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Refunds Policy


What is a refund?

Refund is something requested by the publisher of an listing on Koaas, if the publisher had to pay an advertisement fee.


Does Koaas offer refund for listing?

No, Once you have comitted to an paid publishing, a refund is not available.


What is Paid Publishing?

Listing published on Koaas is free, however some premium features or listings may attract a fee. Sometimes Koaas may run offers and may offer listing depending on the publishing terms and conditions. To find out more about the ongoing offers by Koaas, please click here


What if i accidentally used my credit and contact Koaas immidiately after I have done so?

Refunds are not credited back, however in saying so we like to be fair and give you the oppourtunity to explain. Given your siatutaion is exceptional and we have reasonable grounds to beleive that you have made an mistake with the publishing, we will then credit your Koaas account with the ad credit spent for publishing. Company paid publishing accounts are not part of this exception.


Refund for Incoreect Listing?

Should you make an error in listing the item correctly and where it has been marked as spam, the publishing may be deactivated, deleted or blocked completely for viewing by our Koaas users/customers. In the event Koaas hold the right to decline and credit back to your Koaas account or refund for such error.


You can contact Koaas at any time through our contact page to have our decision reviewed. The outcome of the decision and the time to resolve such dispute may depend on case by case basis. You will receive the communication and updates on such review from Koaas.


On the other hand you are able to edit the listing, type of service, price or any details of an published listing through your account at Koaas unlimited times within the validity period of listing.


Refund for incorrect listing by other user, resulting in loss or damage ?

Whilst browing on Koaas, if identified the listing published by other user is not valid, the details have error or missing details, we recommend to communicate with the publisher of that particular listing.


No refund is avilable for incorrect listing published by other Koaas user/customer/individual and/or comany, resulting in loss or damage of any kind (See our Terms and Conditions and other related policies available on Koaas if you have further questions). We may remove the listing if the listing does not follow our posting guidelines or reported by other user as spam.


You can contact the listing publisher to verify the details of listing or ask for any proof necessary. It should be dealt with the publisher of such listing by yourself. Though we take necessary steps to minimize such occurances, however we are limited to our human and system capabilities as any other individual.


Refund for paid listing not appearing correctly?

Once you have published your listing and if your listing has not appeared on Koaas due to our error, we will investigate the issue and will communicate with you directly through your registered email address to provide you with any update. We will take appropriate steps to remedy the situation to our best, if necessary alternative arrangements may be discussed at our discretion. We are here to make the things easier for you, therefore if your case is exceptional, we may offer you full refund or credit depending on the outcome of investigation.


Refund for our System Error?

Being an online system, there might be times when we require to perform maintenance on our system to provide better products, service, efficiency and accuracy, In such event if your listing is impacted or the outcome of your listing is impacted please contact us immidiately through our contact page to remedy the situation. The outcome of such scenario may depend on the area of concern and issue directly related to and imapct it has on your listing on Koaas, at our discretion.


What types of services can we offer refund for?

Koaas does not refund for listings asvertised on our website unless stated otherwise as above in exceptional cases at our discretion. We do not offer any form of compensation or refund, if you feel disadvantaged you may provide us with your feedback through at any time.


Different listings may have different fees and charges, it may update at any time!

At Koaas we offer different types of listings to cover the most of ground. To explain further 

You can advertise your house for sale, rent, share accomodation

You can advertise to sell your boat, car, bike

You can advertise to offer services massage, electrician, plumbing & much more


Therefore different types of listing may have different publishing cost depending on the type. You will be able to review the cost of listing before it is published and can securely pay through our payment partner's using your credit cards, debit cards via Paypal.


However if an refund is agreed by Koaas at our sole discretion may be refunded in the form of credit for your Koaas account or in exceptional circumstances to your immediate payment type selected during your payment was made to Koaas for publishing a listing on Koaas.


Refund WILL NOT be directed to any other bank accounts or your personal paypal email id linked or advised differently other than the original source of payment whether being, direct deposit, credit card , debit card etc.



Important Note: User/Customers/Individuals and/or company offered listings on Koaas are self managed by each individual publisher and may update the listing at any time. See our FAQsPrivacy Policy, Terms and Conditions & Special Offer's Terms and Conditions policies to familiarize yourself with any other questions that you may have to throw us an email at 


Last updated: 01-01-2018


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