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To Be a Good SEO Writer, Follow These 10 Steps

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A good SEO campaign for a website is one that makes heavy use of article marketing to boost rankings. Though most people and businesses use this strategy effectively, only a few are able to step up and offer quality as well as relevant content to the ever-changing search engine algorithms.

In order to become a quality SEO writer, you must first understand the various concepts of SEO. After all, you do not want to be penalized by having your search engine rankings lowered due to errors with your content.

#1 Research Keywords

SEO writing begins with researching and understanding the keywords used by your potential clients, which are likely to use search engines to look for your articles. Any person looking for information regarding any topic will first turn to the internet for resources. In fact, this is where most people get their information regarding the niche market they are in.

#2 Avoid use of general keywords

Avoid using general keywords in your articles, which are larger and more common for that topic. As an expert in the niche, you should know what phrases and words are commonly used by people in their online usage. Of course, this does not mean that you should pepper your article with every call to action, but it will at least make the chances of your readers reaching you worthwhile.

#3 Work on the primary keywords

seo writer - primary keywords

Also, you can code your articles in such a way that your primary keywords will be featured on your content. Before you start writing, you should have chosen these keywords or phrases carefully, and should use them throughout your content. Use strong tags to target the keywords, comparing them to strong and emphasis tags. You can use other tags such as strong headings, strong numbers, and emphasis tags for more insight on these keywords.

#4 Use the keywords through out the content

If you are writing web copy, then you will want to use keywords throughout that content, as well as in the HTML tags that are used to create the web page. These are the title tags and the keywords. You can see the title tags by looking at your web page’s source code, and you can use the keywords in the heading tags and in the initial part of the text.

#5 Include keyword in URL

You can also include keywords in your URLs. As with keywords in your articles, incorporating keywords into your URL is important to ranking well in the search engines. You can use keywords in your domain name, but you should also consider other options, such as using the keywords in your URL string.

You can also integrate keywords into your website design by using short URLs, long URL strings, and italic keyword tags. By creating unique URLs for each of your pages, search engines can index these differently. In addition, you can use keyword-rich file names for your pages to help them rank well in the searches.

#6 Social media to leverage traffic

One of the main ways to get traffic to your website is to use social networking to promote your business. If you have good content and communicate with your target audience by constantly updating your website and interacting with your clients, they will find your website posts and be happy to share it with others. This can really improve your traffic.

#7 Update regularly with fresh content

seo writer fresh content

Your website should always be updated with fresh and unique content. By maintaining fresh content, you will be able to get more traffic by providing readers with information that is not available anywhere else. Also, people will be happy to come back to your site and share your content with others. This will surely increase your traffic.

#8 Write quality content for others

Another SEO strategy is to write articles and post them on other websites or article hosting directories. As people are interested in reads contents and will click on clickable text or banner ads, if you make just a few ads here and there, this can improve your click rate and eventually your traffic.

#9 Choose the right keywords

Be sure that you select the right keywords for your articles. The keywords are the words or phrases that people use to search for information. If you are not sure what these words are, there are various keyword services that can help you determine the most popular search terms that are used by searchers.

#10 Content must be human and search engine friendly

While part of SEO is having good content, you should make sure that the content is easily readable by both humans and the search engine bots. If you are not sure what a good keyword density is, there are various tools that can help you determine this. The most popular is the Google Keyword Tool, but there are also free keyword tools that let you determine various keywords.

Final Words

SEO is only one part of getting traffic to your website. You will also need to learn how to optimize your code, and organize your content properly so that the search engines index you.

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