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Learn what is a landing page and create one in 10 minutes

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Landing Page

A landing page is the specific page shown to visitors for marketing purposes. It can be seen as single page or multi page website.

It encourages the visitors to take an action and adds value to business. Some of the landing page examples may include e-book download, subscription or new product launch giveaways.

Sometimes, a landing page can also be referred as entrance page according to Google analytics. It simply means the first page user lands after either entering your website address in the browser or searching in search engines like Google.

Why would you use it?

You can prompt the user to take a certain action in return them offering their contact details.

Why would you need their contact details, if you can sell the product straight away?

After the sale the likelihood of that user returning to your website is almost Zero. You could gain new customers through paid advertisement with social media or Google. However, the retention value of those customers is poor.

visitors to customers

Therefore, a long-term strategy that successful businesses adapt is by capturing each visitors’ details including email address, name and phone number. This allows them to promote their product and service through email marketing or cold calling over ad over again.

In this instance businesses can save huge chunks of money on advertisements as they would have their own customer base.

The chances of a customer buying from your again increases significantly if the customer has already purchased something from your previously.

The customer becomes part of brand recognition and awareness model. Not only they will stick around, buy more stuff but also refer you to their friends, family and colleagues.

You know what happens next….

How can I create a landing page in 10 minutes?

You can do this one or the two ways as following:

#1 Create a landing page on your website and design from scratch

Assuming you are using WordPress platform, you can install a page builder plugin like Elementor. The plug has both free and paid version available.

In the free version you can create your own landing page, whereas pro version has some professional templates pre-made ready for you to use in one click.

Check out the article create wordpress landing page with Elementor. It includes video and the steps to create one in your own time.

#2 You can use online tools like Mailer Lite that has professional templates ready for you

This option is my personal favourite as you can create the landing page in under 10 minutes.

Follow the steps below to create your first landing page:

Step 1) Sign up free account with Mailer Lite

Step 2) Confirm your email address and log in

Step 3) After you have logged in, select the option sites and then create landing page

option sites

Step 4) Enter landing page name, select a group where the visitor detals will be recorded

Step 5) Choose your template relevant to your promotion i.e. download e-book

Step 6) Customize the title, text, style and colours to suite your promotion

landing page edit options

Step 7) Finalize with success page

Success page

Step 8) Add some SEO stuff to display in organic results or paid results

SEO settings and description

Step 9) Copy the URL and start sharing with everyone

URL and page settings

All done..

Examples of landing pages:

Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4

You can check out the video’s on how to create one from their resource library.

Feel struggling?

Ask a professional to create a landing page for you.

Still struggling, don’t know who to contact?

You can reach us via contact page.

Final Thoughts:

Make the use of online tools like Mailer Lite mentioned above to create landing pages instantly. Encourage the visitors to take an action by adding Call To Action (CTA) button.

Tell us in a few words, how was your experience in designing your first landing page?

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