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Step by Step Guide – Create and Delete Quora Account

  • Jatin 
Quora Main - Delete Quora Account

Are you one of those who has had enough with Quora? If yes, then jump to the middle of the page to learn “how to delete my Quora account”.

However, if you are a newbie want to try your luck with Quora or simply want to lend a hand solving others problem.

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What is Quora?

Quora is landmine of people with questions. The questions mostly refer to a problem requesting for an answer from general public.

To ask a question or answer, you will need to create an account.

Don’t worry it’s free!

For the ones that have already had their life time spent on Quora answering questions might want to stick around to find out how easy it is to delete Quora account.

First of all, how to create Quora account?

Step 1) Type in word “Quora” in your favourite search engine Google or simply type in your web browser

Step 2) Create an account using email address i.e. Hotmail, outlook or simply login through Facebook or Google account (as shown in the image below)

Step 3) Once you have logged in you will see the following

Quora Dashboard

Step 4) Update your profile

Step 5) Ask a question, share a link or start answering

Quora ask a question

Things you should know about Quora:

Things about delete Quora account
  • Quora will display questions matching yours to avoid duplicate content
  • When answering be genuine and solve the problem to the best of your ability
  • Pass the answer if you don’t understand the question or it is not relevant to your expertise
  • Quora sometimes randomly throws the questions at you, however you don’t need to answer
  • Not answering the question does not have a negative impact on your profile
  • If the question has already been answered, move on to the next question
  • Join spaces in category of your expertise. It’s similar to Facebook community groups

If you are genuinely helping others, your answer will get a lot more views.

What does it mean, more views?

More views lead recognition of your name or brand. The more you answer, the more views you get. Then people start to notice your name. This can help you with your business growth and build links with business in same interest.

Not only you will build links but also helpful to drive quality traffic to your website.

More traffic means, more sales….

It’s that simple!

Here’s an example of one of the questions that I answered recently.

question on Quora

With one answer alone was, I was able to generate 21.6k views

delete quora account - 21.6k views for Answer

Isn’t that awesome?

Now, let’s move on to the ones who are ready to delete Quora account

It must feel like as if you were quitting your job after years of doing the same thing.

Step 1) On the top right-hand corner click on your profile icon

delete Quora account

Step 2) Select option settings

Step 3) Click on the option privacy

Step 4) Scroll down the page to deactivate or delete account option

Step 5) Delete account

Final Words:

You can build a pretty good brand recognition by helping others in the areas of your expertise. Think about others first before your benefit and you will have success over time.

Tell us in a few words below, are you quitting or joining Quora and why?

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