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SEO Audit Tool

Have you been looking for a SEO audit tool that can do it all?

Well, your search will end here!

In this article we will be sharing on how to use the SEO audit tool effectively, as well as which free SEO tool is better.

But before that…

What is SEO Audit?

SEO audit provides the valuable insights into various aspects of your website.

It may include:

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Why should you do it?

Gain Profits - Improve website visitors

The ultimate goal for doing SEO is to gain more visitors. The more visitors you get your website, the better chance you have selling your products and services.

The insights can help you determine the root cause of the problem and give you steps to fix it.

For example: If you report showed there are 10 pages with broken links. You can add 404 redirection to it or even direct to a new valid page.

A valid page is essentially a page that is live with products, services or information.

Who needs to do it?

Every business that has online presence locally, statewide or globally.

The idea of having business online is to grow your profits. Therefore, every business should do SEO audit every 2-3 months or the least every six months.

This can eliminate the underlying issues with your website. It may be is the sole reason as to why your business might be getting less visitors. you can not only check and improve your website overall SEO score but also do competitive analysis.

Knowing what your competitors are up to, can keep you ahead of the game!

Which SEO is better for me?

Local SEO

The answer to this question lies with your business modal.

For example: If you run a butcher shop, you should focus on local SEO. Therefore finding an local expert around your area would be best.

However, since there might be dozens of butchers in your area other than you, therefore you will need to choose the expert to do the job.

Always focus on providing value to your customers and you shall succeed.

Reasons to perform SEO audit

There are several different reasons to perform a local SEO audit.

#1 Be found in search results

The #1 reason to do SEO audit is to make sure, your audience can easily find you in search engines like Google. It depends on your business modal being local, statewide or global.

Your SEO expert can define Geographics to attract visitors from a specific region. This can save you huge on your website optimization costs over the period of time.

The process will help you gain popularity over time and you will see increase in website traffic.

#2 Understand your competition

Another reason to perform a local SEO audit is to understand your competition.

In some cases, competition for particular keywords can be very intense. It may require a careful comparison to reveal the true authority of your brand or website.

SEO audit tool can help with the comparison very quickly and accurately. This will allow your site to appear higher in search results and dominate your local market.

#3 Follow SEO guidelines set by Google

A good structured website tends to outperform the generic websites.

Therefore, SEO audit tool can outlay any concerns that may require your attention. The tool will normally categorise the issues with low, medium or high priority remarks. In some cases depending on the tool it may be colour coded i.e. red, yellow and green

A local SEO expert will be able to tell you what requirements each search engine has, and recommend ways to meet those requirements in order to rank highly.

This can save you both time and money, allowing your business to grow while the search engines continue to reward your site’s efforts.

How to choose the right SEO audit tool?

A few years ago, an SEO audit tool were very different to what it is today.

Today’s tools are extremely effective and can be an integral part of your company’s search engine optimization efforts.

So, how do you find a tool that allows you to find opportunities in each stage of the audit process.

Thinking of hiring a professional for the job

It’s important that your SEO expert is

  • professional with proven track record
  • has the proper tools to make the assessment
  • is up to date with the latest search engine optimization trends
  • can clearly explain the results in plain English
  • able to execute the necessary changes to improve websites SEO

There are many SEO experts that offer a free report. It gives detailed information about your website, competition, and keyword relevancy.

You can also get a free analysis on a per page basis or for the whole website

What to look for in a SEO audit tool?

In order to be a good SEO audit tool, you’ll need a tool that is

  • easy to understand
  • offers multiple levels of results
  • is completely transparent about what it is doing

Some tools will ask for a little upfront fee while others are completely free.

Is your content relevant to your business and audience?

You will need a good SEO audit tool, to identify if the content on your website is relevant to your audience.

An SEO expert can perform complete analysis to determine the relevancy and propose suggestions to improve it. This may include keyword analysis, sentence structure, image description etc.

Let’s take a look into…..

Which tools are available online?

#1 SEMrush

SEMrush SEO Audit Tool

SEMrush is a complete package for your SEO auditing needs. It has the best SEO audit tool for website traffic insights, keywords research, competitor analysis, topic research, backlinks audit and much more.

It has both free and paid options. The free plan offers you 10 queries daily and 10 results per query.

#2 Ahrefs

Ahrefs SEO Audit Tool

Ahrefs is another great tool packed with powerful features like Keyword research, competitor analysis, backlinks audit etc. It sounds quite similar to SEMrush, however it uses different matrix to determine the website authority.

The Ahrefs SEO audit tool has 7 days trial plan for $7 and it’s well worth it. the insights you can gain about your website or your competitors are priceless.

#3 Moz

Moz SEO Tool

Moz offers the great SEO tools that can provide in depth information. However, it lacks some powerful features that SEMrush and Ahrefs has to offer. i.e. Topic research

Moz has a toolbar for Google chrome that can be used free of charge forever. Additionally you can try Moz pro for 30 days without any cost.

Make sure to cancel your subscription before trial if you think Moz is not the right SEO audit tool for you.

#4 Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest Tool By Neil Patel

Ubersuggest is the tool offered by Neil Patel, who has been offering digital marketing services over a decade.

The guy has wealth of knowledge and his tool has some basic features to get you started.

You can try the tool for free or jump straight into paid options. Though the tool does not have tons of features, it can still provide you great insights.

Bear in mind, the tool uses completely different algorithms compare to SEMrush and Ahrefs. Therefore, the results do vary in many aspects of auditing.

#5 Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google analytics is a free tool offered by tech giant Google itself. You can’t go wrong with using the tool. There are thousands of videos and articles online on how to use the tool effectively.

You will need to install a small snippet of code on your website. If you are not familiar with coding yourself ask a webmaster or SEO expert. they will be able to do it for you.

Once the script has been installed you can see:

  • Live data in matter of seconds
  • Number of real time visitors
  • The pages they are browsing
  • The geograhics, demographics
  • Referring sources
  • + much more…

You get the picture, right?

Here’s an article on how to use Google Adwords for your business by Kinsta.

Google Ads formerly known as Google Adwords, is a great tool to kick start your SEO. This tool does not offer SEO auditing functionality. However, it has tons of data to perform keyword research.

Keyword research takes up the majority of the SEO analysis and is an important factor for website ranking.

You can find a list of 15+ free SEO tools to cover the various aspects of your website audit and overall performance.

Final Words

As you can see, there are many reasons why you would want to perform a SEO audit.

The SEO audit tool can help you identify key issues and provide you the options to improve your search engine rankings.

Tell us in a few words, which SEO tool is your personal favourite?

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