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Gravity Forms Membership Plugin

WordPress is packed full of features to create a basic membership site. However, some of that functionality needs to be updated overtime. The good part, you can easily find plugins to meet your requirements along the way, as your business grows. For instance: Gravity forms to create registration and login forms, Memberpress to restrict content.

Gravity forms offers visual tools to create registration forms in no time. Once the form has been created, it can be integrated easily with membership site. You can also restrict the content for visitors, ask them to register or even pay to view content.

Sounds cool, right?

Let’s take a look at Gravity form first….

Create registration form

The first step to create a membership site is to setup registration form. Gravity forms allows to create forms visually. It means you don’t have to worry about programming or coding. Once you have created the form it can be added to any page or post through short-code. Alex explains 13 platforms to create your membership site with ease.

After you have installed the plugin, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Go to add ons and install user registration
  • Create a new form, add name and leave description blank
  • On the visual editor choose the fields you would like on the form i.e. name, email, password
  • After you have selected the field you require on form, click update to save the changes

Now we need to create user registration feed:

  • Then go to settings, user registration, add new
  • Select the action, create user
  • Under the user settings, select nickname i.e. first name, last name
  • Then the role of user as subscriber
  • You can change the display name to user name for your site
  • Next you can set up user meta fields, if you like
  • Under additional options, choose the ones most relevant i.e. send password via email to user
  • Once you have configured, settings click update to save changes

Add confirmation after registration

  • You can add personalised message that user will see after the registration process has completed
  • Once finish with the message, click save confirmation

Create Registration Page

  • Add gravity form as the main block
  • Select the user registration form from drop down menu
  • On the right side bar select the custom setting i.e. hide the form title
  • After customised, publish the page

Default page for registrations

  • To make the user registration page default, go to forms
  • Under the user registration settings, click the option enable custom registration page
  • From the drop down menu select the page that has your registration form
  • The register link will point the user to new registration page instead of default WordPress registration page

Gravity forms annual subscription starts at $59 per year with single site licence.

Gravity Forms Various

Protecting the content

WordPress default options either require the user to input password or be an editor to view protected content. Therefore, we need to make sure all registered users can see the content with in their described roles. The best way to approach this would be with a membership plugin. There are many plugins that can fulfil that role easily. This should help us place restriction on parts of the post or page. You can fine tune the settings as you please.

A basic membership plugin such as MemberPress is super easy to setup. MemberPress plugin has been around for very long time. You don’t need a developer or advanced computer skills to setup this plugin. Once you have installed the plugin, add Stripe or PayPal details, your products and you are all set.

MemberPress Membership Plugin

Payment gateway integration

Have you ever experienced the pain of fiddling with payment gateway integrations? Well, I have and let me tell you it was frustrating! So, when it comes to linking your Stripe account for instance MemberPress has it all covered for you. Not only you can easily setup the payment facility but also ensure it works seamlessly. All you need to do is copy and paste the API keys, tweak couple of settings and you are done. That simple!

Content permissions and access levels

You will notice that on each page and post a new set of options are visible. You can choose the role for each post or leave it to be default i.e. subscriber. Once you have configured the roles, you will notice that the visitors will be prompted to login to access certain content or posts. This feature is very useful if you feel your content is worthy charging a payment. Not only you will be able to charge payments but also get users to subscribe. It means you can communicate latest offers and updates with your subscribers on going basis.

Login form to access content

Setting up a login form does not have to be complicated. You can most definitely use default login form offered by WordPress. However, if you want to provide better user experience, You can use login form offered by MemberPress plugin or create a custom login page. Additionally, you can add a login widget to the side bar menu, for users to access easily. You are able to restrict content based on member roles. category, tags and almost any file.

Hide the admin bar

The problem with the default WordPress setup is that it will show admin bar to all logged in users. This can be easily achieved by installing another plugin such as “Hide Admin Bar Based on User Roles”. It makes sense as well, users with roles i.e. customer to subscribers have got nothing to do with admin bar. Hence, should not be shown such options.

Coupons and discounts

Discounts are critical part of online business success. MemberPress allows you to create unlimited coupons, set their expiry and limit the number of uses per coupon. You can even set custom codes for your coupons.

Compatibility with themes

MemberPress plugin has been build with the idea that it should integrate with majority themes. It should work with vast majority of WordPress and Woo-Commerce themes or even if you are using a custom theme. They keep on adding features to make even more compatible with latest updates.

Final Thoughts

Gravity forms together with MemberPress plugin can turn a basic website into something that users will love. Not only both plugins offer tons of features but also add flexibility to change options easily. Don’t forget Stripe makes it easy to charge payments from users.

Anything we missed, do let us know in the comments section below!

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