots to leave comments and register users on your website
  • An competitor is unhappy with your rapid growth and trying to swarm your website with malicious bots to decrease website performance

To protect yourself and prevent from this happening, you can learn about 10 mighty ways bad bots can impact your website performance.

Final Words

Now that you have learnt the best trick to 2.5x your website traffic, it comes down to how effectively you can implement it. A strategy is must be able to make the most out of it and the results may vary depending on your efforts.

Tell us in a few words, what is your monthly web traffic and how did you increase it?

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