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Mailerlite VS Convertkit: Which Is Better For List Building

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Mailerlite vs Convertkit

You know that your business can do better with more customers and what’s better than building your own email list. This method of approach may seem outdated for some but definitely has its perks. You might be thinking we are in the social media era and paid advertisements are the new approach.

Hang on tight..

I’m going to share with you the deep comparison between two great list building tools that will blow your mind away! The idea is quite simple to improve audience engagement for your business through email automation.

That being said let’s understand first…

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What is email list & why anyone should invest into it?

That’s a fantastic question, 10 points for you straight up!

Email list usually has the details including email address, name, website, phone number and social contacts. With this list, you can potentially turn visitors into paying customers and sometimes they are already existing customers. Whilst the advertisers are busy spending money on social media, Google and other paid streams, only the smart one’s are leveraging more benefits with targeted email list.

Why! First of all it costs way less to curate email list. In fact the cost would be a fraction of your paid advertisement budget. Secondly the results are ever lasting in most cases. Thirdly, you will be dealing with targeted audience that are already interested in your products or services. It means no more cold calling or sales.

All you need is the following:

Each time a visitor comes to your website, the list building tool will help you connect with them automatically.

In saying that you still need traffic to your website to have this method to work. As an added bonus we will discuss with you the free traffic sources you can use to increase your website traffic by 2.5x mostly for free.

Mailerlite vs Convertkit: Price Comparison

Let’s start with price point, after all that is the most important question, right?

25,000-55,000$379/Month$260/Month (60K)
55,000-105,000$679/Month$390/Month (110K)
Sign UpSign Up

We use affiliate links to obtain commission. If you click on any links you will be directed to our partner website. Where you can choose the product that suits you best. The price, inclusions and any offers mentioned above may change at any time at service providers discretion.

As you can see mailerlite clearly is the winner with regards to price and number of subscribers it offers.

Mailerlite vs Convertkit: Which tool is better for my niche?

Now the question is, which email marketing tool is better to use for your niche.

The answer isn’t straight forward, however I’m going to share with you a deep comparison I’ve done between mailerlite vs convertkit email marketing tools.

Landing PagesUnlimited5
Embedded FormsUnlimitedUnlimited
Pop Up FormsUnlimitedUnlimited
Product PagesUnlimitedN/A
Email AutomationN/AYes
Email BroadcastYesYes
Drag & Drop BuilderN/AYes
Built in Photo EditingN/AYes
Newsletter Templates (Pre-made)N/AYes
Grouping & SegmentationYesYes
A/B TestingN/AYes
Email Campaign ReportsYesYes
Multi User AccountsN/AYes
Email SupportYesYes
Sign Up (Free Forever)Sign Up (Free Forever)

Convertkit may seem to standout with a few features i.e. unlimited emails, however it does not offer email automation in the free plan. You can seriously survive with a limit of 12k emails per month as a beginner. That is specifically why I prefer mailerlite over Convertkit.

Now that we have got basic understanding of price and some important features, let’s dig deeper into it.

Mailerlite offers more flexible options along with email automation. Hence, this is my preferred option.

Mailerlite: The most important feature for email marketing

Both Mailerlite and Convertkit offers email automation. However, Convertkit comes with a price tag of $29 for basic plan. Whereas, you can sign up to Mailerlite’s free plan to avail this option.

Mailerlite offers (email automation) the most powerful features of email marketing for free. You can say with this feature alone 90% of your task is automated. You only need to spend 10% of your time once during initial setup.

Email automation is a must have feature for successful marketing. It takes the hassle away to send email campaigns manually to new subscribers. You can setup an welcome email that is sent to subscriber as soon as they enter their email address or setup an automated email sequence. In fact emails sent through sequences increase probability of having those extras sales by large number. To run a successful sequence you need to take the visitor on a journey, not literally!

Let me explain…

Usually the sequence starts with welcome email, followed by tips or tricks to engage the visitor. To learn the art of setting up email sequences that drive results, check out the ultimate guide to email sequences.

Mailerlite vs Convertkit: Double opt in option

Both mailerlite and convertkit offers this option to subscribers in their basic plan. Subscribers are sent an email to confirm if they wish to become your subscribers.

