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17 Easy To Implement Lead Magnet Examples To Grow Email List

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Lead Magnet Ideas

Lead magnets are perfect way to improve sales and grow profits. The idea of online presence or marketing is to grow subscribers and lead magnets can help you achieve that easily. In this article, we will share with you lead magnet examples that you can use straightaway.

What is lead magnet?

Lead magnet is an incentive to engage with your visitors in exchange for their personal details i.e. email address, phone number etc. This gives the ability to marketers to sell their products via email marketing to interested buyers. As a reward, the visitor get’s the offer i.e. download eBook, latest tips, a report, guide or checklist.

Why use lead magnet?

The idea is quite simple, to grow your email list.

Think about for a sec…

Why would someone share their email address happily? Is it because you are good brand or you are someone they can trust? Hence, a compelling reason or offer comes handy. They need to be able to relate themselves to your offer somehow.

Lead magnets are integral part of business growth for lead generation. In simpler terms, you need to show visitors value in your offer. This will encourage them to share their email address with you through lead magnet.

The information collected can be used to create unique offers that are specific to certain type of visitor. For example: You can create offers for women’s that are interested in sports shoes. You can then create automated email campaigns to send special offers that will have better success rate.

You get the idea, right?

What makes a good lead magnet?

#1 Demonstrate value: Your lead magnet need to be able to demonstrate value upfront, the moment visitor comes across your offer. Freebie’s that offer no real value are history and the visitors will not even bother looking at it. i.e. monthly updates.

#2 Relatable: Lead magnet that relates to visitors interest is a quick win. Therefore, you need to identify and choose the offers carefully to include in your lead magnet.

#3 Precise: Lead magnets are good as gold that are precise and add value to visitors knowledge. Who would want to download 100’s of pages of explanation when you can create quick tips on 1 page.

#4 Problem solver: Can your lead magnet help visitors solve their problem? When building a lead magnet don’t just think about the solution, think about whether it is the right solution to their problem.

#5 Sales pitch: Quite often than not the lead magnets sound very salesy. Hence, tend to push the visitors away. Simply put they are designed with one thing in mind profit and sales for business. Instead the focus should be on your visitors that can turn into potential customers.

Your lead magnet is a doorway to potential growth for your business. Hence, you should put every effort possible to get it right.

Different types of lead magnet

Pop up

Lead magnet can be something embedded in a blog post or a pop up. Pop ups are well known for their conversion rates. Exit Intent Pop up are good to draw your visitors back with an offer before they leave your website.

For example: You could show a special discount pop up to a visitor if they are about to leave the website.


Embedded lead magnet is useful to interact with visitors whilst they are scanning through your post. These look quite similar to google ads. Depending on the length of your content you can decide how many times to include the lead magnet. The good thing about embedded option is that you can display different offers or same offer multiple times.


Slide-in or fly-in lead magnet works similar to pop ups to grab visitors attention. The idea of it is to simple, to stand out! If your offer is not relevant or it does not stand out you may as well not have it at all. Remember, focus should be on adding value and not sales.


Another great option to engage with visitors is scroll lead magnets. For example: you can setup the lead magnet to show when a visitor reaches 25%, 50% or 75% of page scroll. Awesome, right?

Let’s assume that you understand how to create perfect lead magnet, let’s see some lead magnet examples now.

17 Most commonly used lead magnet examples


Toolkits lead magnet is a great way to attract visitors as it can resolve various problems. Therefore, visitors will be more inclined especially if it’s an free toolkit and from a trustworthy website. Mostly used by businesses where more than one resource is required.

Toolkit - Resources


Lead magnets that offer guides are great for beginners to pro level users. As long as it relatable to visitor they will be happy to download it. It works really well if you are building an sales funnel. Guides are usually long similar to eBook and are packed with loads of information.

Free Guide Magnet


Feedback lead magnet is one of the most favourable tool to grab insights about visitors spending behaviour. You can help visitors navigate to the right product page by asking simple questions. This can then lead to visitor becoming subscriber or paid customer.

Feedback Magnet


Online course lead magnets are easy to put together even with basic skills. All you need is a computer or smartphone with good audio and video quality. Then find a quite room and get into it. It may take few tries to hone the skill but it’s worth it in the end. You need to create the course once and setup lead magnet followed by series of automated emails. All set!

Courses Magnets


Webinars are great because they offer value straight off. 99.9% of the times are absolutely free and does not include hard core selling. The presenter often talks about tons of benefits that their product can offer and it usually ends with soft sales pitch. If the visitor sees the value throughout the course they are inclined to spend naturally.

Webinar Lead Magnets

Signup Offer

What an great way to turn visitors into potential customers by offering upfront value i.e. sign up discount. This type of offer is usually helpful if you have an well known brand or strong online presence. Don’t be disappointed, if you are an new business or website. This lead magnet can still bring in those subscribers if done correctly.

Signup Offer Magnet

Social Share

Social media has billions of active users each month making the most engaging community to share ideas. Lucky for us sharing your favourite recipes is no longer requires 10 steps guide. All you need to do is simply hit that share button on post or image. Usually there would be loads of options to share on different platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. However, some businesses and individuals prefer one social media platform over another due to their business modal.

Social Leads


Recommending new products on your website can go long way and can increase your sales. However, you got to be careful, how often the recommendation is being shown and if it is relevant to your audience.


Checkout offers are often encouraging and help the visitors to make decision. Offering specials and discounts can boost your chances of sale.


Promotional lead magnet are there to engage with the visitors. By choosing the right layout, image and context you can present the offer in more fun ways. This type of lead magnet can increase your chances of conversion.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

You may have noticed that many times visitors reach to the point that the product is in shopping cart but they don’t know if they should proceed. Free shipping along with some discount and a timer encourages the visitor to make quick decision. They know that once the time runs out they will have to pay standard price and shipping fee.


As the visitor browsing through products and adding them to cart, you can show additional relevant products to go along with their purchase. It’s a great proven strategy to upsell. For example: If someone buys sports t-shirt, you could recommend them to check out sports shoes range.

Upsell - Popup


Seasonal discounts are only applicable if your products change during different seasons. This type of lead magnet is suitable for businesses like clothing stores as their clothing range changes from one season to other.


eBooks are good selling point for various products i.e. marketing courses, cooking classes. The idea of this type of lead magnet is quite simple, you are offering eBook for free in exchange for their email address. This can then help you to connect with your visitors to sell products via email marketing,

eBook Magnets

First Order

First order lead magnet is quite powerful and it offers value upfront. It can work very well if your product range is unique, better price than your competitor or if you are well known brand.

First Order Leads

Special offer

Special offers immediately demonstrates value and has strong yet simple sales pitch. In this instance the visitor will either say yes or no. If the offer is relevant to visitor, the visitor will most likely purchase straight away or subscribe to come back later.


Report is helpful to gain insights about a specific topic or niche. A report can have a number of case studies to help you solve a problem that otherwise if difficult to resolve. All the resources are piled up into one report to help the visitor understand the reasons why, what, where and how etc.


We have shared with you 17 ready to use examples of lead magnets to grow your subscribers.

Relevancy is the key to success but without effort success will be miles away! Make sure that you choose the right lead magnet to help your business increase sales and profits over time.

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