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Blog » Marketing » Tap Into Google Ads Benefits To Advance Your Business Goals

Tap Into Google Ads Benefits To Advance Your Business Goals

  • Jatin 
Google Ads

Google Ads is a platform developed by Google to meet user advertising needs. It makes use of search-based advertising. It is one of the biggest channels used by digital marketers to grow their businesses. While it’s true that Google Ads can only help you reach those people who are already looking for your offers, it can also bring you additional traffic from those referred to your website by other websites, in a process called “referral marketing”.

So, let’s tap into Google ads benefits to advance your business goals?

Google ads are paid advertisements that are placed to the top or bottom of search results. Besides from getting your story in front of more eyeballs, Google ads also drive targeted traffic who are in a buying mode. Google ads is one of the best ways to attract clients, who are looking for a product or service like yours. Word Stream, an ad network on Google’s Display Network, found that paid search ads lead to 75% more conversions than organic search. And here’s the best part: You can now stop throwing money into a blackhole, and instead focus on “leveraging your budget” on the right keywords.

#1 Attract new customers

Advertising your business on Google is a great way to attract new customers. Whether you sell products or services, Google Ads can help you get found by people who are looking for what you have to offer.

For example, when I started my business, I had no idea how to get people to visit my site. You know a lot about SEO, WordPress and using social media for your business – if you don’t you might want to read this. Google Ads were the perfect solution for me at the time. It was easy and inexpensive to get started and it wasn’t long until I was getting regular traffic from local customers. Now that my business is a success, I use Google Ads to get traffic from around the world from customers who may never have heard of my business otherwise! I still recommend it for any bloggers or entrepreneurs who are just getting started or want to grow their business.

#2 Grow online sales

Do you want to grow your online sales? You’ve tried Google Ads (Ads), Facebook advertising, Pay per click and the one thing holding you back is the cost of Google ads. I get it. It seems like it is easier for big companies with a huge budget to dominate these platforms but there are no rules that say you can’t be competitive.

Google ads can be a major help to your business. No, not because they’ll make you rich or will let you hire faster. But they’ll enable your company to grow by bringing in more customers and online sales than ever before.

#3 Increase offline sales

Did you know that having a Google My Business listing leads to an increase in offline sales? With your Google My Business listing, customers can call you directly to order products for shipping or in-store pickups.

Google Ads can do much more for your offline business than just sending you customers through the internet. In fact, it’s a perfect tool to help you convert all your local customers.

There are several reasons why offline sales should matter to you. Whether you are looking to increase your-local online search ranking, drive traffic to your website or if you want to leverage your digital marketing efforts with offline strategies, Google Ads can help you reach both local and national customers.

#4 Build brand awareness

There are tons of reasons why you would want to advertise with Google Ads. One of the main reasons is to increase your brand awareness and visibility. This is important for any business or organization that wants to grow and gain new customers. You can use Google Ads to not just increase your brand awareness but also improve your online reputation, generate traffic that converts into leads and sales, and much more. You can use Google Ads for many different types of marketing campaigns – from lead generation, branding, and reputation management, to mobile app promotion, YouTube advertisements and local service discovery, to name a few.

#5 Reach people in a moment of intent

Targeting people in a moment of intent increases the chance that your ad will succeed. Searches on Google are often intent-rich: people are looking for something, and that’s when they’re more likely to take action. With Google Ads, you can help connect with these people and achieve a range of business goals.

People search on Google thousands of times a day looking for what they need right now—a place to eat, a new pair of shoes, or the latest video game console. You can capture these valuable moments with Google Ads.

#6 Find your target audience

With Google Ads, you can reach more relevant customers within your advertising budget. Plus, our smart technologies can help you adjust your budget by showing ads only when they’re likely to perform well, helping you save money.

#7 Measure results and improve over time

With Google Ads, you can easily measure the impact of your ads and make improvements over time using conversion tracking and other helpful tools

#8 Record the impact of your ads

You’ll find a breakdown of your ad performance in the “Campaigns” tab of your account. This will show you how many people saw or clicked on your ad, and how much money you spent. You can also run reports to see what specific keywords people searched for before they clicked on your ad, or to see how much revenue you earned from each click.

Adjust your settings to target more people who are interested in what you offer. You can adjust settings like location targeting and scheduled bidding so that you reach more potential customers at times when they’re most likely to click on your ad.

#9 Reach customers on every device

Reach the right customers with the right message, across all devices and at the right moment. Your ad can show up on Google at the very moment someone is looking for products or services like yours. Your potential customers may be on desktop or mobile, a well-presented ad shown on exact time can turn viewers into valuable customers.

#10 Set up and manage ads easily

With Google Ads, you can set up and track ads online in minutes. You choose the type of ads you want to run, the budget you want to spend, and the ad extensions that can help boost your campaign performance.

Your business goals determine your campaign structure. Campaigns are the highest-level structure in Google Ads, and they’re defined by your advertising goals. For example, if you want to drive clicks to your website or app, you’d set up a Search Network campaign. If you want to promote a mobile app or encourage people to watch videos about your product, you’d create a Display Network campaign.

Create ad groups that make sense for your business

In each of your campaigns, you organize similar ads as “ad groups.” Each ad group has its own budget and bids; for example, in one ad group you could focus on reaching customers who are looking for “flowers” in the springtime, and in another you could focus on reaching customers who are looking for “wedding flowers” before their big day.

Bid based on what makes sense for your business

Each ad group can have one or more keywords — words or phrases that trigger your ad to show when someone searches on Google (for Search Network campaigns) or browses websites (for Display Network campaigns). For example, if someone searches for “spring plants,” an ad group with the keyword “spring plants” might be triggered to show your ad. You can bid differently based on where someone

Sum up

Google ads helps businesses in a number of ways. It generates leads and draws customers to products and services, as well as gaining valuable customer feedback through the analytics. Google ads are highly customizable, generating results for any type of business, large or small, freeing businesses from having to create transactions for an expensive marketing agency.

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