Some marketers consider double opt in option to be very useful and according to them it creates firm relationship with subscribers. To some extent it makes sense as well, however it is optional and you can choose however you like for your campaigns.

Be careful….

With double opt-in option, in case your subscriber forgets to check their email inbox for subscriber confirmation, you will not have a subscriber.

Mailerlite: is it good for beginners or startups?

Mailerlite free option is quite decent for beginners as you get up to 1,000 subscribers with 12,000 emails per month. The most important part for me is the email automation.

I mean who would want to sit on computer for hours to create email campaigns every week or month. With mailerlite you can craft welcome email in matter of minutes or simply choose the pre-made templates. This will keep your subscribers engaged and create positive experience.

Being a small business or start-up means low budget and usually hands are tied up with lots of things. Hence, why email automation is utmost important in any case.

Let’s take a look at subscription forms…

Lead Magnets

Sign up form, newsletter, special offer, tips or eBook whichever name you use they all are part of subscription form. In marketing world they are referred as lead magnets.

Lead magnet helps a visitor engage with your website or business seamlessly. As a business you get a new subscriber that is added to your email list and the visitors get what they want, a special offer, tip or access to free tool.

Once you have subscriber added to your list then you can segment the subscribers and create targeted email list. By segmenting the visitors you can have better conversion rate. For example: if a visitor is interested in mens shoes for workout, you can customize your campaigns accordingly.

Here are couple examples of subscription templates:

Segmentation and Grouping

Grouping: It helps you capture a broader audience. Essentially anyone that visits your website and subscribes becomes part of the group.

For example: You create a sign up form that offers 10% off for new subscribers on mens shoes. As soon as the subscriber joins the group they are adding into a group “New Subscribers – Offer 10%”.

Bear in mind a subscriber may be part of multiple groups based on individual interests.

Grouping - Mailerlite

Segmentation: It can help with long term business goals. You can pick and choose subscriber based on their location, age, gender and so on. The most interesting fact about segmentation is that you can choose as small audience as necessary and separate the paid subscribers vs free.

Segmentation - Mailerlite

Integrations: Mailerlite vs Convertkit

Mailerlite offers 125 integrations to get the most out of it. However you may need to pay a fee to upgrade some features of the integration with its provider.

You may find some common one and may find some new ones that you can try and have fun with. The most common ones are WordPress and Woo-Commerce as there are millions of website that are built on these two powerful platforms.

You can easily look up a video on YouTube on how to integrate Mailerlite into WordPress or your platform. Alternatively, if you have a small budget, you can try a freelancer to install it for you.

Integrations- Mailerlite

Convertkit isn’t far off from offering tons of integrations as well similar to Mailerlite. However, I was unable to find the exact number. You can find potentially fair few common integrations that both providers offer i.e. Shopify, WordPress, Woo-commerce.

What make Mailerlite standout from its competitor is its simplicity according to my findings. You may see it differently after you have compared the both tools.

Similar Integrations - Convertkit

Email Automation Workflow

It is about time, we came to learn a few things about email automation, since we have mentioned a few times throughout this article.

Email automation is nothing more but a series of emails to engage with your subscribers at different levels.

For example: You sent an invitation to your friend for a party. Your friends accepted the invitation. After your friend arrives at your door front, you would say hello and welcome to your house. Then you would show them around if this is the first time he/she is visiting your house. Then you would sit down and have a chat. Shortly after you would offer something to drink or perhaps eat. Your friend would either accept or decline.

Welcome email cover

Similarly, email automation is sequence of events that takes place one after another.

First one in the list has to be welcome email soon after your subscriber has joined. You would like to share with them who you are and make them feel connected.

Subscriber joins group - Mailerlite

Second email is usually something informational (tips, tricks, how to guides etc.) that you would like to share with them relevant to their interest. In this instance we will wait 2 days before sending our informational email. Simply because you don’t want to sound salesy or pushy. A good email sequence flows naturally therefore the conversions are much higher.

Informational email - Mailerlite

Third email is generally based on the outcome of second email. It means the third email has a condition to check if any links were clicked by subscriber. If a link was clicked then you can set up a different sequence from there on and the same if no link was clicked you can setup accordingly.

Condition check - mailerlite workflow

Get the idea, right?

