Role of the Internet in Education

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Internet in education

Can we imagine anything without internet today? Feeling Hungry? Use the internet to order food. Stuck somewhere? Use the internet to make it right. It is even more widely used in the field of education. Internet in education sector has changed significantly during the recent pandemic.

The Internet plays a very important role in the field of education. Students might use the internet to gain more knowledge or gather more information about a certain topic. Students hardly need books anymore. They can study and clear their doubts on a various topics with search engines such as Google, yahoo etc.

There are also e-books today which further reduce the requirement of real books. With each passing day, the relevance of the internet in education and educational institutes is increasing. There are google classrooms where teachers are uploading study materials or even online portals where teachers can upload study materials and the students can download and study according to their convenience.

Most of the communication has started taking over mail, increasing the importance of the internet in education. Many institutes have the internet as a facility such as Madras University Distance Education.

The Internet has become very affordable and convenient today. People like to use it and it has become a kind of necessity nowadays. Institutions, homes and even cafes have WiFi as a free good for their students and customers. Students need internet for preparing for their exams, knowing more about a subject and so much more. The Internet makes gaining information easier, recalling things easier and staying connected easier. Below we would be discussing the importance and benefits that the internet provides in the field of education. Internet is the back bone of Digital India campaign.

The Internet provides education to all

Excessive cost of education is one of the reasons why several students leave studies and join jobs at an early age. The Internet has solved this problem to some extent. People can see free of cost videos and learn many things and also prepare for competitive examinations. People now don’t have to stop learning just because of high costs, they can continue for free with the help of internet. In this way, education is made free of cost on the internet.

Communication is made easier

The Internet has made communication between people easier. Students can be constantly in contact with teachers. They can clear all their doubts, problems and questions at any time. They don’t have to wait anymore until the next day to get their answers and clear their doubts. The Internet has also made it possible for educators all over the world to connect with students who require their guidance. Even people with similar knowledge and concepts can interact and gather more knowledge on a subject. 

Internet is an effective tool for learning

There are several tools on the internet with the help of which the teachers can judge the performance of their students. They can also evaluate their student’s performance based on quizzes and tests taken by them online. It is said that visual knowledge is much more powerful than listening. Thus, teachers can also prepare power points, slides, images and even videos to make their students understand and gain more information about a certain subject or topic.

Access to education easily

The Internet provides the convenience of studying easily to the students. Teachers can provide various information, articles and study materials to their students via the internet and make them much more knowledgeable. They can also make the students learn more by organising online simulation games, quizzes and study materials. 

Save paper with e-books

internet in education - ebook

E-books have replaced the books. This has saved a huge amount of paper. This is a very green and sustainable change that the internet has been able to bring about. There are many online portals which provide several books for a minimum amount charged at the very beginning. These provide good quality and knowledgeable books and study materials that help students to a great deal.

You are never out of date

Online sites regarding news, books and study materials would always keep you updated. This is one of the biggest benefits of having an internet connection. These applications always keep you updated and you won’t be missing any new study material or news. You won’t be missing any new information on the subject and would be learning all. 

Final Thoughts

Every invention is a boon if used properly. It is up to whether they make it use it as an advantage or disadvantage. The kids should be guided by parents and shown the right path.

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