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Blog » SEO Tools » Step By Step Guide: SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

Step By Step Guide: SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

  • Jatin 
SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

Have you always wandered, only if you knew how to use SEMrush keyword magic tool? Well! The good news is that you don’t have to look any further!

In this article we will go through on how to use SEMrush keyword magic tool effectively. We will uncover the various aspects of tool including search volume, keyword difficulty, questions and how to export results.

Before we get into that, let’s create a free trial account. After you have logged in, select option keyword magic tool from the left menu.

Keyword Magic Tool - Intro

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool – Explained

You can compare the data between different countries and search terms. You can type in any keyword, select country and hit search.

For example: “mens shoes”, select the country where your product or service is being offered and then compare results. You can compare data based on different countries, simply change your country for the same keyword and then compare results.

SEMrush keyword magic tool - select country

Compare Search Volume & Keyword Difficulty

After you have entered the keyword, the tool will show you the results sorted by Search Volume. Search volume refers to the number of times a keyword is searched in search engines over a month.

In the example below you can see the keyword “men’s shoes” is searched around 550,000 times in 30 days. Though the results are not live, however quite accurate.

Keyword difficulty means how difficult it is for you to rank in search engines. Higher the difficulty score means it will require a lot of effort, time and money to rank better.

Ranking refers to position of your website or blog in search results of any given search engine i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo.

Keyword Magic Tool - Search Volume & Keyword Difficulty
Tips - Search & Volume

As a beginner try to aim for minimal difficulty but higher search volume keywords. It will require a bit of patience to look for your perfect keywords. However, it is definitely possible.

Advance Filters With SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

Advance filters can help you achieve more in less time. To locate advance filters option, navigate on the page to the highlighted area in the image below.

KMT - Advance Filters

Once you have found the option click the arrow next to it. You will see further options as above.

For this example; we are going to try the keyword difficulty filter. As you can see below it has from and to sections. In the from section you can leave it blank or input 10 as the minimum difficulty score and 70 as maximum. Once you have keyed in the details simply hit apply filters button highlighted in blue colour. You will then see similar results as below.

Based on the results below, we should then find the most relevant keyword to your requirement. We can already see that the lowest keyword difficulty score is 63.61% for keyword “elevator shoes for men”. Now if you are running a blog, this could be a good start to write article. However if you are selling “mens shoes” then this keyword may not be the best fit for you.

Then you should move on to next lowest keyword difficulty score and see if that fits with in your requirement. In doing so, remember search volume is equally important. There has to be a good balance between search volume and keyword difficulty in order to drive traffic to your website.

KMT - Filtered Results
Tips - Filters

You should explore other areas of advance filters and not limit yourself to only keyword difficulty option.

Questions Based on Keywords With SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

Questions can be useful for articles to write blogs. You can check with SEMrush keyword magic tool which is being searched more compare to others. Once you have identified the most appropriate question you can then start to write your article. The similar criteria should be followed as discussed above for keywords for better outcome.

Export Results With SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

Yes, you can export keywords and questions based on your plan. The free plan gives you 10 searches per 24 hrs and 10 results per search term. The free trial can offer you export capacity based on the plan you have activated. You can export the results based on grouping of keywords or individually.


We have covered all the necessary steps in our tutorial about SEMrush keyword magic tool. In the video tutorial you can see it in action and practice at the same time. If you haven’t already, you can watch it here.

Thank you for your time reading this article. Please share a few words in the comments below, if this tutorial was helpful!