You can make the sequence as long as you wish based on your offer and marketing goals.

Track Your Results

The most important part of any business or marketing strategy is to track the outcome. If you haven’t been paying attention to your results, all that effort, time and money is going down the drain.

It’s harsh but it’s the fact!

Tracking with mailerlite is very easy and you can see the results in the workflow screen.

Workflow - Complete View - Mailerlite

Mailerlite or Convertkit: Who can benefit from email marketing?

That’s a great question!

Anyone who is looking to grow audience, traffic and sales. Let me break it down each component for you.


Audience is the core of any business and without audience it would be much like fish without water.

Didn’t make sense?

Choosing the right audience for your business is an topic of its own, however extremely crucial for business growth. If you are marketing to wrong audience, it is not going to help you with those sales and business profits. i.e. advertising women’s shoes link that takes the visitor to mens shoes.

Let’s assume you have a website that sells different types of shoes mens, women, kids, elderly, athletes etc. However, to sell those shoes you need customers and to get those customers you need traffic. The website traffic is nothing more but some wanderers (window shoppers) to your online store. In digital world they are referred as “visitors”.

Now you might be thinking how do you get these visitors? Well, that’s where the next part come into play!

Mailerlite offers more flexible options along with email automation. Hence, this is my preferred option.


We have established by now that to sell your shoes you need website traffic or visitors. To gain visitors there are quite a few options and we are going to look into couple of them.

#1 Paid Traffic

In this instance you choose your favourite advertisement place i.e. Google and spend a few hundred or thousands to gain some traffic. However, not everyone coming to your website or online store will buy shoes. Some of them will be just browsing much like window shopping. The trouble is that even though they don’t buy anything you will still be paying to Google for each time they click on your ad in search results. You will notice soon your pockets will be empty especially if you are a beginner.

Paid Traffic Example

Alternatively, you can hire an agency to save some money on the ad spend. The reason being you will be dealing with professionals and they should know how to optimize your ads to get better results. In this case instead of spending time working out which keywords to use, you will be paying an ad agency to do the heavy lifting for you. In saying that you should be careful as there are lots of scams (fake companies) out there. Use your common sense and do some background research before handing over your hard earnt money.

#2 Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is generated mostly through website optimization techniques and SEO. Organic traffic can be achieved by hiring an SEO expert and fortunately there are tons of them available online. The other option would be spend years learning Search Engine Optimization and then run your website to rank in search engines like Google.

Organic Traffic Example

If you are interested in learning about SEO, you should definitely check out the following topics:

#3 Sales

Now that you understand importance of audience and traffic, let’s sell some shoes.

Hang on a sec…we are not quite there yet!

To sell your product, you need to have either irresistible offer that a visitor can not ignore or have strategy in place. If you are new to online store most likely you don’t have a team of professionals working for you. Hence, having a email subscription form is the best approach here. Not only you will be able to engage with your visitors but also sell products through email marketing automation.

Bonus: Grow your website traffic with these 8 tips

After all without traffic to your website, there will be no subscribers. We all know by now, no subscribers means no sales. Therefore, you should put every effort to attract loads of traffic to your website.

To get more traffic you should act on the following tips:

  • Sign up forums and join in the community discussions (leave signatures with your website link)
  • Join Quora and answer the questions (Solve a problem for others in your niche and include link to your website)
  • Linked in profile to meet other professionals and include your website link in your profile
  • Try social sharing of interesting topics along with your website details
  • Affiliate referrals (create an affiliate program for your website and join other affiliate programs)
  • Join Facebook and Twitter groups in your niche, share your website links but don’t be spammy
  • Send email campaign to existing subscribers to encourage them to browse new or existing products
  • Guest post on high authority domains that has lots of website traffic and diverse audience

Lastly paid option is always there, if you have got a few hundreds dollars, spend on quality ads. You can choose to design the ads yourself or have it done through professionals.

Final Words

You have learnt about the important features that both Mailerlite and Convertkit offer. Feel free to play with both tools and choose the best email automation tool based on your business goals and marketing requirements. My preference to this date stands with Mailerlite based on my list building goals. There are tons of resources offered by Mailerlite to learn the ropes of email marketing.

I would love to have your feedback on how you went with comparing Mailerlite vs Convertkit.

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