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Useful Guide To Develop On-demand Laundry App? Cost & Features

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Laundry App Development Cost

The home chores such as laundry are the biggest turn-off in a modern life that can ruin your good mood. Think to yourself how good you will feel after completing the entire hectic task at your office; you have to be ready to wash your cloth when you each home.

Would it not be better if you can just relax and give your laundry work to someone else? Well, now you can do that with the on-demand laundry apps. The on-demand laundry app service arrives at your home and takes your dirty clothes, wash them, iron them, and return the fresh cloth to the client. All the clients need is to download an application on their mobile phone, and they are good to go.

In-demand business

The main reason behind the rise of such simple businesses like on-demand laundry is the urban population that likes to spend their time doing quality work. The number of laundry services also shows growth. The statistics show about 22.4 million customers are using some kind of laundry apps to take care of their dirty laundry.

If we talk about the money, the customer bases of laundry apps have spent about $57.6bn annually, which is a lot of money. The business has already attracted the eyes of a lot of young entrepreneurs and people who are looking to start the business. The on-demand laundry business is quite young, and all the number shows that is going to stay for a long time.  If you are the one who is interested in the on-demand laundry business, you need to understand every aspect of the business.

However, the businesses seem to be simple, but it has changed over a time. Now it is integrated itself with the mobile app to reach a large base of customer. The business application of your laundry business is going to be the face of your company. Moreover, it is going to play a crucial role.

To help you out, we also have accumulated some crucial information regarding the app development side of the on-demand laundry business, which is as follows-

  • How should the on-demand Laundry app work?
  • What factors add to the cost of app development?
  • How much is app development going to cost your business?

How should the on-demand Laundry app work?

Opening an on-demand laundry app is not an easy task. Clearly, there are going to be an interaction between these four groups in the entire business model that includes-

  • The admin team
  • Client/Customer
  • Laundrymen
  • Pickup/ delivery person

The application can automate the entire process and interaction between the three stakeholders. Therefore, app development is a crucial part of the business. If you are completely unaware of the app development, make sure to read more about on-demand laundry app development before starting the business.

The next important thing that you have to work on is the app compatible with a different device. We are living in the digital age; clients like to approach your business via a different device. Surely, mobile phones are going to be dominant in today’s times. Therefore, you have to make sure your application or web application can work on all kinds of devices. For the mobile phone, the app should be compatible with iOS and Android phones.

Here are different people associate with your business will interact with the application after its launch:

For customer/client

  • download the app from the play store or app store
  • register them on your application
  • move on to make a request for laundry services on your app, as they require

For Admin

  • The admin will get the customer’s request that they need to go through various details.
  • If the admin team will check if there are empty slots, specification provided by the customer, and the feasibility of the order.
  • If everything goes right, the admin team can accept the customer request.
  • The customer will get a confirmation mail and message from the admin team.
  • In case there are no openings, the admin team can cancel the request. The customer or client will receive a message for the same. You can also message the customer with a suggestion to look for alternative slots.

For pickup

  • The delivery person will get coordinate the client location from the admin panel
  • The customer can check the delivery man and contact him/her through the app
  • The delivery person will arrive, collect the clothes and take them to the laundry

For Laundry Staff

  • The laundry staff will get information regarding the order, which includes the service and time of cleaning laundry.
  • The laundry team will clean the cloth, iron it or complete the request made by the client and deliver back the clean laundry to the customer.

What factors add to the cost of app development?

The on-demand laundry business model helps all four parties associated, namely- Client/Customer, Admin, laundry, delivery person. The simple introduction of a booking app in the business has changed the entire scenario. Therefore, you must pay attention to app development.

In these parts of the article, we are going to talk about the different factors of app development that are going to cost you money.

These factors are as follows:


Every app is different from one another. The difference in the apps sometimes occurs due to the platform your app is going to run on. Typically, in smartphone space, you get an option to go with IOS and Android phones.

The android platform app is going to cost you more money as there thousands of different types of mobile that run an Android operating system. Therefore, a developer needs to make sure the app works fine on all kinds of devices.

Design Requirements

The design requirement for your app can be driven by the customer needs or your vision about your business. So, make sure to tell about your needs in on-demand applications to app developers during the development process.

Features of application

The next things that are going to add to the cost of app development are the features that you are going to add to your app. More the feature more will be the complexity in the app development. Here is the feature in an application for client/customer, admin, laundry staff including delivery person.

For Client

  • Hassle-free login/sig-up
  • Service selection
  • Delivery scheduling
  • Pick up scheduling
  • Quotation of service
  • Payment options
  • Real-time tracking
  • Notifications regarding order delivery, order approval, order cancellation, offers, and discount.

For admin

  • Control Dashboard
  • Login
  • Data analytics
  • Order tracking
  • History tracking

For Laundry Staff

  • Staff login
  • Route map to reach customer location
  • Analytics such as earning, order rate, service charges, etc.
  • Get pickup and delivery location request

What are the Developer Charges of making an app

Here are the basic hourly charges of app developers:

  • US App Developer: $100 to $250
  • European Developer: $50 to $150
  • Indian App developer: $15 to $80

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